The idea of a cluster of new and stronger and in fact,  taller world trade center towers is a common one.

The picture above was inspired. I can see no reason to change the simple design of the twin towers but I can see a reason to multiply them.
It would send a message to all the world: America is not afraid. America is not complacent. America is proud.  The twin towers will rise once again! It means simply this: You can knock me down but I will get back up again and I dare you to try to knock me down again because the next time, I will be prepared, and I will remain steadfast, and stand, diligent and unafraid of countries and individuals who defy the basic freedom that is our heritage. America is that symbol of freedom. The eagle, the tallest buildings, the most powerful jets. The most ambitious inventors.
The towers were the symbol of all that, to me at least. I feel that when I look up to the sky and see the towers rise up ever so high against a sky that is occupied by rainbows and of eagles.

There is hope for a better tomorrow. I hope to be there to see all the wonderful changes ahead,

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