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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis
last edited on Monday, September 19, 2005, 10:49 PM, CDST

The New America Scenarios

scenario one

Tony Franks Gave this a lot of thought, as he choked in the ozone,
on the roof of New America

The problem was, in the formerly de-centralized society of the late 1990's and the early to mid 2000's there wasn't enough man power, or material resources to maintain and keep building new and improved roads and highways. To add to the dilemma, instead of people buying solar powered cars, which had only an average maximum speed of 45 mph, and had to be recharged once or twice a day, many, if not most, were continuing to re-fix their used gasoline running vehicles.  The market was in favor of the consumer, and it continued to manufacture gasoline running automobiles, in spite of the near depletion of petroleum, and in spite of the rising prices of gasoline.

Yes, people wanted to drive faster, and keep using gas, so it was certain death to the then over congested, polluted and basically auto infested landscape. The decision to focus on centralization and re-modification of urban life, the City government went to work on project: NEW AMERICA, which, for all intents and purpose, practically eliminated the need for private transportation. The modes of transportation of New America were clearly landmarks of an energy depleted era, and paved the way for topographic rejuvenation. the EPA and GREEN PEACE and several liberal as well as conservative environmental agencies and organizations worked with City and State Government to break ground for what was to become the greatest undertaking in urban renewal and environmental revitalization.

The end result was there were far fewer cement landmarks and many more farms and woodlands. With the development and implementation of the City's NEW AMERICA PROJECT, Central Downtown domains were reconstructed to house citizens and provide work places for them all within the matrix of the Central Core of the Cities, and where there was new ground to break, in places where no urban structures existed, and where it was Economically Viable, so to speak, clusters of NEW AMERICA Towers rose from the ground up to focus on a more fine tuned and exacting method of housing and employing the students, professors, doctors, scientists, and the many other specialized scholastic persuasions of current society. For instance, In a new location, where the first five prototype towers for the New America Project, each tower was given an specifically assigned purpose.

If there was a need, for instance of creating more specialist for the computer industry then, one of the five towers would be designed ergonomically to meet the needs and to cultivate the development of future computer programmers, technicians, designers, and more. Furthermore, if you were training for a job in New America as an Agricultural and Environmental Engineer, you would be housed and trained within one of the five Urban Towers of New America. In this case, the first cluster of five was named: NEW AMERICA ONE.

You would be processed, and evaluated, and given the rules and conditions of conduct, and the by laws of the New America Group Inc. Then you would move in to your semi permanent domain within Urban Tower One, the Agriculture and Environmental Division of New America One, in which you would be assigned special outfits to identify your position as a student in training,  and you would be taken to your domain on the 315th floor of Agriscience One West and be shown to your friends and coeds, and you would have a place to live, and a place to learn and a place to grow, and to identify with , or focus on your future.

Many families also are granted issuance of a domain within one of the five Towers and housed and clothed in accordance with status and position within the hierarchy of the New America Group Inc. You were essentially living in a Company, rather than a country.  You were in the company of New America and you could go as you please to visit other Urbanites throughout the matrix of New America One. If you wanted to go on a weekend trip to one of the other totally new New Americas, you could, with special approval, visit, in the interest of sharing social and intellectual values from your group to the next, but you had to return to your matrix and focus on your job as either student, teacher, manager, technologist, or other of several thousand positions incorporated within the hierarchy of The New America Group.

Unlike the newly designed and strictly focused New America Clusters, the older cities, that were remodeled for urban centralization, were temporary holding places for eventual individual citizen evaluation and assignment to the more highly developed New Americas located all across the country.  Many, sere some people, who felt the force of society leaning in favor of a new age that was discriminatory and prejudicial towards people who, just a few centuries ago, were just people who had problems, so apparently the downside of NEW AMERICA was the ideal that all men were not created equal, and that only the ones who could be shaped and molded to fit the ideology of New America, were acceptable, and any other, extremist, or non-conformists group of people would be forever restricted from entering the newly establishing NEW AMERICA URBAN CLUSTERS throughout the USA.

Instead of creating Prisons and Jails, Mental Institutions and Hospitals, the goal of New America was, of course to eliminate the need for them. Ultimately, New America would become a disease free, and mentally healthy and morally conscious society. Meanwhile, the existence of criminals, no longer in jail, and mentally ill, no longer regulating their meds and free to roam the outer perimeter and just fade away, was an illusion and Tony Franks knew all along that eventually, the past would come back to kick the present's ass! Tony Knew that the Perpetual Prophets gave a warning that would invade his mind every waking hour: "I saw a black horse, and on it road Mankind, and in the last days Mankind was thrown off, into the vast abyss, from which, he had come.

And lo, there would be many tears, falling like rain from Heaven above, and the children of the sick and the weary, the scorned, the forgotten, and the condemned would fight a terrible battle, and during that time, the mighty self-righteous leaders, who ignored the revelations of Nostradamus and John and Anthony and other psychics of time long ago, would realize a very terrible wrath. That day would be the last for the new age, and during that day, the land will open up and swallow all of mankind, and lay waste the surface of Earth with fire and death. Only when the Third Coming of God took place, would there be paradise, but not until all that once was, and is now, has since passed away!

Yes, Tony Franks could not put that out of his mind, but in light of the present, it was his position, his responsibility to focus on the issues of the day. So, then began another day, with business, albeit, life, as usual.

scenario two

The streets were empty today. No cars were driven down these roads. The silence was interrupted by random squawking by Grackles hovering over and around the trees.  It was another Monday.  A day of denial. The citizens
of New America, year 2009, had to walk.  No one was permitted to drive, and yet another 24 hour curfew was enforced and yet another road, or highway was demolished.  The sounds of workers building Air Ships echoed throughout the neighborhood, as I took note of the time.  It was 5. AM and the Air boats would be built today. Another 20 or more.

Walk paths were being made to replace the highways.  Some highways were being used solely for walking and for bikes. Many new businesses opened the past ten years or so, where you can now buy an Air Ship, or a Balloon, or a dirigible.  A horse, and buggy, or a bike or a solar car. The silent streets were soon full of the voices of the city dwellers, who began their stroll on the newly finished elevated walk paths.

Many people began a mass exodus from Dallas, to the open  prairie lands to make camp in their own new founded community cooperatives or community farms or villages

I thought that a bit odd.  I believe it is better to stick it out with the City of Dallas, and follow it through, from start to  finnish, as it was definitely going down a different path than before and it had a long way ahead of it.  I referred the period I was living in as the era of FUTUREPATHS, and I had seen great changes in this great city
of my upbringing.

The Civil Engineering Department for the City of Dallas was being amply funded for its efforts to totally re-create the layout and structural dynamics and logistical processes within it's developmental stages.

Environmentalists praised the efforts of Dallas City Council's plans to make Dallas into a more Environmentally and Culturally friendly City. As the population began to peek in the late first half of the year 2001, to over 3 million in the metro-plex, A City Wide strategy to make the changes we are now witnessing a reality before the population and traffic reached critical peaks, beyond which the city would develop a stagnant and corrosive set of processes.

I am Tony Franks,  and I am a mediator for the City's Public relations and humanities division for the City of Dallas.  I type out booklets and brochures to distribute city wide to familiarize all the residents of the City with the proposals and the new directions that are under way, and still, those actions, yet to be set into motion.

One of the proposals has been to lower the cost of public transportation, and to double the number of buses and light rail until the new FUTUREPATHS are created to empower the citizens of Dallas with the walk paths that will stretch from end to end north, south, east, and west, and many more points in-between.  These elevated walk paths will be incorporated into multi-level sky paths that will function as the major transportation links throughout the city.  Once the solar car and the solar train and other solar powered vehicles are completed, doing away completely with gasoline powered vehicles, the method of transportation throughout this great city will be effective for all forms of travel, both public and private.

Tony Franks is a computer generated guy, like Max headroom, who is seen on every television set in the nation. He is not a real person.  His personality is computer programmed and every thing he says is typed into the mainframe to match his voice generated and animated movements in synchronization. There are actually 12 people who decide what Tony Franks will say every day, and what will be put on the brochures for public dispensation. The council of 12 is employed by the United States and New World Order.  Nobody realizes this, and the illusion of Tony Franks remains the secret of local and USG authority.

scenario three

Tony Franks stood on  the 500th floor roof of New America One.  Looking down, all he could see was the vast void of clouds and ocean and greenish greys of open fields.

The year was 2095 AD and times were much different now. Instead of people living on the ground levels and driving millions of miles over open road from home to work and back again, the citizens of THE NEW AMERICA GROUP took elevator 57 to level 433 to work and back down elevator 76 to level 69 to their private domain.

Everyone is a citizen of THE NEW AMERICA GROUP and everyone has a job and a place to live, and a healthy and happy and productive life.

Tony Franks was a Social Engineer who also was the primary architectural designer of the Towers of THE NEW AMERICAS.

The land beneath him was now being used to return to parks and agriculture and livestock use. No more signs reading: slow, Deer x-ing! The deer could now, roam about in specified Deer preserves, but of course, the deer had to stay out of the corn fields and the peach orchards. The Agricultural Division of THE NEW AMERICA GROUP handled it's activities and it's workers from NEW AMERICA TWO, as NEW AMERICA ONE, was the CITY GOVERNMENT OFFICES DIVISIONS OF THE NEW AMERICA GROUP.


is the first tower built in the year 2011 AD. It is the location of the NEW AMERICA GROUP CITY GOVERNMENT OFFICES AND HOUSING AUTHORITY.
This is where Tony Franks lives and works, plays and prays, a virtual WORLD INSIDE.

David Pierpont and Mike Dexter were Tony Frank's colleagues. David was a Virtual Reality programmer and Graphics and Design Editor for New America.  Mike was a student at the University of Scientex, Oak Cliff,
Dallas, Texas.  He was the Head of Security forces and his major is Meteorological Sciences.  And Tony was not only the Architectural Designer of New America, he was the CEO of New America and he supervised the Social Engineering Division and Security Forces of the New Americas. Tony was, the Urban equivalent of the Captain of a Space Voyager. Because of the heavy responsibilities facing him almost daily, Tony Franks relied heavily on his two friends, companions and strong arms, David and Michael.

There are eleven separated New America Towers. Each had a specific assignment:


The PERPETUAL PROPHETS had warned everyone that one day there would be a time, when all things would come to pass and the only thing that remained of the Earth would someday soon be: EMPTY MONOLITHS reaching to the HEAVENS like huge tomb stones reminding us of the days of STONE HENGE, where the past is lost to a mere scholar's speculation and a  scientist's  theories and generations of folklore.

They said: "And it was there in the end, that all of mankind walked the face of the Earth, but there were no roads. And there upon the land was desolation, and the soul of mankind thirsted." (taken from the book THE REVELATIONS OF ANTHONY, October 1999 AD)

They had long since died, and there were few of them left, except for the ones who joined forces and became separatists and refused to take part in THE NEW AMERICA GROUP when it was founded in late June, 2009
AD.  If there were any so called PERPETUAL PROPHETS, spreading doom and gloom over the Earth, it was done in a far away place, somewhere far outside the  Habitation Zone of New America. The land around the perimeters of New America was over 300 miles in radius from the center of the matrix which, by the way was the absolute center of NEW AMERICA ONE. Talk about self-centeredness

Citizens of New America had no clue as to the dangers a level 5 vortex storm could present.  In all, about 37 funnels had been reported in areas in and around the New America Perimeter, but, so far, not one single tower was touched. There was, of course, an evacuation plan, though, it has never been used. Mike Dexter knew the only thing that would save New America in the event of a major tornado event, was the WIND BUSTER 2000.

He designed a prototype for testing. It was complicated. First, you had to be near the epicenter of a funnel and, Second, you had to use high powered turbine engines to create a wind current that was clockwise against the direction of the wind formation of the vortex, and, thirdly, to create a mass concentration of positive electrical charges into the air to help equalize the electrical air charges and break down the storm processes before they could reach the threshold of effectiveness, that is, the point where the funnel had already developed and was already much too powerful for the WIND BUSTER to change the course of the storm. The only assurance, in theory, anyone had, with the WIND BUSTER 2000, was early detection, and deployment. The cost of one WIND BUSTER was below the primary budget of allocation units for the City's Emergency Action Contingencies Plan.

scenario four

Do you remember the old saying: Yours is not to reason why. Yours is but to do, or die?  One projection of the consequences of a One World Order pre-supposes a society like a communistic dictatorship or similar social order where people are forced to act against their own will until they have no will of their own. This is not a scenario I appreciate or would ever tolerate, as I am an all American  Liberal Democrat in every sense of the word.

The scenario begins with:

I have this book, and it says what to do and what not to do in almost every circumstance.  It tells you what to do in case of fire, and what not to do.  It tells you what to say to a cop when you are asked for identification, and it tells you what not to say if you don't want to get arrested. It tells you what kinds of food to eat and not to eat, and how much, based on your age and weight and income.  It tells you what the consequences will be if you eat foods that are not on a list.  One such consequence is that you would be considered a high insurance risk if you consumed more than the recommended daily allowance of fat, making you a risk for heart disease. The book is given to everyone in New America and no one is without it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It is an electronic book that has over 2000 specific titles you can read.  It contains only the titles you are permitted to read.

If you have been given an aptitude rating of 125 for instance, you are provided an exact list of specified titles you may and may not read.  If you have an aptitude rating of above 125 and up to 150 or greater, an additional list is provided for each individual to read, or not read.  If you are given an emotional rating of more than 10% above or below the national average of normal, you are given a list of titles you may and may not read.  If you have a medical dependency on mental illness medication,  depending on the illness, and its rating classification and the level of adjustment you are rated as having, you are given a list of items you may or may not possess, substances you may or may not consume, people and circumstances you may and may not come into contact with, and so on.  If you have a criminal history rating, you are given a list of dos and don'ts, haves and have nots also.  There are so many rules and regulations,  laws and bylaws, it's not humanly possible for any one individual to be knowledgeable of them.  The Government is divided into two orders:  The first one is called: The Collective Unconscious, and it is based on statistical ratings systems programmed into a master computer data base.

The second one is called: The Pragmatic sector.  The logical and the laws of cause and effect, coupled with a computer program, also incorporated into the 3 way Logic Data Base of the master computer data base.  The Pragmatic sector listens to arguments, then, based on a logistical math program, provides yes and no choices. It's so basic, there is no single gray area, just yes and no, but the Trinary or 3 way Logic Data Base is not Binary, but has a third, random function, that grabs hypotheses from algorithms and suppositions that only a mathematician can conjure up.

If, for instance there is a conviction of prisoner for  involuntary manslaughter with an automobile, like a hit and run, then the Trinary Logic Data Base uses math and human pros and cons, ifs ands and buts, to create an artificial conclusion that serves the system well enough. In some cases the prisoner gets life, and in some cases, he may get freedom.  Still, the random factor is incorporated into the Trinary Function to provide some element of mystery which seems to be the only thing that keeps human beings from accepting the absolute. The system works on a social level, and the system has been used in the Judiciary branch of the Pragmatic sector for eleven years and eleven months and eleven days, so far to date.

scenario five

There was a time, not long ago,  when Anthony ignored the people on the streets, holding signs made of cardboard with the scribblings of  'Homeless, need food, God bless' or some thing similar to that phrase. Anthony would yell out of his car window on the way to work each morning 'Get a fucking job you bum!'

That was how he felt, until one day he came pretty close to walking in those same shoes. Yes Tony,  that is a good topic for next weeks social orientation group meeting on the 1111th  floor of New America One.  Mike Dexter was not all that enthusiastic, but didn't want to spoil the moment for his friend and colleague Tony Franks. Another interesting point to discuss , Tony continued, is the fact that by the year 2002, only 15 % of the American public actually noticed there was a problem with homelessness  because they themselves, I mean the other 85% spent the majority of their every waking hour either indoors on the internet, or at work, also for the most part, on the internet, conducting day to day business as usual.

There was little or no collective unconscious in regard to the destitute, or the depraved, the disenfranchised of society, the lost,  the homeless of America. As far as most of us were concerned was that these people were just basically too lazy to work in a pie factory even if the job were to just sample pies all day!  Tony  Franks recalls the efforts of a certain obscure group of activists protested in front of a 30 story bank building that was condemned for implosion, due to tornado damage incurred by the structure just  one year earlier,  I believe it was in the year 2000.  They rallied in front of the building with their picket signs saying: Give the homeless people a new shelter.  Give us this place. We will make this a  place where the homeless can live, to get food and shelter and rehabilitation for future employment back into the working world. 

It sounded like a truly noble cause.  However, the bank building was set to be imploded with plastic explosives and dynamite in March of 2001, and City hall refused to consider using it for anything, even though the department of commerce and regional  government for the city of Ft. Worth gave the building the green light  for remodeling if a 50 million dollar bond was put down on it's refurbishment and reconsolidation of its market shares with the bank insurance  policy holders.  The shareholders refused to agree on any set amount and the window of opportunity was lost so not too much longer from that time,  it was agreed upon to take down the building and simply write  the  thing off as a natural disaster for insurance purposes and everyone just went their separate ways, leaving behind a parking lot for the surrounding urban businesses.

Meanwhile, there was this big homelessness issue.  Tony pondered just how many people could have been living and getting rehabilitated in that one single year 2000 structure and it just made him sick to his stomach.  It made Tony sad to realize such foolish pride coming before the very age that was supposed to represent compassion and generosity toward the less fortunate of America,  the homeless in particular.

Homelessness was never an issue for the residents of the New America Group, and from their immediate perspective, the world outside did not exist.  But, it did, and Tony Franks was all too aware of the approximate numbers.  There were, at any given time, outside the Perimeter of the Matrix of the New America Constellation of Towers, out in the agricultural and further still, out in the forbidden zone, about 15,000 unaccountable humans, either they were a category 1: criminally incorrigible, then there was category 2: banned  former residents of the New America Group, who for many different reasons either chose to leave, or banned for misconduct ratings that were beyond the severe range in the New America Statutes, but in any case were permanently banned from ever returning as free members, but could choose to enter back and live in house arrest, under the strictest of conditions.  Category 3: Either carriers of deadly infectious diseases, or incorrigibly insane and represent a danger to themselves or others as even regular medications and psycho therapy were not options for anyone unless they had a grade a rating and still reside within the safe zone of the New America  Group.

Category 4: believe it or not, the final group of individuals considered permanent members of the homeless and exiled were grotesquely disfigured malformed people, who were born or became that way due to a horrible mishap.  Tony felt  these particular forms of discrimination were not  in keeping with the original philosophy and by laws written down in the first  rule books ever presented to the new members of New America over 100 years ago.

Today, in particular, the issue of arrangements making for the homeless was  the most important thing for  Tony Franks.  At one time, not very long ago,  Tony was drinking coffee and reviewing an old  video playback of a program from the last year of the 20th Century, called Big Brother.  The underlying purpose of that experiment was to get some kind of idea of how the residents of an enclosed society, virtually cut off from the rest of the world, being monitored by cameras and microphones in every corner of their living quarters, would adjust, as this was one of the earliest preliminary attempts by Big Government to prepare mankind for the New America eventuality over the next 100 years or more. Over 100 years had since passed since the first days of New America, and it was still going through it's growing pains.

scenario six
social isolation in a war riddled world

The early architects of the 20th century, in particular, Frank Lloyd Wright, had the vision to see a hundred years into the future, the expanded numbers, the vast resources, the eventuality of a one world order and the space age and the computer information age. Writers like Clarke and Asimov and social scientists like Alvin Toffler, and Aldous Huxley, all shared both positive and negative visions of our earth in the near future, for the subsequent next generations that would inhabit the planet over the next 100 to 1000 years and even further in time to the final moment when there would be one last perfect day on this earth. 

Taller buildings, faster computers, more abundance and more free time on our hands were all realized before the end of the 20th century. The year 2001 proved that America could no longer close it's eyes from seeing the rest of the world in a realistic manner. There are other governments who feel differently about who is privileged, and who is entitled to the good life and who is not as fortunate and these governments are full of anger. Their anger is at being impoverished, and diseased and full of turmoil, while only the leaders and their armies seem to bask in the glory of wealth and prosperity while billions of other people starve and live in decimated horror. America is what it is because of resources, vision and mutual cooperation over a long period of growth and maturity of knowledge and respect for life and respect for the law and the church and the flag and so on. The tender factors required to make America a New America requires insight on the big picture. The time is not right for war. The time is right for exercising compassion towards other countries whose poverty stricken philosophies are riddled from war and death over hundreds of years in lands that are hardly capable of sustaining life. Imagine a New America that was not hated by the countries of this Earth.

Imagine further, a New America that sympathized what it understood were problems all over this planet and for the things we did not understand, we were willing to learn and to develop patience to reconcile before what we call justified battle becomes the call to Armageddon, an end to life on this planet that would make it impossible for there to ever be any sign of our existence after several thousands of years and over growth of vegetation, if anything survived. Weapons of mass destruction are one issue. New America is about finding logical solutions against foolish terrorism and needless death by not committing to a war that will create more death than all wars in the entire history of mankind. To agree that the attacks on 9/11 were the act of terrorism is a mute point. To just launch a lot of bullets at the rest of the world for trespassing in our front yard is kind of like killing your brother's best friend for running over your dog. 

It isn't correct thinking to send American's to fight what should be a political battle. The time when a president follows his troops into war on the battlefield is the only time a war is at least respectable. But, will that happen? Can we fight this war without firing a shot? And if we do, will we prove that we don't know any other alternative but violence? That makes us look like hypocrites doesn't it? There are advocates for peace but they will be ignored as always, as America plans to attack Iraq just because Saddam Hussein is a bastard. I say, make an example of him but prove we are better than them because even though we have the power to take out the entire country, we don't have to win a war against one man, one lousy fucking man! We still have no idea where Osama is. Why the hell is North Korea so concerned about us? They obviously are afraid. 

They, like Iraq are afraid of America. Is that what America is all about? Being the Bully of the planet, the biggest butt kicker on the corner? What does it mean by the phrase world peace? New America, what a concept, better think ten times before acting once, mr. president. Ya know what I mean. Once we kill we will be killed and there will be so much more sorrow than we need. The time to fight with high tech is here, and that idea of using the telephone is one of the highest form of technology. Call up So Damned Insane. Tell him to take his chemical weapons and bury them and lets all get the United Nation to find a way to take this war criminal to justice like Osama needs to be taken to justice, it's so dumb. If you bomb the area, he will just take flight and go to some other country just like Osama probably did. Think. 

The need to just let some steam and use combat troops and tanks and missiles just for the sake of it is the same as a guy who buys a gun and figures why the hell not just go out and fire them randomly into the neighborhood of some downtown area? The fact we have weapons don't give us the real right, morally to use them, much less to kill. Could you look into the eyes of all those poor Arab children and their mothers and stab them in the heart? No. I think not. You figure it's easier to just launch a 10 megaton rocket at a building and later on check out who all died and got permanently crippled! War is simply the stupidest thing to do for America.

America is too intelligent to continue this destructive path. Of course, we are mad about 9/11 and we probably always will be, but think about this, some of the people who survived the attacks back in September 2001, are in favor of peace, and are willing to blame the stupid F-ers who actually drove those planes into their fiery end. Just a hand full of stupid extremists, who had no reason to live wanted to give Osama all the credit and make him more powerful than he ever was before, so we already know what happens when you bomb Afghanistan, you make a mess, and you already know what it means when you don't don anything, you have the situation between Israel and Palestine, fighting and terrorizing each other over property rights. These countries are not as mature and well developed as we are. Democracy is what got us this far, but that should require the thoughts and ideas of the majority of people, not the selfish ambitions of less than a dozen. That is not democracy. That is more like something that is going on in the Middle East, I think they call that a dictatorship! Not a good thing.

Mike Dexter was drinking coke as he finished the document that he had found in the database of Scientex Science Foundations on the ethics of global war. What do you think Tony? I think it's possible freedom of speech was more of an ideology than a reality. Yep who ever wrote that piece probably got into lots of trouble, but he was pretty brave under the circumstances. Well, it goes back to what I was talking about earlier this evening, when I told you that history can't repeat itself or life as we know it will end. Yep . Here we are. It's 2177 AD and New America is a reality and war is a thing of the past, and we are still fighting but the enemy is mother nature and mechanical and structural issues and cures for cluster headaches and such.  Yea. I know what you mean, there is still stress and there is still a memory of centuries of human life wasted by blind rage and impoverished minds. You learn by your mistakes, or so the saying goes. Somebody has to stay alive long enough for that logic to sink in!

The computer room, where David was, was lit up in a peripheral panel of plasma vision. The entire 200 feet diameter room was surrounded by an all encircling image of the grand canyon. The program he was working on was how many years before all oil is used up on the planet, as well as how long before all drinkable water is gone and breathable oxygen. Not that that is foreseeable but the science of calculations based on math calculations  to predict eventualities is not new to scientists. 

David added in a few ifs. What if, the space rocket had never been invented? and this would also include missile rockets and so on. He imputed that information into the program and left the computer room to meet up with Tony Franks and Mike Dexter as the computer did it's calculations at trillions of bytes a second. 

When David Pierpont  joined Mike Dexter and Tony Franks on floor 877, the coffee shop, some of what had been said before was mentioned again by Tony to David and David replied, It would be risky for America, at that time, to not jump right in at that instant, otherwise Iraq may have thought America weak and passive and therefore So Damned Insane may have planned several more terrorist attacks on America thus crippling their infrastructure and making America unable to launch retaliatory strikes against Iraq. Its more a thing of proper timing, as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, don't assume Iraq is peace loving, in light of the the war between Iraq and Iran that lasted 8 years or longer, proves they don't settle political differences diplomatically.  Good point David, said Mike, and Tony agreed. You see, that's why we have someone like you on our team, David, to offer fresh alternative perspective and give us a broader piece of the puzzle to ponder.

They each enjoyed the cappuccinos and the Krispy Kremes while they watched on wide screen VHD TV Very High Definition Plasma TV of a classic film, Planet Of The Apes, with Charlton Heston. The screen was very large, about 300 feet wide by 200 feet high. Very stylish!

to be continued.........


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I have been able to go on with my life since that dreadful day.  The United States of America are more united than ever before.  I believe it is now time to build again.  We will never forget.

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