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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis
last edited on Friday, July 15, 2005, 12:59 AM, CDST

The Case of The Missing People

David Swanson, Mike Dexter, and Tony Franks were all at the 53rd Precinct, still part of the Intelligence Division of the National Police Force Of the U.S. central government. They were working on a case in co-operation with the Chicago Police Department, Lower East side.

"We got 13 missing persons in this immediate area." Bud pointed at the map of the Southern East Division. "There are no bodies. This is the cleanest job of Serial Killings any one in the entire force has experienced. Missing Persons has each individual missing over 72 hours, and each disappearance is marked by traces of strange and unfamiliar stains and other anomalies at each residence. It is our belief gentlemen, that each person was, (pause), abducted, from their homes. It was always a quiet abduction. No body was seen in or around any of these 13 locations where the alleged abductions took place."

Tony asked: " I know it's a bit unusual Buddy, but there has to be a rational explanation that the detectives have overlooked."

"That's why we called on your help. We need your expert knowledge of Serial Killings, and we want you and your team to fully investigate this matter. You have the department's complete co-operation. We will keep you posted on any new findings, and any new additions."

David asked:  "You mean, you think there will be more so called abductions?"
"Without a doubt, my friends, without a doubt."

Hmm. This makes for good copy for a tabloid. Thought Franks. Better keep this under wraps until we are able to make heads or tails of it. Meanwhile, I could use a good hot cup of folger's instant coffee. Don't forget the doughnut Tony! Oh,  he thought...(I got that covered) The empty box stuffed under a newspaper.


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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis

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The Case of The Missing People


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