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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis
last edited on Friday, July 15, 2005, 12:59 AM, CDST

The Big Brother Conspiracy

Chapter One:

Every time they turn on the television the eye of the Big Brother is watching  you! Checking out your expression, tuning in on your mood. You would be crazy to tell anyone that this is what you believe, but, none the less, that is in fact,  just what is happening.

Every time you take a crap in the public rest rooms, whether at McDonalds,
or at the Public Library, School, or at work, even in your home, there are cameras all turned on, and tuned in, and focused on you! The internet is full of it. Places that only fools would ever tread, where digital cams are pointed at virtually millions of people and places all around the world.

  They are watching, and listening, and waiting for you to make a foolish mistake, to make that one fatal error of judgment before they send the Feds after you to lock you away, and shut you up forever!

  Don't you think that's a bit over doing it Anthony? said Dr. Monet, the French Psychiatrist at Howtown Community Hospital on the South Central district of Area 5B, quadrant xyz. No. It's really true. You got to help me. I don't want everyone looking at me every time I make a mistake. It will get me killed, made invisible, by the people in power, you know, the FBI!

  Listen Anthony, insisted his doctor, you have been off your medication for at least a month now, and you are beginning to have fantasies that are not based on true concrete reality. Don't you think you would feel a lot better if you began taking your Lithium twice a day, just to keep your mind in focus so you will not be quite so manic? Hey. whatever! I will take the medicine, if it will make you happy, but, that still doesn't get rid of the big problem. And that is?

  The Big Brother Conspiracy! My God, I am dead serious. Why don't you believe me? I will die if I continue to be on camera, and the FBI don't give a flying fig about my Bi-Polar disorder. I am just an added expense for the government, and you know it, and they know it, and the thing you are doing is following instructions, to keep me medicated, so I can't learn the truth, about what is really happening in the bigger world around us. You are on camera and you don't act like it bothers you, but, wait 'til you make a mistake, and they send you off to work as a drill press operator in a third world country, without health benefits, just because you made a few mis- calculations. I know the big picture, and it is getting clearer to me every single day. I'm getting a bit dizzy. I don't feel so good.

  Anthony falls to the floor.  Dr. Monet gives him an injection of something or other, and Anthony opens his eyes. The doctor says: I'm going to have to have you sent to the first floor for admittance. It's for your own good, at least, until we get your blood tested, and have you back on your medication to level your mania. Do you understand me Anthony?
Anthony was half dazed from the injection and would have said just about anything at that point, and would forget it the next moment. Six hours later Anthony found himself in a bed, strapped to it, and unable to move his legs or arms.

    He was in restraints, or was so heavily sedated that he couldn't move, and moments later a nurse injected him and he was out like a light, once again.


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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis

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The Big Brother Conspiracy


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