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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis
writing of: The Baby Switchers began on: October  5th,  1995
and it has been most recently edited on: Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 12:37 PM, CDST

This story has not yet been finished.

The Baby Switchers

Chapter One

You can't really believe that Jarrod? You are the son of Martin Desmond and your mother and your father both have type O blood. You are a type O also, so, even if your skin is a bit lighter than your parents doesn't mean anything.

You most likely received chromosomes from a grand parent, who, like you had fair skin and there was a generation skip, that's all. Chances are, you're children may have dark skin like your father or your mother, that is, when you decide to get married and have kids. Hmm. Dr. Padrino was probably right, but, still, Jarrod Desmond, a student at Scientex Science Academy at Dallas, was a bit uneasy about his past, that is, his distant past. He felt, somehow, that the differences between he and his parents was more than just skin deep. On the north side of Arlington, in a pediatric ward, on the fifth floor of Tarrant County Osteopathic, an event was taking place that would change Jarrod's life forever. Nurse Kathy was having trouble with a delivery in room 18A.

The woman giving birth to a boy had slipped into a coma, and nobody was around to take note of it. Meanwhile, a very well to do patient, a Miss. Alley Daniels, had passed out while mis-caraging. She had a premature birth of a boy, who was of exactly the same blood type as the baby in room 18A. Nurse Kathy was frustrated.

She had a mother without a baby, and a baby without a mother, and neither knew the other, so Nurse Kathy came up with a so-called solution, in the absence of the Sr. resident, Dr. George Watson, Phd.Md. Time was ticking by and Nurse Kathy had only seconds to make the decision.

She grabbed the papers and reversed the information, so it would look like the woman in the coma lost her child in mis-carriage, and then give the baby doe to his new mommy in Room: 19B. Moments later, Miss Alley Daniels awoke to the sound of her new baby boy. Every one was a winner in this one, thought Nurse Kathy, or so she thought. No one would be the wiser, right? Hmm.


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Short Stories by: Anthony Davis

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The Baby Switchers


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