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What do I Think ?

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Tuesday,  September 05,  2006,  1:57 PMCentral Daylight Savings Time

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Entry 001
What do I think ?
Tuesday,  September 05,  2006, 
1:58 PM C
entral Daylight Savings Time

about things......

Why do they let people go in a bar and let them get drunk as skunks knowing full well that they will drive home under the influence and some of them may even end up in an accident or worse?

What do I think? I think any one who goes in a bar to get drunk should stay there over night and sleep it off before getting in their car to drive back home, at least this way nobody will be on the road at night,  driving under the influence and besides, even though you think you can drive after a few beers or more and have been doing it for many years without being in a wreck or being pulled over,  it's against the law to drive drunk period.

That's what I think!

Should alcohol be permanently banned from public access?

What do I think? Seeing as it is very unhealthy in the first place and usually leads to crime I would have to say yes.  Close down all breweries,  close down all liquor stores,  and make it illegal to make anything alcoholic for personal use or sale.  In other words,  impose a world wide sanctioned prohibition for the 21st Century only don't ever lift the ban.

But a distant voice echoes in my mind: asking this question: Don't we live in a country of freedom to drink and drive as much as we want so long as we don't quite drink enough to make us unable to drive without swerving into a tree or another car or get arrested?

We don't live in a dictatorship. I agree we live in a free democratic society,  but by taking freedom for granted and in the name of freedom perverting what that means by allowing people who say that because they never get pulled over and given a ticket nor ever get arrested for DUI even after an entire six pack of beer it should be sanctioned?

Just because some or even many who regularly drink beer and hard liquor,  manage to drive home from the bar every time they drive without incident does not mean that  they are acting on good judgment. The idea of ridding the planet of alcohol for the sake of better health and fewer incidents of death on the highway is plenty much good reason to justify the argument that freedom had been denied? The free consumption of alcohol in a free society does not make it an inalienable right when this is done for the pursuit of happiness at the expense of other people's lives being taken away as a result!  Drinking and driving kills.  This is a statistical fact!

I think that the only reason beer and all booze in general is sold is because it is making and keeping many people very  rich and to the demise of those who are in fact addicted to the poisonous substance.  The fact is right now alcoholic beverages are sold almost everywhere on the planet and I once was one of those people drinking my life away.  I crave a Heineken now and then but don't listen to that craving,  but instead have a glass of Lipton tea or a cup of Millstone coffee.  I don't have to drink.  I have two brothers who are drug addicts and alcoholics.  One has liver problems and emphysema.  He stopped drinking after his last arrest and probation and mandatory visits to AA. The other brother may have discontinued alcohol but still uses,  rather,  abuses illegal street drugs like cocaine and such.  So this issue hits close to home.  I take this issue very personally.

My parents died from Congestive heart failure and emphysema from smoking all their lives.  I myself breathed in and breathed out their second hand smoke, of both my parents.
I guess that is why I am so against cigarettes and alcohol,  but from a broader point of view,  other than the economics and industry of tobacco and alcohol sales on a world wide level it would perhaps send the economy down to a very low point but I am not interested in rich men getting rich off children dying from terminal lymphomas  or over doses from cigarette smoking all their lives and drug abuse and I am not interested in super conglomerates making billions of dollars on wine and other spirits just so a party over here or a party over there will be more fun for the alcoholic social drinkers who simply do it as a social statement. 

After all it's what people do who are extremely wealthy and decadent.  They drink and do drugs and nobody gets arrested.  They may have the sense to stay indoors when they get high but many people just walk the streets getting arrested and end up famous for being on COPS.

Perhaps if everyone on the earth had a member of their family on drugs who is unable to function normally in society who is begging for money for food because they spent their savings on heroine or cocaine or marijuana,  they would think more about just what a better world this would be if drugs were simply gone! Alcohol, gone!

Should tobacco be gotten rid of?

What do I think?  I know it kills.  I know it should be stopped.  All production,  manufacture,  storage and sales and consumption of existing supplies be made illegal world wide.

Sure,  we live in a free society. 
Free to destroy our livers and to destroy our lungs.
That is what I think!

Entry 002
What do I think ?
Tuesday,  September 05,  2006, 
3:56 PM C
entral Daylight Savings Time

about things......

The thing is,  I was told by a person who I have known for several decades that if you learn that someone you love is involved in purchasing and using illegal drugs like cocaine,  marijuana,  metha-amphetamines,  mescaline,  amanita mescaria,  heroine,  morphine,  opium,  hydrocodone,  propoxephene,  LSD 25,  valium or any number of other controlled substances,  either requiring a prescription for them or they are just plain illegal,  you would want to find out who is selling the drugs to your loved ones and tell the police and have them arrested and put in jail,  but this is what would happen,  the street drug pusher who sold your brother drugs,  for instance cocaine,  will go to jail and get out in 24 hours on bond and his boss,  the one who supplied him with the drugs, the main dealer, will look for you and when he finds out where you live will probably break your front door down and slice your throat or shoot you with a 38 caliber hand gun before you have a chance to say what the heck!

So,  he is telling me not to report the dealer,  even though I do not know who he is who sells drugs to my brother because he is mentally ill and is unable to control his urges to take drugs. My brother is a prime target in the illegal drug industry as well as children and teen agers. Life time druggies or junkies are also a major target for drug dealers.

Don't report the drug pusher. Don't even try to find out who they are or he is.  Drug dealers are a bad lot.  They deal in death one way or another and once you're on the opposing side of a drug dealer or a drug user you are in the devil's playground.

What do I think?

I think it's time the feds started cracking down harder than they ever have getting rid of the main buyers of illegal drugs.  One main king pin or drug lord is equal to hundreds of dealers and  thousands of local drug pushers and hundreds of thousands of drug users. Do the math. 

I know this:  If you cut off their main supply,  they will have to go elsewhere to get the drugs and if you do a better job screening people in and out of America or any other country that wants to get rid of drugs,  maybe the drug lords will have to start dealing and selling in other countries until they run out of countries to sell to.  At least they will have stopped dealing with America.  America can not win the war on terrorism if America can not first win the war on incoming drugs and guns from outside countries into America.  It's as simple as that!

A voice said:  It will never happen.  Drugs,  alcohol,  guns and terrorists will never go away.  It's time to smell the coffee and learn to accept that this is the way the world will be in the twenty first century and things will only get worse!

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