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The Y- files
last updated on: Thursday,  August 24,  2006,  8:15 PM,
entral Daylight Savings Time

Why do people do the things they do?

Why do things happen the way they do?

Why does the baker keep your donut holes from you?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why don't they make see through illuminated license plates?

Why can't they figure things out?

Why ask why? 

It's my web site and I'll why if I want to. :P

Why ask why? 


what if this? and what if that?

the truth lies somewhere in between.

Why do people spit on the sidewalk?

Probably because they think it makes them appear to be macho.
Hey, they spit any where and any time. They got no control of their spit!
If they did it would be one step further from the stone age and two steps toward
the space age!

You do the math. If there was an ounce of common sense in this world it wouldn't be wasted on people who spit in public. I once was walking through a security area in a warehouse and on the way through a doorway to a stairwell this guy chewing tobacco
just spattered the freaking door as he opened it in a fit of rage and I then decided to
stand back and wait until he was at least a good 100 feet away then I figured I had best take the East Hall instead.

People just spit. You watch them do it like it was the best thing since Apple Pie on TV when the players hang out behind the playing field at Baseball games. Just imagine
what it would look like if a person running for public office or for that matter a late
night talk show host just started to randomly spit on the stage as he invited his guests
to set and look at him chew his tobacco and if women started this nasty habit.
By the way spitting is a nasty thing and it spreads disease. But, alas, we live in a world populated by spitters and that means evolution theory is not valid, because? if it was, we all would be smart enough not to be doing it.

Oh, they know it's wrong but they do it any way, because nobody has the nerve to arrest them. funny thing. it is in fact illegal in most states in the USA. Funny though, nothing will change, but still I keep picturing a Triceratops marching around the Earth some 100 million years ago, spitting as he trots about and making his fellow dinosaurs disgusted. Imagine the law enforcement then. Who would then have enforced the law against Dinosaurs spitting in public? Probably the Pterodactyls! They could flap their wings around the dummy's heads and aggravate them to bits until they could stand no more! :)

Why does my tv remote suddenly stop working even when I change out the batteries?

Probably because the tv remote is designed to stop working at a specified time and
date. That's a stretch isn't it?

Besides asking why, there are lots of what ifs also:

For example:

What if 
Thursday, January 06, 2005, 3:41 PM CST
entry no. 0001

What if you got an email one day and opened it and it contained a JAVA applett and active X that acted like a real time chat room and when you replied to that email it sent your key strokes to the sender in real time. Talk about trojans!

Then, to make matters worse, if that individual on the other end who sent you the embedded email virtual chat program attached to it might be able to read every subsequent email that you type for the rest of your internet life and worse still, what if the program read your key strokes as you entered text into your browser's HTML editor or composer in real time? It's almost unthinkable, but, then, what if?

What if 
Thursday, January 06, 2005, 3:41 PM CST
entry no. 0002

What if you had to put ID tags on all your trash bags that you place inside the city roll carts that get put out to the curb 2 times a week?
And what if these tags were mandatory?
And what if these tags contained the following information:

1. Your name in full
2. Your complete mailing address
3. Your phone number
4. Your place of employment
5. Your medical records number
6. Your criminal history or lack of one
7. any other special considerations, like your age, your race, religion, etc.,
your e-mail address perhaps?

And what if these bits of PPI Personal Private Information that were mandatory
to have on the tags were encrypted in bar code language?

What if these bits of information were used in routine sanitation collection inspections
to determine who might be doing something illegal or covert?

And what if in addition to this kind of control, you had no legal right to shred your mail or any other documents like printed documents from your computer as well as your bills and business correspondents, in other words, every single thing you normally shred
for your own privacy and protection and security?

And what if your computer was hacked into by the so called higher secret services to record every document created, printed, downloaded and sites visited etc, without your permission, knowledge or prevention or retaliation?

What if not every sub seven was just another hacker playing games with random
targets like you and me, but instead what if a trojan or a sub seven dropper or auto
dialer or cookie was being planted into your computer by highly sophisticated people
who work above the government, who in fact have control of every tiny bit of data that travels across the internet?

What if this is not true? I hope it isn't.
But, then again, what if?
If it is, in regard to the trojan sub seven conspiracy theory, there would be measures to keep it secret even meaning that your fire walls and anti virus software manufacturers engineer it to enable these higher up dark ops to be able to search and to capture
and do anything they want with at the drop of a hat all in the name of the patriot act or homeland security or even some other higher objective that remains hidden, unnamed and out of sight and out of mind and hidden deep within the data bases of what I might refer to as The GROUP. An acronym for:


Sounds pretty silly doesn't it? But, then again,



Why ask why? the truth is often very very dry!

Why do people spit on side walks?
That's a good question. I really can't tell you off hand.

But it is disgusting and that seems to make you wonder,
why does that person do it and what sort of sick pleasure do they gain knowing it is grossing out others around them? OR does the spitter really know what they do is

Why ask why? I felt like it.

Why do some internet providers offer better web page services than others?

I have experienced a variety of internet services in my current existence and I find that usually if the service is free, it will often have a clause that includes, If you don't edit
pages or get traffic in a certain period of time we will erase your files and delete your account with us.

Heh :)

Then, there are the services that provide variations of Personal Home Pages, 
not free, but at a monthly price from 4.95 a month to around 19.95 a month and provide counters and Statistics Reports and HTML page managers and and referrals for you
and even some let you have a website name that is of your own choosing, example:

and so on

Search engines can sometimes refer a person to a website, a personal home page
even, not based on a web site URL address like:

Anthony.com, but rather a key word or a phrase like:

why do people spit?

why do people spit on side walks?

why, people, spit.....etc.

You know it. Many times I checked it out and found there are too many
Anthonydavis.coms and one of them is my personal home page.

Then Yahoo search provided a link based on the key words: lookat desktop and
I was able to see it working,  that is,  the search engines and their respective search bots.

Why ask why? because I kind of want to know things that's why.

Why do some web pages force you to block activeX and appletts?
And for that matter, make you accept their cookies or no go.?

the reason is they want to peg you, profile you, bug you, email you with spam by the thousands a year and they want you to be on their top ten list or rather list of potential clients, customers, suckers. It's a rat race
out there in web land.

What if your bookmarks, or book marks in your browser were being copied and sent to some corporate office to keep tabs on your browsing habits? You have to kind of figure
it is likely to happen. I can't say it is or has or will, but likely to happen if it hasn't yet. Because the book mark is a blue print for consumer profiling and also for criminal profiling, and in this age, one of terrorism and war and homeland security and so on,
it is highly likely you and I and everyone on the internet has had their entire browser
history and in particular our bookmarks and even our email filters copied and filed
and put away in a government top secret computer main frame for the top officials
of our country and other countries and certain very large and powerful corporations
and institutions like major universities to refer to at will.

Why? Think about it. If you have to get on line every day using a firewall to prevent hackers, isn't it also likely those, other than hackers, are also trying to access your files? Isn't it very likely that given the number of windows updates and norton updates downloaded monthly like clock work, there may be an enormous likelihood that certain corporations and government bodies have incorporated programs that are designed
to be used peripherally in every browser we use to keep tabs on us and to essentially control our thinking?


If you go to a web site that has set cookies and demands cookies be read on your computer to authenticate your identity before allowing you access to that web site,
that those cookies can and will be used for something essentially covert? 

If you get email that is redundant over several weeks or even years that keep coming
in spite of all your attempts to create filters to block them, that use a randomizer for their IP address to be sent as anonymous and can not be replied to because the IP address
is fake, and you get this same type of email then it must be based on a certain profile. maybe you went to a web site to study up on a particular medication that your doctor
has recently prescribed to you and you want to know what exactly it does, and you download files from that site. 

You might get emails that advertise medications that are exactly in the pharmaceutical category as you were making inquiries about the week before and from that point on
you may be sent several emails day after day trying to get you to buy medicine on line using an on line pharmacy that does not require a doctor's referral and that is illegal
yet these emails are sent to me in my own email inbox day after day after day and they are always from a different, false, aka fake IP address so that you can not and will not
be able to stop them from sending that particular email aka spam to you until you
change your email address and your internet service provider. but it's hard to do that.

Why do people feel safe on the internet?
I don't feel safe on the internet. I won't even purchase a thing using a
debit card or credit card number.
Why? Because it's too dangerous!

I once was downloading my 365 new emails for the past 5 days since I last checked
my in box and during that download, as they were filtered for viruses one by one using Norton Anti virus 2004, I received this
message: Alert! Intruder Alert!
A Sub seven Trojan Dropper has been detected and has been placed in quarantine.

Sub seven?

What the hell is that? I thought.
I found out what sub seven is. It is a trojan program designed to allow a hacker to gain access to your files, all of your files, not just email lists but your entire f***ing computer!

And I was concerned with book marks and cookies!
The thing is, the attempt failed, but you know, I have often been
curious who is using sub seven. Is it a hacker? Is it a criminal?
or could it be the FBI?

I mean, sub seven sounds like:

Below the seventh level in resident memory.
You know those wipe programs that wipe your computer files 7 times?
Well, if you wipe a program just once, twice, three times or up to 6 times, you still might have traces of that program, enough to reconstruct it into it's basic language, after all computer language is merely a complex array of ones and zeros, mathematically structured for the syntax of a computer's operating system as programs, text, images,
and so on. 

So, the 7th level is apparently the final level of erasure for a wipe program that is able to erase a program and it's subsequent sub files from your computer without leaving a
single trace, but, what if sub seven or sub seven is that level, just below the last wipe, 
that is buried so deep into the computer language, deeper than a virus, deeper than
most trojans that it is almost impossible to detect and if that is so, it is probably in everyone's computer who ever surfed the internet, bought software or shareware or downloaded programs on line!

You try to delete a program that is called: freeware, it is a trial program of a video
game, for instance: Chomping Fish, sponsored by A large macromedia company,
and after 30 minutes of playing the game you get the message that either you enter a code, opt to buy the full version or you can no longer play this game, then you decide
to delete it. Well, think about it. 

If you have deleted the program, not wiped it, from your hard drive,
then you would think you could go to the setup program that you first initiated, to install
that game and play another 30 minutes? 

Right? No!

Somehow, HKEY_LOCALMACHINE_ etc... or other windows system configurations files or startup or ini files have some kind of echo files that let the
program that is being installed the second or third time that your 30 minutes have
already been used up, makes you wander, what was left behind in that last uninstall
and deletion?

It could be a trojan, spy ware, adware, a virus, a subseven back door,
a trojan dialer or whatever. By the way the program I am referring you to is a fun
game and in no way am I saying that it is bad for your computer to use. 

I'm just saying that the program installed a screen saver during the game play while the trial version was being played and that led me to believe how easily a program could spawn peripheral programs into your computer into any part of the system's memory, even system files, that could potentially corrupt your files or manipulate them in a dangerous way for you.

Anyway, I only know of one program, cleansweep, that is a Norton
program, can find orphaned .dll files. Dynamic Link Library files.
I realize many files that remain in your computer after uninstalling a program are not a threat to the system but why keep any file in your computer that you don't need?
It takes up space!

So to install a program through a program filter that records the exact files structure
being installed usually allows you to remove all files that were put in and take them all back out, 100% I wonder if this is so.

What if... ?
The Y-files
Monday, July 12, 2004
10:24 AM Central Daylight Time

What if... New York's Twin Towers had been build differently? 
Would they have been destroyed so easily and so completely?

I'd like do ponder the idea for a moment about how things might have been
different, that is, better for the Twin Towers?

1. They were right next to each other, almost touching.

2 .They were very close to the air port.

3. They were constructed long ago, before the much heavier commercial jets were created. Their construction was meant to sustain the impact of lesser air craft, not
what is commonly flying today.

4. The air ports did not have the type of high level of security that it does today, as a
result of 9/11. Even though our intelligence had suspicions of Al Qaeda's potential terrorist attacks since the first attack a few years earlier at the base of the Twin Towers, they didn't see a need to implement a higher form of security at air ports at the time of 9/11 and no one was expecting anything.

1.  The Twin Towers were capable of potentially averting disaster if a real knowledge of the danger of a fully loaded and fully fueled Commercial Jet
could be communicated to all the people who occupied the structures at that time.  No one was informed what the danger was for all concerned who
therefore died  as a result of a direct impact of a Jumbo Jet.  There has and always is the very real  possibility of an accidental collision of such a super
jet with any tall building any where on the planet at any time.
There was no real expectation of such an event so if an evacuation plan had been developed, including better location and protection and reinforcement
of the architecture of the towers wes implemented by the engineers and by
the owners of the buildings maybe more people could have evacuated the building in time.

2.  There needed to be and from now on needs to be better intelligence and
that should not exclude the civilian population.  hind sight is not the best sight.
Everyone in the future who live in a big city and who work in areas highly populated on a day by day basis should be informed of any dangers,  obvious
or potentially dangerous and less obvious given any future attack either by
an individual terrorist like Tim or the Unibomber or any group of terrorists
using jets as missiles so that everyone can be better prepared.  the most important thing I figure is the structural stability of modern buildings that are
tall enough to be in the direct path of any kind of air craft.  There should be
better contingency plans ahead for all tall buildings and that means keeping
an eye on the sky 24-7-365 !

Why ask why?

Why do people who know smoking will kill them, smoke any way?

Why do people who know it's bad for their health to eat excessively do so
at their own peril?

Why do people buy cell phones even though they could call from home or the
office for just pennies and what's worse, the radiation coming from that little itsy bitsy phone can give you brain cancer?

Why do people who hate people live so close to other people?

Why do people who love people act so hateful?

Why ask why? the truth lies somewhere out there!

Why is it the Earth is tilted off it's axis?

Why does Venus and Mars lie so close to Earth and in spite of their
relative size to the Earth, are completely uninhabitable?

Why do people in our country think they can't live without excessive
amounts of computer equipment?

I guess I'll try to answer some of these Y-files.

! Probably the reason people who know smoking will kill them smoke any way
because they figure they're already doomed so why quit now?

! The reason, most likely that people who know it's bad for their health to
eat excessively do so at their own peril because they are victims of a food
consumerist nation that floods the airwaves with food commercials and worse, implies most of us in America are casual drinkers of alcoholic beverages. 

Since we tend to believe what we see and hear on the television we tend to think it's
okay to indulge since indulgence has been subliminally and objectively implanted into
our minds since we first turned on the tube. It's not fair to blame ourselves for being fat. 
If television were banned as an addictive illegal mind altering drug that caused irreversible damage to our brain function, then people would adapt. We would adapt to
a life style that was not based on several hours of setting and being fed consumer
ideas into our minds to the point of super saturation. 

I am overweight, and I too am addicted to television, worse, even if you fast forward through commercials, your mind will still pick up on it at fast speeds although you're
not consciously aware of them as their images pass by at just above the human
threshold of conscious awareness, therefore making the commercials even more subliminal, below the conscious level, more on the unconscious level, which is the
level that causes us to absorb thousands of times more visual information than  our ancestors over 100 years ago. 

! Probably the most likely reason that people buy and use cellular phones in spite of
the radiation danger and in spite of the heavy expense is that people feel very insecure
in this post 9/11 age. Most of us take off in our cars to destinations of our purposes in most large cities and even in rural America, thinking something really bad might happen and they just might have to make a call. 

People tend to call loved ones and friends more frequently these days because
they have access to their cellular phones and because they are insecure and need constant reassurance from their significant others in their post 9/11 lives that it is with great fear and insecurity that most of us in America today use their phones thinking
that if a terrorist attack did happen, they could rely on getting in touch with loved ones much more quickly just to be closer to them because many people suffer a great
amount of separation anxiety disorder and it is far worse today than it was before 9/11. 

Also, the thing is, if you see everyone around you with one you feel somehow left
out of the loop so you get one even if you have bad credit and they know you are desperate so they pressure you to sign a 2 year contract for penalty of early termination
is about the same as 4 months of service paid for, but not realized so you sign the thing and they give you a pay plan that isn't suitable for your casual needs, but more like the type that a day trader would need. You take it thinking hey, this is neat, until you learn
the following realities:

1. practically every time you call a family member out of state, you are talking and suddenly your signal is dropped. They say it's normal for this to happen and that you should take it in stride. It's common for signals drops to happen, they say to you at the customer service center. You accept this even though it angers you to a degree.

2. the phone is so small you put it to your ear and your mouth is 5 inches or more from
the mouth piece! 

3. the volume is at it's highest level and you try desperately to hear your sister from Michigan. She talks and you can't hear a word she's saying.

4. the fact is, they expect you to use the phone in a sound proof recording studio booth. LOL!

5. the other fact is, they expect you to buy a headset accessory that makes it necessary
to put a thing on your head and into your ear. Even then after paying for a 25 dollar add on, you still can't really hear her all that much better!

6. the first bill comes in and you see you have been charged 40 cents a minute
because you forgot and called at a peak period! The bill isn't for the basic $49.00 forty nine dollars but rather for $85.00 eight five dollars to cover for your mistake for calling during a peak period!

7. after about 2 and a half years later, you start to add up the dollars you have spent and won't ever get back and the fact that you have only called about 5 times a month to local areas and only once every other month 30 minutes long distance. This all adds up to about $1,400.00 fourteen hundred dollars in 30 months. That is a pretty good lump of money wasted just to stay in touch while you waited around for the next big terrorist
attack that never happened! :P

! the reason people who hate people live so close to other people is that they don't
hate other people really, but when people live in highly concentrated sardine cans like Dallas, Houston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston and Washington. etc.
They just get tired of being around everyone in a big city. This can be though of as future shock, to paraphrase Alvin Toffler. People were never meant to live in large numbers.
This is a fact. People are in fact, happier when there is some reasonable distance
from themselves and the rest of the human race, or rat race. We live in cities because
our parents moved here from rural America back in the 1950's.

Before then only a fraction of America lived in cities.
The reason people develop hatred or rather disfavor with people in general is due to
the fact the lower and middle class can not afford trips to the lake, trips to Paris, or any national park or ocean side resort in America due to the heavy expense. By the time
you get to your destination you either have lead feet from driving too much or jet lag
from flying from one time zone to another in just hours or minutes.

The human animal is not able to cope with the stress of living today. There is no logical alternative to this dilemma. We are afflicted by the modern age of the new millennium! The only way people can deal with their apathy, indifference to other human beings is
to practice occasional social isolation to meditate and to regroup and regain an inner
self of calm and healing. 

Once in a while it is an absolute necessity to go inside our caves and shut the door behind us. Once in a while it is in fact a necessity to leave the box of our city and it's familiar surroundings to venture into a different environment, but not, I dare say,
another city like Dallas! I enjoy Dallas more when I spend a month away from it, 
traveling the open highway and stopping in unfamiliar small town communities. 

If you haven't seen a friend or talked to them in months or perhaps years, that's okay, because you need the distance in time to really appreciate what you have been
missing and vice versa. I have a relationship with a few family members that call
about as often as a Haley's comet flies by the Earth and it's not so much the frequency
of a personal social encounter but the quality that lies in a good  long separation. It's
more part of human nature to be separated from others over long periods. However,
living in a place like Dallas, you might watch news and feel more familiar with your news people than your own family. That's because you are overly familiar with them. Try watching channel 4 on Monday, then channel 5 on Tuesday, you get the drill.

! the reason why people who love people act so hateful is because of the above mentioned explanation, but to add my 2 cents worth. Acting hateful to another person
is a sign of not understanding that person very well. For you to understand a person
more you must work at it, but if you don't want to work at it, you need to give that person space. You need to get a life. People who are constantly at each other's throats are
either addicted to the adrenaline that is created by anger or they are frustrated because they can't reach an understanding.

This is not because either person hates the other, because true hatred is manifested in complete separation from that individual and complete and utter discontinuance of communications with that individual. One real good reason to see a therapist is so that people who actually care about each other, have problems communicating their differences of opinions about a situation and need help empathizing and respecting
one an other's feelings about that situation or situations. it's a very complicated affair.

! the reason the Earth is tilted off it's axis is problematical. There may or may not be a way to guess at why it isn't perfectly up and down on it's axis as it orbits the Sun.
But, I would venture to say it once was perfectly up and down in contrast to it's present
tilt.  What may have caused this is pure speculation on my part, but I imagine the moon, still molten at the time of the planetary formations, became a permanent traveling companion of our Earth and as a result of the mass of the moon the force required to
grab hold of it and keep it in Earth's orbit off set the axis of our planet just enough to create the angle of tilt it is now holding.

This is a good thing because the planet benefited by having more mild temperatures
over millions of years until it Earth cooled off and during this process, the Earth and the moon caught millions of chunks of rock that were essentially space debris flying all
about from planets that lacked the necessary mass to stay together and that is probably why there is a large area just beyond Earth that is full of left overs from long ago.
The moon may very well be the key as to why Earth and not Venus and not Mars could realize the wonders of life.

It is most likely also that in the symmetrical nature of the cosmos, that other planets
like the Earth, if they were to have life of any kind, had to be accompanied by a moon
like we are! The moon isn't just a big ball of cheese. It's the cause of all the tides, is the stepping stone to space exploration by people like us, Astronauts from the good old U.S.A. :)

! as to why people in our country think they can't live without excessive amounts of computer equipment should be quite obvious!

Computers are part of the evolution of Man. We have always been destined to
becoming a computer oriented society, that would indeed make Earth not only the only planet with life in this solar system, in spite of the dreams of ancient astronomers and modern ones also, but Earth is the first planet to develop into a next generation planet. Essentially, Modern Technology and computers have taken us out of the industrial age and into the space age quite literally! Get used to computers and other gadgets.

They are here to stay.

The Y-files
Monday, August 30, 2004
5:17 AM Central Daylight Time

Why can't T. Kennedy get a plane to his destination?

I think it's strange that they said on the news yesterday, that because there was a list
of names somewhere that might involve a terrorist attack or a plot to one that because
of the fact there are many many other people who also have the first initial T. and the
last name Ken and there were other people whose names were on that list and who
also are not allowed to board on certain commercial flights to certain particular destinations.

Why ask why? I believe it's like this: who ever is responsible for that list, probably
wanted to down an aircraft with one of our most beloved people in the Senate and Congress and other divisions of our U.S. government. 

I don't think it's because T. Ken is suspected as a terrorist agent, not even likely,
America can't be that paranoid to start making it impossible to trust our own so it has
to be that such people whose names were on that list and who are members of
Congress, the Senate and other branches of higher government are being targeted
by al-Qaeda and the CIA and FBI just want to make sure T. Ken and others of his
stature are not easy targets for the Taleban. 

Then if it is so that T. Ken is not a suspect, I do hope that he is told that he is restricted
to fly certain airplanes to this or that location only for his own safety and his immediate family's safety. There can be no other reason, unless America really is that paranoid.
Na! That would be ridiculous!

The Y-files
Thursday, January 06, 2005
4:13 PM Central Standard Time

Why do manufactures of basic store products print all the information so tiny that
it takes a magnifying glass to read it?

Why not instead, don't they print a web site address on the package so you can go
home and go to the site and opt to print all the information in text that is large enough
to read? Or

Why can't they attach a printout of the information and insert it in the shrink wrap or
box that the item is packaged in?

The Y-files
Thursday, January 06, 2005
4:17 PM Central Standard Time

Why don't they have a channel on network television that shows nothing but
commercials? 24/7/365/FOREVER

The Y-files
Thursday, January 06, 2005
4:22 PM Central Standard Time

Why don't they eliminate the penny from our soon to become cash less society? It is virtually useless. There are so many penny machines that take in the round little devils
and in return give you back cash, probably at a minor loss. Why not just do that?
It's been suggested by others.

If you like pennies, then lets make them into jewelry or at least find a way to keep them from tarnishing. A shinny new copper penny does look pretty darn nice after all.

Why ask why?  Because I feel like it!


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