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Poems by Anthony Davis page 1
Saturday, April 09, 2005, 1:14 AM, CDT

poems by Anthony Davis page 1

A Tri-ordinance in Time

Things are more beautiful, from afar,

left untouched, as they are.

Visions arbitrary to the eyes,

The City's Archangel lies!

God's great blessings to the night,

of fear of man and neon light!

Greatful demons hear the call,

as foolish earthman's buildings fall!

Vaccant the hearts of lonely girls,

The chanting sirens,

the hidden secrets of a man,

who lies in bed awaiting another day.........



Your indifference is as clear as a summer's day!

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when lazy summer days were fancy free?
I know those times are far behind me.
Do you remember when your mother cooked oatmeal cookies and 
you would rush in to sample one while it was still too hot?
I wish so much to remember, but I seem to have forgot!
Do you remember when Daddy sat on the front porch, resting in a chair?
I often sat beside him and just talked about every day things that made me more aware.
Do you remember when your sister took you, your brother and sister to the Ice Capades to watch in wonder of it all?
I know it's been a long time ago, years ago, sometime in the Fall.
Do you remember playing with your brother pretending to be time travelers and going to alien worlds and far away lands?
I remember when we played pretend and for a while we both pretended and it felt grand.
Do you remember going to school?
I hated it when people acted like a fool.
Do you remember playing bloodrock in the garage with your friend Ken?
It was quite a long time ago but It's as clear to me now as it was then.
Do you remember that long train ride when your mother was taking you to Richond VA?
I only know that I was thirsty and I remember drinking orange juice as my mother held me and I could see out the train windows as the world moved by all day.
Do you remember when you used to go to St. Cecelia's Catholic church with your older sister and your younger brother way back when?
I remember the sounds of the organ and the hard wood benches and
the smell of insence then.

Do you remember the days when you played piano all night until the next day?
I vaugely recall it but yes, I guess I do, but it is painful because the piano was destroyed in the fire that burned the entire garage down I dare say.
I do remember most that after that fire one single thing remained, unaffected by the fire that burned everything else completely, that is, a plaque with a picture of Jesus' face. It left a lasting impression on me. I picked up that plaque of Jesus and took it as a reminder that in the face of disaster Jesus is always there and I knew at that point it was a sign from God above.

Storms Yet to Come

The flash of lightning and the boom of thunder remind me of war.
I can easily imagine what it would be like to be far away, in a distant land, hearing explosions of dropped bombs and the sky light up as they exploded. Every time a thunderstorm developes I feel the imminent changes taking place, both in the air and in my heart.

There are storms yet to come, God reminds us, in every bolt of lightning and the distand rumble of the thunder. And we are all reminded of just how close we are to yet another war.

And all the rain, is just God's tears falling from the sky!

In Shadows Of Man

It seems so strange sometimes that
life can be so cruel.
only time can break the rule.
Violet lights at daybreak seem
evil to a person's dream.
Sights of sky and rain and light
tomorrow always slipping out of sight.
And then the birds fly in shadows of man
cascading flutters like footprints on the sand.
Even if I am but one with some dread
yesterday lives on forever in my head.


Sometimes taste adds creative energy ya know what I mean?
It appeals to everyone some time and can emotionally yield something
so harmonious it transforms us.

Cell Phone Death

North South East West
people talking on cellular phones
people chatting on cellular phones
people's cellular phones ringing,  singing,  playing music.
If they suddenly got rid of those OCD devices
maybe then humanity would be rediscovered.
Intimacy would be once again realized.
Life would be more satisfying.
I doubt this dream will ever be realized.
In fact I think death by cell phone will be the next major outbreak.

The Final Frontier

Time is the vehicle,
The Universe,  the road,
Toward that Island,
The mind of man.


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Poems by Anthony Davis page 1


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