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My Favorite Things
Last edited on: Sunday,  September 03,   2006,  8:00 PM Central Daylight Savings Time

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Favorite Things

Thursday,  May 18,  2006
,  9:52 AM,
Central Daylight Savings Time
entry no. 0001

Musical Artists and Albums list

The list below is not in any kind of order.

Robin Trower - In City Dreams

Steely Dan - Countdown to Ecstasy

Chris Rhea - Road to Hell

Gino Vanelli - Brother to Brother

Santana - Abbraxas

Santana - Havana Moon

Carly Simon - These are The Good Old Days

David Bowie - Black Tie,  White Noise

David Bowie - Changes One Bowie

David Gates of Bread - Manna is the album and If is the best song.

Hanz Zimmer - Soundtrack recording of Thin Red Line

Tears for Fears - Donnie Darko theme movie theme song

Naked in New York - Movie Soundtrack entire album

Jose Feliciano - every album he made was great

Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream

Joe Satriani - Surfing With the Alien

Led Zeppelin - every single album they made

Liz Story - Unaccountable Effect

Liz Story - Solid Colors

Charlotte Church - Enchantment

Michael Bublé - It's Time

Black Sabbath - Volume 4

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Black Sabbath - Sabbath,  Bloody Sabbath

Bloodrock - all albums including Whirlwind Tongues a late version of them.

Bloodrock - album one

Bloodrock - album two

Bloodrock - album three,  my favorite song is Jessica from one of those 3.

ZZ Top - Fandango and many others

Elton John - every single album is great

The Beatles - Abbey Road is my favorite album.

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts

The Beatles - The White Album

The Guess Who - Who's Next and others

Chicago - The Fifth Album and others

Credence Clearwater - Revival and others

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - the original four

Neil Young - the song of Johnny Rotten. out of the blue and into the black.

Blood,  Sweat and Tears - One Child Born and Hiedy Ho and other songs

Blood,  Seat and Tears - Album Three

Harry Nilsson - The Point, Nilsson Schmilson and other albums

Harry Nilsson - my favorite song is I can't live if living is without you.

Harry Nilsson - Put the Lime in the Cocoa nut and mix it all together, etc.

Simon and Garfunkle - all albums, Bookends is my favorite.

Seals and Crofts - all albums

Willie Nelson - all albums -
Whiskey River is my favorite next to Blue eyes crying in the Rain and Angle flying too close to the ground and On the Road Again, to name a few.

Allen Parson's Project - most of their albums were good.

Grand Funk - Railroad

Steve Hackett - Voyage of The Acolyte

Ian Anderson with Jethro Tull Group, the song is Aqualung.

Yes - The Yes Album, Fragile and Close to the Edge. Roundabout is best song. Yessongs was a brave attempt but you can imagine what I mean.

Jefferson Airplane - Alice is best song but many songs were very good.

Jefferson Starship - a spin - off of the Jefferson Airplane was not so hot.

Scorpions - Alone again without you is my favorite song.

Frank Sinatra - a genius - a blend of tenderness and intensity in his works.

Dan Foggleburg - his albums were unique.

Lalo Schiffrin - score music composer

Henry Mancini - score music composer

Maynard Furguson - Trumpet Player extraordinare

Burl Ives - A pleasant voice put to many a delightful song.

Jim Morrison of The Doors - Smooth and seductive and strong voice.

John Sacadda - Great singer who can get under your skin with his lyrics.

Gordon Lightfoot - Rich flavor and lyrics that move the soul

Van Morrison - A genius and talent with style and lyrics and vocal diversity.

The Ocean Blue - Listen,  It's Gone is my favorite song. from naked in NY.
Unknown artist sang a song with these lyrics:
The Eagle flies across the horizon,  into the misty island sun,  Nobody asks you where you are going and nobody knows where you are from.  Any you fly all around until somebody shoots you down. Not exactly word for word but it's just on the edge of my memory.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Just a group I remembered.

Lionel Richie and the Commodores - Easy like Sunday morning.

Henry Mancini

James Blunt -
I simply think this guy is soaring to the top.

My Favorite foods and beverages list:

I am fond of many things.  Most of us are.
I know I need to eat more healthy foods but this is not a list of all healthy food,
just a list of mostly what I like and that's because what I like isn't always nutritious.

tomato sandwiches.
apple brown Betty.
home made tacos.
home made pizza.
buttermilk pancakes with dark corn syrup.
fried eggs in margarine.
pan fried flour tortillas in margarine.
bologna sandwiches.
mars bars and dr. pepper
bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on oat nut bread, toasted in a skillet.
dried cranberry with orange juice pecan bread.

My Favorite tv shows list:

Star Trek,  the original tv series.
Lost in Space.
Hawaii 50.
Leave it to Beaver
Father Knows Best.
The Twilight Zone.
The Outer Limits.
One Step Beyond.
Johnny Zero.
Boston Public.
Judging Amy.
Planet of the Apes.
Land of the Lost.
Starsky and Hutch.
George of the Jungle.
The Flintstones.
Speed Racer.
Gilligan's Island.
Sea Hunt.
The Wizard
The Time Tunnel
Ally Mcbeal
Touched by an Angel
Hill Street Blues
Kung Fu

The Rifleman
Wagon Train
Medical Center
Chicago Hope
Adam 12
Room 222
The Mod Squad
The Streets of Sanfrancisco
Popeye the sailor
Charlie Brown
Boston Public
Judging Amy
Law and Order
Law and Order Criminal Intent
Law and Order Crime and Punishment
Law and Order Special Victim's Unit
Fast Lane
Miami Vice

Keeping up Appearances
Are You Being Served
Red Dwarf
Faulty Towers
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Joan of Arcadia
Kyle XY
The OC
Dawson's Creek
Beverly Hills 90210
The Rat Patrol
Hogan's Heroes
Gomer Pyle USMC
Night Gallery
Tales From the Crypt
The Dark Side
Prison Break
The Three Stooges

The Sopranos
Burned Bridge
Early Edition
The Monk
The Honey Mooners
I Love Lucy
All My Children
One Life To Live
General Hospital
The Young And The Restless
the very best soap in recent memory.
Cave Men
The Journeyman
The Ghost Whisperer
Brothers and Sisters

My Favorite Movies list:

Star Trek The Motion Picture
2001 A Space Odyssey
2010 Odyssey 2
12 Monkeys
Jacob's Ladder
I am Cuba
THX 1138
The Great Escape
Rear Window
Requiem For A Dream
A River Runs Through It
Les Miserables
Gangs of New York
The Lathe Of Heaven
Heathclift, Wuthering Heights

Shakespeare In Love
Off The Map
City of God
Pan's Labyrinth
Who Killed the Electric Car
Ghost Rider
Final Destination 2

Mirror Mask
Pay Back
Freeze Frame
Seraphem Falls
Snow Cake
Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer
V is for Vendetta
The 300
March of the  Penguins
Dead Man
Bryan Filipe
Calvaire, (The Ordeal)
True Romance
Striking Distance
Catch and Release
The Shooter

Next of Kin
What a Way to Go
The Bourne Ultimatum

Escape Under Pressure
Live Free or Die Harder
Pirates of the Carabean
, At World's End
Knocked Up
Sweeney Todd, with Ben Kingsley, not the one with Johnny Depp
April's Rain
Tequilla Sunrise

King of the Hill with Adrian Brody
Venus with Peter O'Toole
Notes on a Scandal with Kate Blancett and Judy Denche
The Sopranos Season Six, Part Two, season finale
Amazing Grace
Mr. Brooks
with Kevin Costner
Talk Radio
The Dancer Upstairs
Dancer in the Dark
The Devil's Own
The Hoax

Sicko a Michael Moore film
Kingdom of Heaven
Fracture with Anthony Hopkins
Cutter's Way with John Heard and Jeff Bridges
Milwalkee Minnessotta
Three Burials with Tommy Lee Jones
Smile with Beau Bridges
Evening with Vanessa Redgrave

Below are some of my comments on the above titles:

City of God was a story that took place in perhaps South America, maybe Brazil
where Rio is I think and it depicted the criminal life that the very impoverished especially children were thrown into as a matter of course, with terrible consequenses.

Although I liked this film, it was a wake up call to all the other more developed nations at how extreme poverty and social isolation can and often does lead people into acts of utter desparation and heart break. I enjoyed this film not because I like violence but because it told a real story that was very emotional and eye opening to me for the most part, a wake up call to the rest of humanity.


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