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Lost In America
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last edited on: Friday, June 23, 2006, 6:19 PM, Central Daylight Savings Time

Lost in America
Postings of the most recent missing persons pics from the mail box of
Anthony Davis, when available. Updated when possible.

Won't you help find those people who are:

lost in America?

Posted on: Thursday,  March 03,  2005,  5:47 PM Central Standard Time

Posted on: Thursday,  March 03,  2005,  5:47 PM Central Standard Time

Posted on: Thursday,  March 03,  2005,  5:47 PM Central Standard Time

Posted on: Thursday,  March 03,  2005,  5:47 PM Central Standard Time

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children:


My website consists of the following pages:

Lost In America

Young children are the victims of criminal exploitation and criminal sexual exploitation on the internet and worse,  in person in all parts of the world.  It has only become more evident on the internet.

As the internet becomes larger and newsgroups expand in ways that they can not be properly monitored by law enforcement,  the incidents of missing children and their subsequent involvement in media exploitation become more widespread and more obvious and there is an increasing likelihood of missing children being photographed in nude and semi nude poses and in sexually provocative ways and these images being distributed in newsgroups under the context of the following key words: female, erotic and so on.

The very common newsgroup called: has many instances of subject matter that pertains to pornography in general,  but don't let this fool you.  In the long list of entries under the classification of female erotica there are some news documents that contain images that are listed under such headings as lolitas and lollipops and so on.  The exact origin of these images and their newsgroup html formatted frames are unknown because many headers in newsgroups as well as e-mails are simply false.

One clever little trick they use to mask these images is to have their newsletters open up with no image inside,  but a link to the image that has to be downloaded first is often provided in the browser frame,  but not in all cases.  The fact is,  many images are said to be fake in that they are morphed,  but I beg to differ.  I have researched this issue and have found there have been some indication of morphing of images but most are not.  In other words these images are real and they are incriminating.  Morphing of celebrities is a common cyber crime.  Placing the head of a famous celebrity on the body of another person in a way that would be very offensive to that celebrity if any knowledge of it came to light is one common morphing techinique.

One more clever trick is that these newsgroups often list over a thousand individual pages aka topics,  each with images imbedded in them and with links to the imbedded images and because of the shere numbers it would take law enforcement weeks and months of tedious viewing of such pages to realize that some of them are not of adults or even of teens.  The insertion of links to images of usually girls who are way under the legal age are placed within the list here and there in small numbers so as to be overlooked by anyone in law enforcement.

The very fact that I found this out first hand is because I was searching through newsgroups and scrolled up and down the over 1400 pages under the simple keyword female and I quickly became all too painfully aware that the internet newsgroups,  seemingly innocuous was the epicenter of the criminal exploitation of children.

It makes sense that law enforcement does start investigating this and does start immediate investigations so they can put an end to this sick crime in cyber space.

But for the fact that internet pornography is the largest criminal avenue for making money on line
it suggests that many so called noble internet service providers are getting something under the table to turn a blind eye to the onslaught of these illegal exploitations. One cases in point is that ISP lets you get thousands and thousands of SPAM and they don't do any thing to stop it but rather seem to encourage it.
SPAM often contains pornography and links to sites that exploit children.

The fact that most of these exploitations are from other countries around the world makes it even harder for anyone to do anything about it,  but if enough people can arm themselves with the knowledge that they should keep their children away from chat rooms and only privately chat with people who they in fact know and trust as friends and family by using such programs as Microsoft Live Messenger for one on one chat with friends.  If parents can keep their children away from newsgroups for the very reason I have given then the incentive for criminals will be cut down a few notches.  You see,  if avenues of exploitation are discovered by law enforcement and children are properly educated to avoid the dangers of newsgroups and chat rooms then less children will be abducted and placed in harms way. Criminals won't bother to go out and abduct children if there is no profit in it.  Please note that this is not to say that serial rapists and paedaphiles will not continue to attempt to abduct young children and this has been and still is ongoiing and because the FBI
and other organizations are keeping a very close watch on these types of very dangerous maniacs!  This type of criminal is the most dangerous and most evil type of criminal in all humanity.

It is a sad reflection of world reality when I come to realize just how many adults are not only kidnapping,  sexually abusing and sexually exploiting children at any age but that other adults are seeking sick pleasure in looking at illegal images of innocent young boys and girls.  The time is now,  rather it was yesterday to do something about it.

Many cases of children missing is because one of the two parents took them and ran off into the wild blue yonder, others are children who have been kidnapped by a total stranger or a known relative. In some cases adult members of a family of children can be potential child rapists and use the internet to exploit their images and worse,  the very newsgroups that are used every day by people like you and I, to gain information and education and we are being exploited by thousands,  millions of pornographic images and there is no end in sight and getting lost in the maze of this horrific world of sexually provocative images and movies are under age children who are being photographed and used as sex slaves for sadistic evil minded adults.

These children who are victims of abduction and abuse are lost in america.  lost in the world.

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