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Issues Of The New Millennium

This is page one of Issues Of The New Millennium

last updated:  Sunday,  December 11,  2005,  2:19 PM,  Central Standard Time

Moral and Ethical Issues of the current age and beyond.

Beyond 2001
Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium Page One

Obviously the most serious issue of the year 2004 is hate, that motivates terrorism and America's need to fight against terrorism in our Homeland Security Initiative, the war on terror and the state of the global economy.

This page started back on Saturday, December 06, 2003, 8:29 PM Central Daylight Time,
lookat desktop magazine.

I was among probably millions of Americans going to the local supermarket to purchase several gallons of drinking water, flash light batteries and silver duct tape and polyethylene plastic sheeting in big rolls to go over our windows and doors in the possible event of a chemical or biological agent attack.

What was unusual and disturbing although mildly amusing was the case where a resident in one American city literally shrink wrapped his entire house!

Some of the people I have known practically my whole life went so far as to purchase gas masks. It seemed the thing to do at that time, when we were going to war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, in particular, Baghdad and America was on a level RED terrorist alert and everyone was still not over the September eleven attacks on New York's World Trade Center Twin Towers and surrounding buildings by 2 jumbo jets taken over by al Qaeda operatives who hijacked the planes and sent them on a suicide path and The plane that flew directly into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. and the failed attempt at yet a forth commercial plane hijacked by al Qaeda terrorists of Saddam Hussein from Iraq to fly probably into the White House but were thwarted by our own good American heroes who forced a crash landing on an open field away from a populated area somewhere in Pennsylvania.

It seemed the thing to do to be scared, and to buy up extra food in cans and water and masks. I monitored the tv 24/7 twenty four, seven for several days from the very moment the nine eleven attacks took place on Tuesday I refer to as Dark Tuesday, and I have been monitoring the news and NPR and KERA TV practically every single day since that terrible Tuesday. I get so irritated and angry when I see people acting so apathetic and uncaring about their country when it wasn't really that long ago when several thousand civilians died needlessly for a worthless cause of a foreign power whose method was to send their own over to the United States to get an education in flying school just to kill innocent American citizens!

If you are an American and you are angry, like I am, you are right to be so.
If you are respectful of the serious need to prevent future terrorists attacks then you owe it to yourself and your family and to your country, U.S.A. to be diligent and keep an eye on your neighbor and get to know the people in your community and don't play dumb and try to ignore warning signs by burying your head in the sand, so to speak. I think the first most important thing to do as an American citizen, as I in fact am one, is to keep up with the local, the national and the international news. Boy that's a lot to read! But, hey, to be aware is to show you are not a fool. To be educated is key to survival.

Just hating terrorists is not enough. It isn't fair to make Americans mad. It isn't fair to push us around. If you play with America, then America might just kick you in the dairy air.

Yes, I am afraid, afraid that complacency will overtake us and we will once again fall back into our daily routine as it would seem to be the case if you watch the media lately, except for the few tv shows dressed up as entertainment but rather aptly indicating the clear and present danger, such shows as 24, Alias, Threat matrix, The West Wing, and so forth. These are a reflection of the times. These are not mere entertainment. The device used to kill people in that church on Alias was not the same but similar to the Neutron Bomb, and it is real and it does kill. Satelights that can spot you from space do exist, and are used at any given instance to track down anyone necessary. GPS technology is new but it is ever present today.

The x-y coordinates used to track a stolen car down with the technology known as LOW JAK is very effective, and http://www.transpondernews.com is definitely a real place on the internet and a transponder is a tracking device a global one. Does the money used to buy drugs in America support terrorists' efforts to buy weapons for killing? Yes it does! How real do we need to get? We need to realize that every time an American soldier dies on the battlefield of Iraq or Afghanistan or any other place on this Earth it is very much real! Get mad. It isn't going away.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like war anymore than the next guy, but war was already waged on nine, eleven! It is only appropriate the America reciprocate!

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Issues of the year 2004
Welcome to Issues Of The Year 2004.



Throughout all of recorded human history the most pronounced events have left a mark on the map and on the human collective unconsciousness. Most periods of transition are measured by how far before or ahead they were of a current war or battle or conflict. The 20th Century is ear marked by more wars than there are inches on a ruler. 

The 1st World War seemed to just come and go and there was hardly any time to take a breath before World War Two, which in my opinion was World War One Revisited. During our lives in the past 100 years those of the baby boomer age such as my self lucked out and avoided the subsequent Korean War but some of us had to serve in the Army or Navy or the Air Force or the Marines in the Vietnam War. I was young enough to avoid that war also. 

But, when I was old enough to register there were no wars happening. But, later, after I got up there in my late 30's and mid 40's the War against Iraq and later with our current Commander In Chief, after a devastating attack on the USA by Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden, the war on terrorism, also an extension of the former Operation Dessert Storm, we now face the next chapter in the war against Iraq with their now president Saddam Hussein. 

The issue now is:
Does Iraq have a moral and ethical right to posses weapons of mass destruction? Well, it's kind of like asking does a murder have a right to posses a gun or a knife and permission to go slay a neighborhood of helpless women?

The issue isn't that If Iraq owns biological, chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, but when he will use them on countries that are non Islamic. It will happen, if not during the current administration, but during the next one. I can bet you that before the next 10 years happen, that is between 2003 to 2013, a decade from now give or take a few weeks or a month, another horrific occurrence will take place on American Soil. And it most likely will be worse than the first attacks on NY, DC, and PA. If any thing is more ethical it is America being the world wide overseer and essentially the Big Police against essential criminal human conduct in the world theater.

It's not a joke that people are still thinking about 9/11/01 a year and 2 months or so later are still thinking about it as if it happened yesterday.

It's no wonder that America is terribly suspicious of their mail given the single effort or small group effort, I would imagine of local terrorists, probably American Citizens who were just taking the Anthrax Challenge on a dare like a group of lazy minded college students on a holiday break. It's terrible that access on the internet of practically every explosive and incendiary device imaginable is free for the taking by both the innocent and the would be terrorist. And remember, a terrorist can be anyone, American born, native, white, black, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, and so on, and with the rapid influx of Islamic and other Middle Eastern families into the United States going through our borders and not legally and not registered, or perhaps worse, becoming registered under an alias.

We have and I think we should accept moral and legal responsibility to take care of our own home land / the continental United States by making sure that the citizens and the visitors from the free world are entering into our country without plans of staying and learning to fly a plane or going to school to learn our countries science and chemistry and biological sciences so they can use it to essentially destroy America, albeit American children, fathers and mothers and neighbors' lives.

If there is a morality to war it is when it destroys a clear and present danger to humanity at large, and such danger is now upon us all and it is called terrorism. The war on terrorism is not limited to Africa, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China and Japan and many others. it includes America, North America, South America, Australia, in essence, every country on the planet where there are people who are full to the max with hatred of American Democracy, Christianity, and Freedom. 

Human Rights are not being ignored when an American Soldier is dropped by parachute down within enemy lines, with the purpose of locating a deadly arsenal of germ warfare, or nerve gas or nuclear fissionable material, nor when he is on a single sole trek to find the hiding perpetrator behind all of this Taleban and al Qaeda activity, because it is an act that is backed up by hundreds of millions of human beings who think their lives are being threatened and they want to be able to live the rest of their lives without fear and uncertainty of just when will the next major attack be. 

It's still going on all over countries outside of the US mainland, but on the television, you can see that terrorism is taking the form of car bombs and fires and explosions and a general upheaval of anger and that basic instinct of kill or be killed, that survival instinct that is in all of us.

I don't know about you but I still fly an American flag on my front porch, little though it may be, I feel the war on terrorism and the memory of September eleven two thousand and one is an ever constant one so I fly the flag out of respect for my country. If you ever loose faith in your country you loose everything. That would be the worst for every man who lives and breaths today.

So war is ethical when it is defended by the truth and the will of the people who fight, although it most definitely needs to be a limited war. War is not a good thing, but then anarchy and trepidation are the alternatives.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Saturday, December 07, 2002
11:55 PM Central Standard Time

A little thing we call happiness. It's a feeling that we all experience to different degrees. The question I beg to you on this particular issue is what are the types of pleasure and happiness we experience in life in as much as to what causes it and when is considered morally incorrect as per what we call our constitutional right to the it's pursuit?

To some, joy may be an apple. To another, it might be a walk by the sea. But, how do we measure pleasure when it has a sexual tone? Do people have a right to love whom ever they please? Or are there some forms of sexual pleasure that lie on the fringes of morality and enter into the realm of the bizarre and the tumultuous, in essence how wide is the divide between common love making with a willing partner in a monogamous relationship, accepted by most societies as acceptable for a life time of marriage only And what is considered by many to be the most intense and dangerous methods of receiving sexual pleasure, the acts of Kinjite, aka Forbidden Subjects?

I believe there is a very large divide between heterosexual monogamy and having an affair, or an experience with one or more professional women of the streets.

The most evil of all these levels of human sought pleasure are the ones that border on murder or suicide or Sado Masochism, bondage, dominance and submission, orgies, masquerade parties and drug oriented sexual activity but in the themes of most novels and television and movies about serial rapists and murders there is some form of Sado masochism involved. I'll put it bluntly, the media has depicted sexual activity in only one light. That is the light of crime and hostility toward the female of the species. That in itself smears the goodness and the sacredness that love making is supposed to reflect. 

Thus you have two divides, the Crime Scene Special Victims Unit scenario and the funny and happy go lucky love story like Pretty Woman, or Sleepless in Seattle, where nothing bad ever really happens and the two eventually live happily ever after, alternate to the flip side where mostly the female is the constant victim and the the Serial Rapist and/or killer becomes the victor, until he is finally killed by a super cop. The woman needs to stop being the victim in both sex roles and story plot fixations. It's sick. Women need to kick Sadists funky ass into the grass! I see that joy, that is the joy of sex is marred by way too much media hype of a negative nature and it's time the women of our country started standing up for their rights and get the respect they deserve.

I am writing this as a man, looking at the sexist mentality of our society, expressing my empathy with the role the woman of our society has had to live down at the doings of the male dominated pro male dominated and ruled majority. Forcing the issue is wrong.

There are other ways to feel good, and I think it's sometimes easier to apply happiness to eating a piece of cake or pie and a hot cup of delicious cappuccino. Ya know ?

But let's get real for just a moment. That right to the pursuit of happiness is for people who don't hurt another person in order to attain that joy. Ya know it! :)
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Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Monday, July 22, 2002
10:25 AM Central Daylight Time
entry no. 00001

global warming revisited

What can I really tell you about global warming that you haven't already heard before?

The North Pole is melting away at an alarming pace!

Unless you live in a geographically high temperature region like the where I live, Dallas, Texas, you might not be as aware of the gradually increasing heat waves that have taken place over the past 20 years. In such states as Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Montana, they all must be experiencing if not unusual heat, but rather unusual weather over all during these past 2 decades. 

The weather man calls it either El Nino or La Nina.
El Nino was either a warming of the Pacific Ocean's Southern sector or a cooling down but also an immediate change in the direction of water current that effects the upper jet streams, both their temperature and their overall direction across the USA and other parts of the world when the shift goes to the West.

But, what can we do about it? First I must look at some of the causes of it. The automobile comes to mind, and so does the passenger jet. The increase in the Earth's overall number of carbon dioxide molecules must be a factor in the overall increase in the temperature of the planet. When the polar ice begins to melt when it hasn't been melting for millions of years, it's time to take a closer look at it. 

Population density in a single city, during an ozone alert day adds fuel to the fire, because, even if nobody drove to work, it would be a mute point because the ozone alert was already in play because of the readings of the Co2, the Hydrocarbons and Ozone, which is 3 oxygen molecules stuck together instead of the normal 2. Co2 is Carbon Dioxide, the unbreathable exhalations of our lungs! But a car can simply out do us by the tons! You would never know the junk is in the air unless you lived on my street. I live on a 6 lane avenue. 

Traffic going up and down all day and all night. The 2 white plastic porch chairs and table have to be hosed o every other day. What seems to be getting on them is a black dust, which is probably largely carbon dust from the cars exhaust pipes. if you could just imagine a moment there being about 25 cars standing still, not moving, but just emitting gasses in the standing position, then just imagine if, instead of cars going down the street, have about 50 to 100 cars all parked a block away, running their motors 24 hours a day for just 7 days, hooked up to several flexible steel hoses mounted on tripods and positioned so they blow the air towards the neighborhood houses just one city block, on both sides.

If you could imagine it, it would seem almost as if someone were trying to kill every living thing within a one thousand foot radius or closer with pure and constant automobile exhaust! Well, now, look again, the cars zoom zoom by don't they, and one minute they are there, the next another car in their place, a constant hum of cars pushing air past them as they roll with frequency back and forth. the only thing that remains in their wake are of course, the exhaust fume gasses that stay behind then and slowly rise and fall and dissipate in a horizontal direction. Eventually, if you had a pure white sheet hanging from a clothes line between 2 trees in your front yard, and you were to keep the sheet right there for about 2 weeks. Then, take it down and place it in a large tub full of clean fresh water. wring it out as well as you can. 

What do you think the color of the water would be? I bet it would be black. That black, my friends, is carbon dust, the solid particulate matter that also gets inside everyone's lungs, including those who drive in traffic regularly, even running their air conditioners on high! We have more than one reason to  acknowledge the global warming trend, we also must accept that the treasured and highly revered motor car must eventually stop polluting the air or it will kill us all with lung cancer, and emphysema, liver and heart disease and not to mention heavy insurance premiums monthly. :)

The use of freon also hurts the environment by creating an ozone hole over the South Pole. At what point will we stop and begin to really worry? Do we need to just relax and take it easy until our future generations deal with the phenomenon? What can we do about it? Many hesitate and suggest that there is no real threat of global warming and that people are simply worrying about things that they should not concern themselves about. 

Yea right, and the next life is a better place, so we should not care if a pile of nuclear waste gets put underneath the next hotel in our city, because it is containerized in solid tanks that in theory won't rust out or corrode for at least another few hundred years even though the half life of Uranium is thousands of years? who's gonna dig up all the nuclear waste and put them in new canisters every 200 or so years? and then what? The contaminated old canisters have to go somewhere and they are already super saturated with free radicals! Do we have a new disease of denial called selective blindness? Wake up America! give me a break already.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Monday, July 22, 2002
10:59 AM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00002

homeless in america:

Yes, there are issues concerning Americans that have to do with the apathy most of us have towards those guys with the card board signs. You see them at any intersection USA. They all have this look of being down on their luck. Well, hell yea America! They are! Many of them are either patients with mental illness, homeless, just out of jail, just out of prison, veterans, but many many more of them are just taking advantage of you're sympathy and generosity. These are the ones I think make it impossible to determine the haves and the have nots. But, back to the subject of homelessness. It means, damn it! That a person has no freeking place to live! No place legal! Why? you want to know?

The system is designed to provide a limited resource to the mentally ill. When the money runs out the system kicks them out until their insurance kicks back in, meanwhile, they have to fend for themselves. But, I know, every time I see a person bathing in the Down Town Dallas Public Library Men's room, or sleeping at a table or even sleeping on the floor, I wonder is that guy really homeless? Or, is that man just passing through, like a vagabond, from one state to the next, just wondering about and just happened to stroll inside the Dallas Public Library and decide to read a book or two?

Where do they go at night? When the Library closes? Homeless shelters? Many or most of the shelters in Downtown Dallas require some kind of cash deposit, so if the man who really is homeless and jobless and hopeless and mindless almost always has to sleep anywhere he won't be arrested by police and any place he won't be robbed or killed by a mean son of a bitch who preys on these people? I mean, it's a brutal planet I'm living on, what with all the focus on new cars, that still pollute the air and kill little dogs and cats and even people! Fast food, so we can all die and cut the population down significantly, from coronary heart disease! Do you think our brain washed society of sit com and reality television and video games even plans to  do a damned thing to help out the homeless? They are all part of the bigger picture. 

A society that has homeless people is a sick society! We are a diseased and getting sicker every decade society. so when you take a look at the big picture, you take note, that the homeless are you and me, who somewhere along the path of their own lives could no longer cope with the stress of our world as it is today! We are a sick nation. We are apathetic. That is in itself a disease that no kind of therapy can cure!

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Monday, July 22, 2002
9:05 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00003

the abortion issue:

In fact there are too many people playing God by acting in the interest of the mother, but not in the interest of the almost born child. It is wrong, intellectually, morally, logically, ethically, and above all who speaks out for the child? You don't deserve to have sex with a woman if you're gonna either give up the baby for adoption or get an abortion. Safe sex maybe is the best thing to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 

If your mother had aborted you, where would you be now? You would not exist. Your soul would be in Heaven, no doubt, but your existence on this world would never have been realized and that's about the bottom line don't you think? Don't abort, give up to adoption or at the very best, don't have sex . You don't deserve that child you so willingly had killed or in your words, put it to sleep. Yea, Right!

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Wednesday, July 31, 2002
9:02 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00004

reality television:

Frankly I've watched many a reality based tv series and I'm not all that sure it is not staged and exaggerated just for ratings.

Would you take part in frontier house circa 1880? or Big Brother number ? Even such shows as these and others have entertainment value, I will admit that, but, what is the reality when there is only access to it via pre pay on the internet or nationally via network with so much editing and staging? And what is the main point? The winner gets to go back home 500,000.00 wealthier. Do we really use reality tv as a distraction from our own lives just like soap operas and situational comedies provide on a daily basis?

I think reality television is a symptom of a world gone insane with media hype, where social interaction is a dying art and that as a whole people stand in judgment of others with prejudice and reality tv gives Americans a chance to simply put their 2 cents worth on the line by casting a vote for or against one of their favorite house guests. You see an occult following in every instance of reality tv. 

The winners become American icons, heroes. But, in fact Americans see part of themselves in these little island universes that are occupied by their contemporaries in a competitive game like world that takes them through mazes of denial and betrayal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the final contestant is revealed. But, is reality tv, as it seems quite a bit edited a fair assessment of the human condition or is it the equivalent of a group of Shakespearean actors in a gumby play? And what does this say of mankind? 

We are a nation struck with the greatest fear in our history, the fear of homeland terrorism and random chaos and needless violence and ultimately mindless death, playing games of distraction to quell a disturbed society by play acting the satire of old time Shakespearean plays, depicting the age old myth that if you laugh at reality and make fun of life it will somehow be possible to thwart the fears and sorrows of our hearts during a time in man's history where by now, man should have already colonized most of the planets and established world unity and a one world order.

Reality tv is the bread and circuses of a barbaric inhumanity, such is our brave new world. What does reality tv say about America? Just where are we headed? Utter complacency? it would appear as such!

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

genetic engineering, cloning & human cloning:

If you could get a clone to go to work for you wouldn't you just jump at the chance?

The ethics behind cloning of humans is divided like a jagged edged knife through the very heart of our humanity. If cloning were used to simply improve on the quality of life for everyone, that would be great. If cloning added years of life for everyone by making organ transplants affordable for everyone on a mass scale, great! 

But, if cloning were used to create weird and unusual freaks of nature that were neither man nor animal, for the sake of rudimentary testing, I think many of us would be bothered by this. And, if science made it possible to engineer higher intelligence to the elite and created a market for the highest bidder, then, everyone else, no matter how brave and new they believe themselves, and worthy, if they didn't have the cash, they had to pass up opportunities that only the very wealthy would have within their casual reach.

Imagine a world like the one Aldous Huxley wrote about in his book: Brave New World, where genetic engineering and selective manipulation of genes created various levels of humans from the lowest in physical ability and/or intelligence, on up the scales to the highest levels of human intelligence and physical superiority.

Would you want to live in this world?

Most people say to themselves, "It will never happen,  at least,  not in my lifetime!"

Why play God?

Hasn't man been at it since he started?  Wanting to develop the greatest and most powerful empires and show everyone how superior we are?

What an ego man has....so in the end cloning will just make man's ego that much bigger,  but the irony is,  that his head hasn't gotten any larger since his Cro- Magnon days! We have reached our limit over ten million years ago. How come we still aren't happy?

We could use the Recombinant DNA sciences to help get rid of disease.  I'm all for that! That's where we need to focus, then, by George! We can get on to bigger and better things like creating the fastest triathlon runners and football players and ballet dancers with the strongest bones and joints and muscles and overall physical stamina than ever before in the history of the human race!

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

in consideration of : The Ethics of War:

Is there enough forgiveness to go around? After nearly a week since the 11th, 8:45 AM Eastern Time, New York, and not long afterwards, Washington, the Pentagon, and still again, in a country field in Philadelphia.

America mourns the loss of an unimaginable number of human lives, American lives, to be sure, and even those from other nations, sharing in the corporate world of commerce and trade. We are going to fight a war against terrorism, and against people like Osama Bin Laden, not because he's an Islamic, but because he has motivated the killing of Americans, innocent civilians, but, it don't really matter if they are civilians and not military.

I say, It's a matter of killing is just plain evil. It is plain, immoral. There is a moral dilemma facing all of Americans today, this very minute. To wage battle, war, as it were with forces of evil that are essentially invisible and in hiding, like snakes in the sand, and like cowards afraid to show their face. Where I come from, if you have a beef with somebody, you don't hit and run, you face your enemy and have it out. Like a real man! The ethics of war are fraught with the paradox of killing to save life, killing to prevent others from being killed. But, as in the entire past of human existence, for thousands of years on this world, war has only done one thing, that is kill because of anger, hate, revenge. The result of it, complete and utter destruction!

My mother told me that 2 wrongs don't make a right. I believe that. But, like a criminal brought to justice, I want the guilty of this crime of mankind to be brought to justice, and if that means a man hunt, so be it. If that means kicking some ass, then so be it. I am not a saint. I am not perfect. I know that America never sat on it's ass and gave in to aggression. We as a nation are morally committed to fight this war, this battle against all that is terrorism and anti American, and anti life. Whether it's in Afghanistan, or in Iraq.

I think we would be inviting suicide if we just ignored the writing on the wall and its a thing of human nature to get even. I call that the morality of the just. Even God will eventually fight evil in Armageddon, which no one knows will take place, but, sure as shit, it will. So, lets think like Americans, and as a result, lets take care of the business at hand, that is, removing the threat of terrorism and the likes of Bin Laden from the face of the earth so we all can sleep easier at night.

Okay, you heard the pep talk, but let's get real. Killing anyone is a sin, according to the Holy Bible, Thou shalt not kill. as one of the 10 commandments. He didn't write those commandments to be ignored! However, If Bin Laden thinks he's doing God's work, he needs to read the correct bible, instead of his own distorted and corrupted and insane form of religious philosophy!

Thou shalt not kill, initially, but for survival of the species, America as an entity, a single body representing all that is good on this world, we need to get going. I'm afraid that morality is protecting your own. Don't you agree? It's pure instinct. It's survival, it's kill or be killed. It's like a game of chess, one winner, one looser. No body is right or wrong but the best man wins, usually, and that's moral in my book. We know that martyrs can't pave the road to a New America, but soldiers who win wars against the bad guys live to tell their tales and to rebuild the future for all Americans when it's all over.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

The Morality Of The Internet:

Monday, January 21, 2002
6:50 PM C  S  T

Is the internet safe to surf? Is it really? I think not. I am an adult and I have trouble with some of the types of sites out there, but imagine a child's innocent exposure to it without adult supervision? Not a pretty picture is it? Look! either the internet is safe for children and impressionable young adults or it is not. I vote it is not, in fact safe for either, and I dare say I have been morally corrupted by it. Yes. I have surfed the hollow internet and I have touched the sky!

There are basic adult sites that simply show ordinary nudity. But for every one of them there must be at least 10 adult sites that promote the following: bestiality, sadomasochism, pedophilia, necrophilia and so on!

If you get stuck on one of those sites that are randomly sent as Email to you then you might find yourself trying to exit out of the site a dozen or more times or even going as far as I have, shutting my computer down altogether and forcing a re-boot! That's because those sites get points for the number of hits they get so they don't care if they play games with you for fifteen minutes or sooner, when you realize you've been duped and have to do a cold re-boot just to break your internet connection! It's not all that funny when it's happening to you. 

Besides this, they plant unwanted cookies that serve as spy ware enabling the site to track your surfing habits and to possibly obtain personally identifiable information so they can send even more spam, or junk email, unsolicited email to your inbox! Not to mention Trojans also can invade your computer when you simply click a pop up ad which is an active x link and it can download right into your hard drive. Trojans are back orifice or back doors to which your computer can become accessible to hackers to upload private information and passwords and account numbers not to mention banking account information so they can virtually steal your identity!

On the other hand, I admit there are lots of wonderful and safe sites out there , provided you have the foresight to run a personal firewall while on line. As for adults only, there are a few I even like but I wouldn't recommend them for younger web surfers. I know how to handle it. I am at a point that nothing shocks me any more. There is nothing new under the sun, so to speak. But sites like space.com and dallasnews.com, to name just two of some of the best internet for news and education. 

But, if you're new to the internet please don't make this mistake. By entering a random word or set of words dot com in the search window and clicking on enter. You just might get something terribly revolting that will stick in your mind for the rest of time. Perhaps you need to occasionally delete your many many cookies and luckily have a cookie filter that can block cookies on sights that have a reputation to send spam out to your inbox.

What is ethical about rap ?

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Wednesday, May 29,  2002
8:37 PM  Central  Daylight   Time

I like rock and roll just as much as the next guy. But there are lyrics in some songs that make me sick so I am grateful that most of the singers make their words illegible, impossible to understand!

Now there's a new sound on the market, and it's called Rap Music. They make themselves all too understandable. The singers of rap get their violent content heard so make no mistake, that guy just said muther fukker. And so on. I see no ethics in rap, and I agree, lots of rock and roll music is just as bad. I might suggest you try to learn a little about manners from polite music that is played daily from KSCS FM in Dallas. TX. Get your XFM radios tuned in and listen to current country and western music. It will not offend your morality and it will help you make it through your work day better than any other source in the world, I guarantee :)

If nothing is done about censorship of rap, then there will be new labels out there, in Digital Disk format, music videos that will challenge the most decadent among us. It will be like Eyes Wide Shut, Mouth Wide Open, to a power of ten! Just you wait and see.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Friday, June 21,  2002
1:22 AM  Central  Daylight   Time
The first day of summer 2002

The ethics of the alcohol and tobacco industry:

I admit there are clever add campaigns that issue warnings to young people not so drink and drive, and not to smoke and if they smoke, quite. For that matter, not enough is done as for the ad campaigns against illicit drug use such as crack, ecstasy and marijuana. But here's the thing, Tobacco and alcohol are still legal. Sure, there are signs outside the entrance of the hospital saying: No  smoking in this area. Come one, get real people!

I once drank beer, wine, whiskey, champagne, margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, run, vodka, mixed drinks, bar room drinks, liquor store beverages such as Heubline and The club mixed drinks. But after 15 years of longer of over doing it, I decided it had to stop.

I got tired of puking my guts out every time I mixed food with beer. I got tired of waking up with a terrific headache and an empty wallet. So for me it was a simple matter, and after seeing a doctor, for hypertension, central sleep apnea, acid reflux disease and morbid obesity, I decided my life was worth a little bit more than a simple brain melt.

So, what can you do to put morality back into alcohol and tobacco? Oh I failed to add, Both my parents are dead because of smoking their lives away at an average of 2 to 2 and a half packs per day every day, 24/7, no holidays. I was exposed to second hand smoke before I was born, after I was born and had to hide my head under the pillow to keep from choking, now I have Chronic Bronchitis to add to the list of my dilemma.

If you can see any ethics behind buying or selling alcoholic beverages or tobacco, then you must see there isn't and therefore it is in your power, that is if you are a seller of these products, and most of the huge retail stores sell these products, you have the power to take a bite out of death, and be a conscientious subjector, a good citizen of the USA. 

If you are only interested in the bottom line, the annual profits, then there is no hope for you, that is, of becoming a morally conscious human being, who should be praying for your soul to be given proper guidance, but I'm not a saint, I do however think it's time we addressed this issue, that has been ignored too long and at the loss of more lives than many many twin towers of people, and that's not to undermine that disaster, because it was truly a disaster.

I submit, what countries are selling America tobacco? Tobacco don't come from over here! and what does that tell you about the politics of big dollar corporations running the country. I figure that they are doing theIr damnedest! they all have their heads so far up their asses that they will never see the light of day and from their point of view, maybe their perspective being measured by blindness and arrogance and stupidity and greed, a hopeless divide exists in this country, America. Between the moral minority and the Capitalistic majority. I don't like the big picture. I try to act as if it doesn't matter, is that the way to solve our problems, just pretending that they don't exist?

Check out the movie, The Last Cigarette. It is a parody of the past Century on smoking in American media and in American life as a result of the propaganda of the huge tobacco giant Philip Morris, that now owns Miller, Kraft, and other big named corporation stock share.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

environmental issues Of the New Millennium:

global warming:

Every day more and more cars and trucks move freely across the nation's roads and highways and every day scientists are keeping track of the Earth's rising temperatures. Heat wave after heat wave, in the past decade alone is alarmingly indicative that man has begun to adversely effect the climate of the planet. 

With the increase of Hydrocarbons in the exhausts of personal vehicles, as well as large 18 wheelers and up in the air with thousands of daily commercial and military jet aircraft all help in contributing to the greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. The thing is, nobody is really sure, just how hot it is going to get and how soon. Many experts fear that if steps aren't taken in the immediate future by all the developing nations to reduce this problem then, it is only a matter of time before the unthinkable occurs, and our immediate futures will be in doubt on this planet as a whole.

If it isn't enough to worry the average person that we are experiencing new record breaking heat waves that are even now causing deaths, it will be even worse, each passing year, as the automobile, highly respected among the affluent nations as a necessity of life, then, this illusion will soon be wiped clean by the bear bones facts. We, as a people, are in serious danger of early extinction.

It is obvious that there many people who don't really have a clue about global warming. If that is the case, and it most likely is, then ignorance of it will only speed things up!  If you have a car, then park it and start taking the bus. If you can walk a mile,  do so. If it costs $10 bucks for 2 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline, then, I strongly advise not filling up your tank, but instead, use internet services to do more of your shopping, and save the gas for a real emergency like a trip to the store for a month supply of staples so you won't be going every day to the store and wasting gas, and money, and polluting the air that much more. Hey, you and I and everyone else is breathing the same contaminated air, and it's getting hotter these days. 

I have suggested Americans, like my self take a good hard look at the major highly populated cities of the world like Hong Kong, and India, and Japan and elsewhere, and examine the types of transportation they are using, and chances are you will realize that they are, out of sheer necessity sending the correct message to other countries not yet in the throws of extreme population levels that more people are walking, and riding bikes and taking subway trains and so forth because these alternative forms of transportation do not contribute to air pollution, or global warming in the least.

Take a look at America and count how many times you see one single person in an automobile.

This is a sign of Selfishness and Ignorance of the global warming and the pollution situation facing all of us.

Oddly enough, in spite of the recent rise in gasoline prices at the pumps, it appears the same number of cars are on the road. Well, yes and no. The capacity of a road is limited to a predicable volume, and anytime Joe Blow stays home to save gas, his neighbor Jack Sprat fills in the gap. You see, the problem of traffic congestion will actually increase after additional roads and freeways and extra lanes are built!

You know, many times I sat out on my front porch and watched as a DART bus went by only to see one or two people aboard, one being, of course, the bus driver. So,  it is an issue. DART light rail is excellent and doesn't fill the air with CO2 because they are electrically powered but I don't know if many people are actually riding on these trains, because I myself commute by passenger car, and I always have. But,  I'm sure many people who do ride the bus and/or the light rail in Dallas and surrounding cities, are happy for the convenience of public transportation.

I want Dallas to set the example for other cities of just what kind and quality of transportation networks are being constantly added and improved upon to make living in this great city one of the leaders of the new millennium. Of course,  Futurepaths is full of my own personal ideas about bridges and motor ways of the type that also keep the pedestrian in mind, unlike the current state of affairs where the pedestrian is without proper sidewalks, and roads narrow without shoulders and other problems not yet solved.

When I suggest pedestrian walk paths, I have the environment in mind as well as the health and well being of the citizens of this city, that I have been a resident since the year 1965. I see potential for improvement everywhere and I realize the major changes are private in origin, like the construction of hundreds of new retail stores and gas stations,  but very few newly developed parks hospitals, libraries and schools and community centers, and there seems to be a lack of interest in slowing traffic down for the safety of everyone so the idea of raising the speed limits in our city has resulted in simply more automobile accidents!

Finally, all I can tell you is if it gets much hotter, we better go buy us a few extra high efficiency air conditioner units, hopefully the kind that don't freeze up on you ever half hour during June, July and August, here in Big D, Dallas, Texas!

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

health issues Of the New Millennium

the new drugs:

In the field of modern medicine drugs are being created to help people try to live longer, healthier lives.

But, at what cost? Haven't there already been recalls after several reports of ill side effects of some of these new drugs? Death for instance! Yes, Fen Fen and Redux were recalled only after enough people complained about their loved ones dying and from there a class action suite took place taking those drugs off the market and making a political scandal out of it in the public media forum of television news and talk shows.

Many HMO's get what is called a kick back, or large sums of money for using their pharmaceutical drugs in their practice at their offices in the hospitals and professional offices of doctors and so on.

To make money though using for instance such controversial drugs as Zyprexa and Seroquel, for treating Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, Psychopharmacologists push the drug onto the Psychiatrists and then onto their patients. I am one of them. I have been suggested, as a manic depressive patient at Parkland Hospital at Dallas, TX. to take Zyprexa. 

I even went to the web site of Lilly pharmaceuticals and they made such a big deal about Zyprexa but were terribly vague and they failed to mention the adverse side effects, or contra indications of the drug, but they did over simplify the aspects of both Bipolar Disorder, which is what I have, and Schizophrenia, which is what my mother had and another relative of mine, an in law seems to have. 

They control you by making it your stupid ignorance to reject such a drug as fine as the anti psychotic, aka psycho tropic drugs, Seroquel, as well as Zyprexa. When I read the book the Merck Manual, I found out that the contra indications of using Seroquel, as well as Zyprexa could in fact cause Tardive Dyskinesia, and Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome.

In other areas of medicine, drugs are sold for the use of people who feel like their sexual libido is not healthy enough, in other words, they can't have 6 orgasms in one day like they did 15 years ago with they were 30 or even younger. So they want an artificial stimulant. My God man, if the woman don't turn you on maybe it's not your libido, but rather your love life that needs work. The fact is, over a time, a man's libido does go down hill. You don't loose the drive, just the number of spermatozoa you can create with your scrotum!

As far as Prozac is concerned. I know that Serotonin is what makes you feel happy. When I am manic, I have a higher level of that neurotransmitter chemistry in my brain. The artificial introduction of Serotonin in the mind's chemistry, at safe levels such as 10 to 20 mgs a day once or twice, for depression is a very sound judgment call. You know when you're down and you know when you're manic. You don't take Prozac when you're manic. You take it only when and if you are depressed, that is, even when you are on all your medications, such as Lithium Carbonate time release 450 mg 3 times a day.

The drug Proscar and Hytrin, used to help people with prostate swelling to enable them to take a piss instead of having to go to the doctor and have them put a catheter in your urethral tract and drain it out in a plastic jug for several days until the medicine works on the prostate and the the catheter is removed and you are in pain from the damned tube being inserted in you in the first place. Those drugs are okay in my book, because my father used them with good success.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

violence issues Of the New Millennium

road rage:

They got a few cops out in unmarked squad cars. They're driving around and observing the way we drive. If we become victims of road rage in our life time it will not because the police weren't doing their jobs, but rather that there are situations and conditions that make the probability of encountering violence on the road more likely than ever before. This has become and still is continuing to become ever more dangerous to those of us who largely depend on the daily commute to get the job done.

If for any reason you feel like things are getting out of control, find an exit, pull over and observe the area before getting out of your vehicle and taking a 10 minute break from your stress. If you have frequent anxiety attacks while driving, one symptom of modern day urban driving, then you might talk to your doctor and get some sound advice. He or she might prescribe medications for anxiety, or in combination with stress management therapy.

The continuing upswing of road rage is making it more difficult than ever before to commute safely to work. I don't drive not because I am unable to but I would rather be the passenger. There is less stress if you can be the passenger, if, you are in a car and there are 2 or more qualified drivers. Don't talk to the driver. If you have a long commute, you might avoid radio as well as conversation. the focus is on safety. There are so many things that can cause an accident that the slightest distraction can cause a situation that may eventually lead to road rage, not necessarily yours, but the driver you've made angry by perhaps, unknowingly cut in front of.

Another tip for concerned motorists. If you are in a situation that you find yourself confronted by another person who has road rage. Get a quick fix on your location so you can call 911 and get help. Explain to the operator that you are about to be involved in a road rage situation at the example: North bound Inwood road at the Harry Hines continuing north. 

Give them your license plate number and your car's color and make and model. I know this is a lot to remember, but if don't react fast, also keeping your windows all closed and all doors locked and refuse to open your windows to the potential road rage assailant. There was a case that was not too long ago where a woman started shouting angry words at another woman and fear was what caused her to act without thinking. 

The gun was raised from the front seat or glove box of her car and the angry road rage assailant was needlessly killed. The plead for self defense was not a good one. Manslaughter was the likely outcome of this scenario and a death of, not the person being verbally assaulted, but the death of the angry woman who felt she had been cut off at her exit by the gun wielding woman in the so called victim's position of that particular situation.

Is it a matter of mere perception that we claim innocence or self defense in the case of violence on the road?

It must be more than just a point of view. It must be, in fact a matter of right and wrong behavior in a civilized society of the 21st Century. We all must focus when we are on the road, or get off the road and take a bus. The fact that taking mass transit can lead to lowered blood pressure and stress must make some statement about this phenomenon called road rage.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

This entry was made on
Monday, July 01, 2002
12:00 AM


The day of Dark Tuesday, September 11, 2001, is not erased from the minds of millions of Americans, but it has caused us to fine tune our focus to what might be waiting to take place around the next corner, sometime in the very near future.

From what I already know, a place near Mexico City, Mexico, a truck was taken by unknown marauders and commandeered northwards carrying a cargo of deadly cyanide, and even though weeks later the truck was located and turned over to the authorities, there remain an undisclosed volume of the deadly substance unaccounted for still, to this day.

What about the theft of Plastic Explosives and blasting caps from an area near Houston, even prior to the above incident?

I read a book once, can't remember it's title. But, in it there was described a new form of terrorism, that was potentially going to take place in America and that was not the planned efforts of a foreign nation, but, rather a single individual, taking upon his or herself the motivation to take innocent people's lives.

One such example is the Unibomber. What separates the individual self motivated terrorist from the serial killer? I can't really say because I am not a forensic psychiatrist. But, there are far more individuals who are losing touch with morality and ethics and taking the law into their own hands for whatever reasons only their demented minds provide!

Currently, there are tens of thousands of unaccountable immigrants from many foreign countries crossing our borders near the Texas/Mexico borders and from there, some are going all the way up into Canada to hide out until they are awakened by the likes of Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein to name but 2 of highest profile that come from Islamic religious orders. But, as far as terrorism is concerned, they already have us up tight and that means America is now looking at itself as vulnerable but that can be a good thing if we, as Americans can focus on ways to make living in America safer for all concerned.

By keeping on top of the world news, not just the national news and the Nasdaq. Diligence, I believe is what our president said just this afternoon in a brief moment on the evening news. Happy 4th of July everyone and that means you especially, my wife.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Wednesday, December 18, 2003
12:59 PM Central Standard Time
Entry number 2001


I don't like to just repeat what has already been said before on this issue, but rather, I would like most assuredly, to add my own 2 cents worth. It has been my feeling that the fact the members of the Priesthood, sworn to a lifetime of celibacy have no intimate sexual relationships with any women, as it is mandated by the Catholic Church, there must be a very deep and hidden sexual drive that goes unrequited. 

The basic instinct of human nature is to pro-create, via heterogeneous sexual copulation, in order to keep the human species going, just like any other living thing on the planet that can walk the earth or fly the air or swim the seas. Imagine you have a boy who is told it is sinful to masturbate, as it has been redundantly remunerated throughout current history, causes blindness, and this is simply not true. Get real!

The fact is, when a person goes a life time without any form of intimate human contact, that person lacks any ability to empathize with the object of his sexual frustration. And when he acts on that frustration through familiar avenues, the church, and plants the seeds of guilt and of sin in the minds of the victims, the young boys and in some cases, young girls, both well below the legal age of consent. The victims themselves feel as if they are deserving of some kind of corporal or spiritual punishment for sins and other transgressions. They submit and the viscious cycle continues unabated until a lifetime of psychological post traumatic stress disorder leaves the victims of this cruel and sadistic by product of Christian doctrine, unable and-or unwilling to reveal the events to anyone else in their own lifetime. 

Child molestation and pedophilia are psychiatric terms and they are considered forms of mental illness. Other types of sexually related mental disorders also exists that cause many people much pain and suffering for an entire lifetime, not just to the patient but moreover, to the victim of the patient's assaults that usually result in imprisonment.

Needless to say, There are parents who work every day and molest their own children at night. Don't think it can't happen. When it involves anger, and projection of negative deep rooted feelings from earlier on in life, the experience can be as basic as a kiss or as barbaric and viscious as rape!

The sexual aspect of human behavior runs much deeper than any particular sector of our American Christian Communities. The Catholic Church has been most recently brought to the public's attention in this regard. The act of sadistic rape is the bottom line and the main issue to focus on here is such a wide spread criminal act by men. Sometimes women have been reported to be equally abusive. Women are depicted getting wild and crazy on the dance floor, and at the bar, and outside in the Jacuzzi hot tub. Women get wild and crazy on television, cable, satelight, and even more oddly in the main stream of network television and they are seen by more poor and more middle class audiences who tend to stereotype their behavior because of this.

The fact that alcohol effects inhibitions and much worse, illegal drugs like  the date rate drug and ecstasy they are commonly used. Even legal drugs like Viagra is promoted on the internet to increase your sexual ability and desires. Some of these drugs inhibit your sexual inhibitions and as long as bars exist, there will be alcohol and drug abuse 24 hours a day-seven days a week for the rest of time as we as a civilization exist.

The simple thing of the the separation of church and state, is what is making it so hard to prosecute sex offenders in the Roman Catholic Church.

Even public and private schools and day care centers have their share of sexual abuse of children. Institutions of correction like jail, prison, and the military have sexual assault of men and women taking place and they go on for perhaps years until someone brave enough stands up and speaks out against it!, In the work place there are several accounts of sexual harassment. And on the streets where prostitution takes place, there is a level of mental poverty that abounds that tends to breed a certain complacency towards all forms of deviant sexual behavior. 

The law that protects victims of sexual crimes outside of the church should be intrinsically mandated to protect the victims, often who remain silent their entire lives, against the dehumanization of deliberate acts of forced sexual acts against the youth of our society. 

But, if nobody gets involved and much more to the point, if nobody gets to know the news about the crime of child molestation against unwilling victims inside the church and outside the church, in other words, not related to the function of or a part of any religious organization, say, molestation in the household or in public rest rooms or at parties where the average teenager drinks too much and may experiment with dangerous drugs, get sexually involved with a willing or maybe unwilling partner only to wake up the next day a father to her child out of wedlock and frowned upon by most people in our society but a common reality, because teen pregnancy, in spite of the nation's efforts to provide prevention and education against unwanted births, is on the rise.

The process of pre-screening anyone in any occupation against any criminal history, much more specifically, sex crimes, should be common law in effect for all just as we currently screen for drug use or abuse or mental illness before hiring anyone. The problem is with the case of child molestation by Priests in the Roman Catholic Church, under the eyes of God, is a pre-existing phenomenon, a product primarily of forced sexual restriction in thought and in deed of all the members of the Priesthood, and of course the Bishop and the Cardinals and the Sisters and the Nuns and the altar boys. 

Sexual abstinence is the key psychological element that drives the forces of eventual sexual altercations that destroy not just the victims of this pernicious disease of recurrent life cycles, but rather the Priest or other church leader, has lost their life because the ethics of love are overshadowed by the non ethics of concentrated cohabitation and laws of celibacy and abstinence that eventually promulgate into a worsening consequence or chain of years of bad events, that if gone unchanged for many decades make it that much more problematic to purge and put a final end to it. 

Cause and effect is the name of this game and once enough education is provided to the public at large, the global community, only then, will real changes happen.

The thin line between being intoxicated and doing your classmate while totally blitzed out at a bar or a rave party and the phenomenon of child sexual molestation due to a life time of sexual depravity and feelings of guilt for having forbidden thoughts, provides a wide scale of complex issues of this nature to delve into deeper and to understand more about it.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Sunday, March 21, 2003
6:04 PM Central Standard Time
Entry number 2002

the long wait:
Have you ever been to a county hospital? Imagine being where there's standing room only, and besides all that, you find out that due to remodeling of the main floor you have to stand in a hall way for several hours just to be seen by a physician? Here's an example of what I'm trying to say, as it's been said:

a picture is worth a thousand words:

Have you ever? Well, if it's happening in one county hospital, you probably have seen it in your neighborhood in your city and state where you have probably lived long enough to see things getting more crowded by each passing year.

It's probably not that big a deal to old timers who have learned from experience to just take it in stride. I know I do. I think it is a sad thing to have to realize, and yet, what can you do? There's a war on you know? We are fighting So Damned Insane in Baghdad, Iraq and our soldiers won't come back until the job is done. 

So, at least, if you're lucky enough to find a seat, and the air conditioner is working, you might have time to catch up in some reading, some crossword puzzles or just to take out a few hours in your busy life to just think about things, in general, you know what I mean? Put things into perspective.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Saturday, August 16, 2003
1:59 AM Central Daylight Time
Entry number 2003


Yesterday at around 4:00 PM I turned on the set to catch the early news broadcast and was informed for the first time about the Northeastern Grid losing 100% power and the focus was on New York City, New York State. It was 911 all over again, until a day later when the announcement was made by the news media that most of the power had been restored and some 50 million people would once again be able to resume life as usual. But, the fact is, nobody knows what caused the black out. Experts say it should have stopped at one or two major automotive manufacturing plants and the rest of the North Eastern grid should have been still with total electrical power, but it didn't work out that way. 

The president said it was an antiquated system, but nobody figured on it happening and effecting so many people over such a large area all at ounce and furthermore, so close to the anniversary of the 2001-911 date. 

Do you see this happening again in the very near future? I do. Do you see a determining factor being discovered and publicly foreclosed so that US citizens will be able to have confidence in such a thing happening again not being so likely? The Iraqis laugh at our demise and shout, fix our electricity and put back the grids in Iraq. They think we are spoiled and aren't able to handle it, but I would say that is not so at all. The people living in the Northeastern Grid were very much able to handle it and if it happens again, they will be mentally and physically able to deal with it 100 per cent.

Back to the issue of terrorism. First, we must find out just what happened that caused the black out of  2003. Then, make it so that it can not happen again. Many experts asked the following question:

If it takes only a little thing, event, to cause a cascading series of events leading to a total and major cessation of electrical power, then isn't that indeed a point to be maid in regards to the fact that a potential terrorist attack could be done in seconds or just minutes to a major population and subsequently lead to a pre planned aggressive assault on innocent and vulnerable US citizens?

It will be a long time probably before any one thing is determined to have caused the blackout at a specified location and under what exact circumstances, but aside from the cause or the prevention, the fact is it happened and that is the bottom line of this issue. 

If we as a nation want to be prepared against any possible terrorist attack in our homeland, then we must take it upon ourselves to address our personal concerns with the department of energy and department of emergency preparedness and so on in a way that demands answers, demands action, and demands willingness to take control of the problems that have presented themselves lately and get the ball rolling in favor of preventing future blackouts, and future misinformation and future apathy on the part of the people and the part of the government about issues that will make the difference in the long run in America being free and safe from foreign enemies and otherwise being at risk for invasion and complete anarchistic breakdown in the infrastructures that hold everything together and keep things working as they should.

foot note:

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Friday, July 12, 2002
1:50 PM Central Daylight Time
Entry number 0002

I hope you gained some insight from these issues I've put on this page. I look forward to adding more in the very near future.

God bless you, and God bless America. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2003, 10:05 AM Central Time

If you're flying from Paris to Los Angeles this morning, forget about it, aka fogeddaboudeet! The passengers of commercial planes from Paris France to Los Angeles, California are being searched and detained after terrorists threats to deliver approximately 10 commercial air craft to hit targets in the US as weapons of mass destruction. This is Christmas, but think outside the X=mass=box. You have to. You've got no choice. 

The nation is on High, Orange Terrorist Alert Status and that means al Qaeda is on the prowl. I hate those monsters! What makes me upset in addition to this is that there is a temporary ban on beef imports into many European countries due to the recent mad cow disease incident in America. Now, I'm concerned. 

The beef people will suffer a tremendous loss in the word market over this and I for one am going on a beef free diet for a year or until there is absolutely no danger of consumption of beef that may be contaminated by this horrific disease. Is a terrorist behind this? Most would argue that is stretching the envelope of probability way over the top.

I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to believe that al Qaeda or Taliban is capable of attacking us in more ways than just flying air planes into tall buildings!

It is likely they could have been behind the black out of 2003. It's also possible that terrorism may be behind the mad cow incident. It's possible that terrorists may in fact be behind the SARS outbreak in China and Canada and the new flu pandemic in the United States and the world at large. 

If terrorism is an act of an enemy nation against the free world, it is highly likely that terrorism will be fought against in every possible way imaginable right down to some of their most basic forms, that is possible acts that a terrorist group or even a terrorist individual could perform: Arson, Water contamination, Biological dispensation, Dirty bombs, Nerve agents, Conventional C4 and dynamite explosives, Conventional diseases unleashed on large populations, Drug trafficking for terrorist supplies of manpower and weapons, Weapons illegally obtained from the black market, Forest fires, Power plant espionage, Illegal transport of immigrants and weapons and drugs on the open freeways of America, Website propaganda and recruitment, Political flyers, Use of dollar marts to send profits to al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations across the world, Identity theft, Internet viruses. 

On another note: 

Those emails saying that someone from Nigeria wants to trust you in assisting them in sending large amounts of money into your banking account in an amount that's in the tens of millions of dollars just because they can't stay there and that you have been specially selected by them and that they trust you to help them in their noble quest. If that is unfamiliar to you, just read some of that junk email you often quickly delete, because it is sometimes interesting and also disturbing to see just what kinds of junk email floods your inbox.

I have done research and the information above isn't just a paranoid delusion of an over active imagination. Why else do we have the task force to fight and prevent terrorism in the home land? CTU aka Counter Terrorism Unit, not only is it manifested in the fictional 24 series, but GSA aka General Services Administration of the United States Government is going full force to keep Americans awake and aware of the immediate threats to our nation's Homeland Security by giving step by step details into how to best handle a terrorist threat, for instance a phone call from a terrorist telling everyone inside a federal structure that a bomb or other terrorist device has been placed at some either specified or unspecified area of the city, and the NSC aka National Security Council and the NSA aka National Security Agency are wholeheartedly linked to counter terrorism activity on a global scale.

So when the NOAA sees a fire on the planet that is near a populated area and it proves to be a forest fire and it is out of control, the departments of Homeland Security as well as the Fire Marshal are immediately informed not only because the fire is big and threatens so many lives and so much property but because it could have been set deliberately by a terrorist, not just by a man who tossed his burning cigarette out of his car window while driving along with his xm radio playing loudly!

About email that is spam or junk. It's said that links on emails might sometimes take you to web sites that are pornographic in nature and perhaps even linked indirectly to child pornography. So beware of those types of emails. They are flooding the internet in excessive numbers.

I have a special folder in my POP3 email cache, and I call it Dangerous email.

I put email like this inside this folder so that  I can later forward it to the FBI. 
I have so far to this date sent about 7 such dangerous and illegal emails to the FBI in the past few years to help them put an end to this illegal and illicit activity by unscrupulous individuals who take pleasure in exploiting young people into ungainful and unlawful acts of a lewd and unsavory nature that can literally ruin a young person's life and put many an adult person in prison for many many years!

This kind of thing is just one degree of separation from terrorism, and it's actually responsible for the moral decay and ruination of our country on a level that just until the internet was born, was virtually unheard of and unimagined in our earlier years in the free world. Now that we know of this email threat, we need to instead of first deleting the email, forward the dangerous email to the one of the FBI task force's email address links that fall into the internet or cyber crimes division category that can be found if you link first to the FBI's home page.

I highly recommend that you do not send or forward email that is suspicious to just any FBI site, but instead contact the proper division or office and request information to the proper forms links that will enable you to inform them of the nature of any dangerous email you may have in your inbox that truly concerns you.

I would not recommend sending massive emails to them because it may be true they appreciate civilian insight on the cyber crimes issue. They have so many contacts and already know so much about those bad guys out there that they are 100% on top of most scams and pornography sites and get rich quick and pyramid schemes and that means they are on the job 24/7. 

I am proud of their efforts and for that matter I'm glad they are there for us when we truly need them. Its not a good thing to just sweep dangerous emails under the junk folder but first to ask ourselves, what would the FBI do if they had a copy of this email? Would they be able to take a bite out of crime? I know so!

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Thursday, July 08, 2004
10:30 AM Central Daylight Time
Entry number 0003

There are so many issues that have merit it's hard to know exactly where to begin. 
so many people setting around complaining about all the problems of the world, and not really doing anything to stop them, but....
You gotta start somewhere. :)

The world will still be here when we're gone, but, will it be habitable?
You know it! Who cares about the mere problems of mortals right? I mean, get real. Civilizations are destined to come to an end and new ones destined to take their place. The length of time it took the Roman Empire to rise and fall is a pretty fair measure of just how long the United States of America might last. We have a long way to go to get any where near that old. And still, it fell! The Roman ruins, what does that have to do with ethics?

Well, Cynicism. That point of view that goes like: What's the use? Things come and go and they are all out of your control. All I can do is try to look after number one, but then again, what might have kept the Romans from falling? What ethical truism might have stabilized their country so that it would have influenced a positive outcome that would have lead them into the 21st Century? 

I would venture to guess. You know that a nation like America, that is, USA, is a very young country, compared to many on the other side of the world, and the dream of freedom and a democratic governing body has been the cornerstone in the human equation since the beginning of the first organized gathering prehistoric man. 

And as it's been said, in an excerpt from Sliders, the TV series, only once was that one historic document in all of man's history that declares all men were created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The fact that only once was such a declaration manifested so intrinsic to the very heart of all of humanity that leads to me to understand how easily a nation can fall if it is lacking human rights in it's most basic philosophy!

When I see the American Flag, I am so proud that I am inspired. It isn't any ordinary flag. It represents the most courageous and morally conscious nation that exists on this planet. Even though the crime that occurs on a 24/7 basis points to the contrary. Still, it's the ideal behind The United States of America, where the signing of the declaration of independence with it's domestic tranquility thrown in for good measure that makes me wonder, if the Constitution of the United States is held dear to every American's heart, then why:

Did they take prayer out of public schools?
Did they remove the 10 commandments from court houses?
Did they discriminate against blacks and other minorities?

The Constitution of America does not represent these kinds of hateful and ignorant beliefs!

We fight issues like these in courts every day.
If it were not for the fact that law was seated in the foundation of common sense and morality and a belief in a higher power, as in my belief, God, the creator of the entire universe, but more specifically, Jesus, who, as God's only begotten son, died on the cross for mankind's sins! It's like throwing pearls at swine! 

If most people in the world have respect for their children in their immediate family, then they can begin to see the logic of respecting other families, subsequently, other nations and ultimately all forms of human life, all colors and all creeds, etc. The fact that I might have a problem with some people in my individual life is not near the problem facing USA and the world at large today. 

The problem facing all people today is Apathy. Nobody respect the authority of the law. We don't even respect our countries leaders. We're too busy criticizing them to even grasp the magnitude of our lack of patriotism. If you don't respect the leadership of your nation, then get out!
That goes for any and everyone. 

Until there is one day, perhaps, thousands of years from now, a so called: one world, not one world order, because one world order sounds too much like a dictatorship! Freedom of mind. That's the thing that must exist for a nation to survive past 1000 years.

While one country deals with its sets of problems and issues, economic and environmental and cultural and health care and employment and crime and maintenance and imports and exports and energy and health care needs, etc... another country has it's own separate issues and problems to deal with, and until we can face this problem as a one world society which is what it is slowly becoming, slowly but gradually and eventually, in a perfect world, that is, there will never be world peace, a global economy or a one world order in that one world order would necessarily be a democratic one, not necessarily Christian dominated as there are far too many diversities that need to be appreciated. 

Personally I respect other cultures, religions and so on, but I don't respect slavery, dictatorships, monarchies, like kings and queens, give me a break, this is after all, the 21st Century. We have enough problems with the super rich wanting to call all the shots. The poor are divided so far away from the very rich that the internet is probably the only social bridge that allows the freedom of personal expression without limits, without censorship. Without being prevented from any other person with a computer from reading it and forming a free thinking opinion on the matter.

Yeppers. The internet is the best ethical tool that equalizes all humans with a conscience, to express their feelings, good or bad, right or wrong, in a free global internet society. I guess you might say that the world wide web is the next level, the next frontier. It is a place that truly is free. One day that too will be a thing of the past. One day, possibly soon, what you say on line on a personal home page or email will be blocked, edited, rerouted and black listed etc. But, that will be another ethical issue won't it?

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
9:20 PM Central Daylight Time
Entry number 0004

I can't believe it! Here we are living in the 21st Century at the height of our technological era nearing the Space Age, when all around our cities, people are dropping dead from heat exposure. Every summer in cities all around the world at this relative position from the North Pole and the Equator where temperatures reach well into and above the century mark and so many very young and elderly die from heat stroke.

There are so many forms of air conditioning available but people are trying to just save money because of the very high cost of electricity that they are taking their loved ones' lives and placing them in moral peril!

Is this an ethical or moral issue? Indeed it is.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Sunday, August 08, 2004
9:20 PM Central Daylight Time
Entry number 0005

If you've watched the show COPS on Saturday Night you've probably seen more than your share of crack addicts being shocked by Tazzer guns that shoot 2 electrodes into the outer layer of the skin and you hear their pathetic stories about having a drug problem and having prior wants and warrants. You probably have seen all too often, week after week, repeated instances of down and out creatures like these, driving down the road and being busted for purchasing or selling crack cocaine. The thing is, what I really want to see on a show like COPS, is this: 

Busting the Big Boys! The Drug smugglers. The ones who regularly ship tons of Heroine, Morphine, Opium, Marijuana, Cocaine, illegal aliens, guns, fake documents and stuff like that. The bigger picture if I may be so bold as to say it. 

The small frys that happen to get busted for prostitution, a few ounces of Crack or Ecstasy or Pot are what I want to refer to as the symptom of the disease. The Cause of the Disease is the Drug and Gun Smugglers and the transport of illegals into America! The FBI are on it I know, but COPS don't give us the total picture. They give us about 1% of the reality.
I'd say at least NYPD 24/7, gives us at least 40% of the reality. 

But even the show America's Most Wanted, gives us about 50% of the reality. I think they on that show in particular are doing a better job at not insulting the public's Intelligence and give us credit for some common sense.

Because AMW is wanting our cooperation. AMW wants America to help put criminals away for life and for that I applaud the makers of that series.

But, the moral and ethical issue that presents itself to us in regard to so called Reality Based TV crime shows like these is the whole thing is cloaked in the form of entertainment, not education. Shock value, not sensitivity training. Are shows like these a wake up call to get America to be vigilant in a post 9/11 age? Or is it all in the Neilson Ratings Polls? If the ratings go up is it because the commercials that accompany these telecasts promote high revenue to their sponsors? Of course, it has to be.

The motivation to keep this stuff on air is to sell sell sell and sell it very very well well well! If you want to think that there is a moral imperative to inform the people of the United States of America of crime so they will help prevent it, then why now? But, if you want to just sensationalize the down trodden, unemployed or homeless who are down on their luck and addicted to crack ad who would not otherwise be if the f_cking crack smugglers were killed before they made it to our country then the old dude in the pick up truck would simply get a DWI for having a few two many coors lite's. 

It makes me sick to see the same old crap over and over on COPS because it don't do a bit of good. The fact that they keep on over and over again, it's a sign of stupidity to make a circus out of human failings. Putting them in Jail for being on Crack ain't gonna make the world a better place, but preventing Crack from getting in our Country will keep the sh*t out of our country and keep people from taking it and ruining their lives.

In a post 9/11 age like we're living in, we have had all the reality tv we needed so it's my view that reality tv, especially crime tv has little or no moral precedent. If it does, I surely don't see it.

I watch the above mentioned TV cops shows, and I watch them with interest, but it makes me feel a bit like an ambulance chaser and at times I want to kick my self in the butt for liking it. But, still I think I might stop watching it if it don't get any more meaningful, like for instance the movie:
The Manchurian Candidate, starring Frank Sanatra. There's a lesson to be learned in that movie. 

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Monday, August 23, 2004
9:36 PM Central Daylight Time
Entry number 0006

Over the years I have gained much of a substantive, solid, valid and concrete awareness of many things of this world. Initially I studied hard in school, and took lots of extra classes to enrich my scholastic life. Recently I watched a few of Carl Sagan's VHS videos of Cosmos and have checked out a book about the Roman Empire. The issue raised in the 13 episode of Cosmos that Earth had less than a ten percent chance of survival from a ration of 100 to 1 due to our nuclear proliferation. Right now in our manic existence, mankind faces either dreams yet to be realized or the alternative, extinction. 

ELE is the acronym for Extinction Level Event.
Several such ELE's have occurred over the 4 billions of years of Earth's existence, but the last most recent probability of global annihilation was the invention of the Hydrogen Bomb also referred to as the Atomic or A-bomb.

A scientific analysis of man's existence and his ultimate fate is based on the human mind and how it developed over the last few billion years.
The point from tetrapod to homo erectus to homo sapien and the different brain levels of our human brain. In that the one that is aggressive and territorial and blindly obedient is from the lower brain, that is, the reptilian brain. 

So with that in mind it is easy to come to conclusions that if man is ruled only by his reptile brain, his ancient ancestor's brain then the future of life on this planet is soon to come to an abrupt end, but if the cerebral cortex or forebrain, and the neo cortex rules his behavior, then the other outlook of man's existence may be a thing of awe and wonder, prosperity and abundance and endless possibilities! 

Between these two brains, the key to Earth's future lies and that scares the dickens out of me. What with the current state of affairs of man today it seems the lower brain is in the lead, and for that reason it is important to open our eyes and focus on the real issues of the next millennium, hopefully it will be a time of human issues, rather than of the lower reptiles and lower mammals and insects of this planet that may or may not have the same agendas as our ancient ancestors were driven to by their own desires and their own hopes and dreams. 

If there is a point where mankind can take a U-turn and do a 180 it is going to have to be somewhere really near by and some time very very soon or it will be the end of life as we know it in the next hundred years or less.

That is an extreme view point. But it has been the scenario many writers have chosen in their novels over the past century or longer. The fact that I just mentioned it is because it is fresh in my mind and I just wanted to put it down to remember later on.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Sunday, November 21, 2004
4:38 PM Central Standard Time
Entry number 0007

Several billion dollars every month it is costing America to fight in Iraq.
Eventually we will run out of money to fight this war. It is a very expensive proposition. What is ethical about the financial ruination of America?

Imagine the number of people killed so far and just calculate it logically.

Just add up the numbers and in 4 years we'll not only run out of money but we'll run out of Americans who could live and work and be productive citizens with a loving family and the normal life that was every American's birth right.

It's very sad that even after 2 world wars and the Korean and Vietnam and sadly the Gulf War, now, here in the new millennium, a time when we should try to start with a clean slate, we will spend more in a few years than spent in the entire past century to what end? One man named Osama, who still remains to this day, free and doing his business as usual, and instead, we attack and capture one man, Saddam Hussein, and in spire of his capture, a new person leading insurgents to war for no reason at all can't be caught and brought to justice because he has too many blind and obedient followers. They fight for the sake of war and so do we. We are just as oppressed by our own sense of duty. To what end I ask? thousand of Americans seriously injured because of the war. Have we learned nothing from the last 100 years? It has divided the nation into 2 parts, the Bush supporters, who are gung ho for war and let's keep in coming until the enemy surrenders, and the Kerry supporters, who are against a meaningless war with a country that only possesses one single material commodity, that is OIL!

The argument between to fight or not to fight is almost absurd. If you think a war is a good thing you are as barbaric as the first fool who ever picked up a rock to kill his brother for the love of his father and mother out of jealousy.

If America wants to be ethical we need to send a different message to Iraq: We will stop attacking you and we will leave immediately and let you sort things out. The destruction in Iraq will take centuries to repair! If we keep it up we will become the target of North Korea, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and when we least expect it we will experience the destruction that has been placed upon Europe during the German invasion of the Nazi's. It will lead to more and more terrorist attacks right in good old U.S.A. There is not a damned thing we can do to stop the hate. The hate that drives all war is as basic as the instinct to kill. So much for the idea of an advanced civilization, that sociologists have written to the effect that Earth was eventually destroyed by Thermonuclear exchange on a global level.

That will be our epitaph. No one wins in war and everyone suffers. 

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Sunday, November 21, 2004
9:21 PM Central Standard Time
Entry number 0008

If it were possible to get people to wake up to the world around them just enough to make them aware of the delicate nature of this planet then maybe everyone would wake up out of their comas!

Lookat the North pole melting! The melted ice will not only destroy the wild life there but the coastal cities will be submerged tens of feet into water!

Lookat the bums sleeping in the downtown libraries and worse, bathing and smoking in the bathrooms! They were once American workers, some probably very successful. Many of them fell victims to hard times but it's the indifference of us, the ignoring them as if they were invisible that sickens me!

Lookat the thousands of Americans going to fight a war that is meaningless! What part of death do we not understand?

Lookat the indifference in the eyes of the bored and apathetic working class! Workers getting their hours cut back from 40 hours a week to 30 or 20 hours. Can you really expect an employee to smile and say have a nice day when they are living in utter poverty? I think not!

Lookat the deteriorating bridges! Does it take the darned thing collapsing first before anyone takes note that we need to build new ones? It must take some kind of strong coffee to smell to wake up and see that Dallas needs to build new bridges. They don't have to be multi million dollar ones, just newer and improved forms of the old ones that have been around long enough to deserve an overhaul!

Lookat the millions of car commercials super saturating television!

Lookat the shrinking of the world's forests! It may come a time when a picture of a tree is all you have to take a lookat!

Lookat the warnings and the signs of a terrible fate that is soon to befall all mankind! Not just drinking bottled water because the tap water smells bad and tastes even worse!

Lookat a Godless world! People don't know what to believe in, only what not to! The world has gone mad and needs psychotherapy and medications to save it I think, (Perhaps I use this metaphorically).

Lookat them taking prayer out of schools and then came Columbine!

Lookat them taking the 10 commandments out of the courthouses and then came payoffs, corporate greed and the guilty going free!

Lookat killings in the name of Allah!

Lookat killings in the name of God!

Lookat killings in the name of Jehovah!

What have human beings failed to learn from a history of near destruction?

Lookat the recent stockpiling of nuclear missiles able to destroy a country on the other side of the Earth!

Now, do you get the bigger picture?

Now, can you think outside the box?

One God. One Humanity. One Planet!

Help this world out Father in Heaven. Man's foolishness is his own self destruction. Yes there are actually those who deny your existence.
I pray for those. It appears that many people alive in this time period have no understanding of their purpose on this world. It is your divine will to give strength to us if we ask for it, and this life, your most precious gift to all who breath the breath of life.

You can intellectualize things all you want. You may be a genius or a scholar or a scientist. It don't change the fact that God created you and this world is fixing to be changed forever and we had best be prepared for it because if we are not prepared we may truly go mad in the light of these changes:

Such as complete and utter destruction by nuclear exchange,
Global warming unlike anything the world has ever experienced.
mass disease, starvation, pestilence and so on.

Not a very pretty picture is it? Well, when we go on day after day with our own selfish pride doing our own thing as usual, then we'll get our wake up call between now and the next 2 decades. Think about it. What do you think the Earth's population will be in the year 2024? Do the math.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Thursday, May 19, 2005
11:53 AM Central Daylight Savings Time
Entry number 0009

In order to renew your clinic card at the county hospital, you have to provide a number of documents to prove you are who you say you are and.....

It kind of makes you think, that is, about those people downtown, the homeless people, standing in line in a soup kitchen, being asked to show proof of employment to qualify for something to eat so they don't starve to death! What about the fact that if you need food stamps due to being out of work and worse, out on your ass on the street because the landlord threw you out along with a life supply of personal effects on the edge of the sidewalk. You can't get food stamps if you live on the streets. You have to have proof of a residence, not under the bridge or in my neighbor's study!

The idea that you have to be privileged to receive charity is a moral contradiction and a shameful absurdity to realize of your own society.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Sunday, July 31, 2005
11:08 AM Central Daylight Savings Time
Entry number 0010

Stop the hate!
Just days earlier,  London, England has been hit during 2 separate days of attacks by Islamic terrorists.  The I don't give a dam attitude of people I talk to is very disturbing because I anticipate,  perhaps it is no more than a cognitive distortion,  but I expect America,  that is,  my country,  the greatest ever in all human history,  the most powerful and most beloved,  USA may be attacked and New York as well as other big cities are preparing for it, that is,  the possibility of a dirty bomb within the next several years,  months,  or weeks. 

It's not a matter of if,  but rather it is a matter of just when will America be attacked by another monster like the ones who did what they did in London?  We will just probably go day after day  not caring the least bit or expecting anything.  That is a given.  But,  it's also a given that those people who are behind the 9/11 attacks and the London and other attacks hate Christian Americans and they hate anyone who isn't purely Islamic.  I dare say Islam is not the enemy of America but rather terrorists are the enemy of the entire world.

The Native born British men who blew themselves up in London may have been of the Islamic faith but the desire to die over the desire to live is a seriously incorrect thought process that goes against every race and civilization and goes against the primal instinct of the human species.  If there is a power that can subvert and over rule the basic human need for life it must be one of culture and that form of culture must have deep roots into a specific people,  a nation that creates doctrine that is directly the opposite of 99% of all other remaining religions and cultures of the planet Earth since the dawn of mankind.

To kill in the name of God is not a new concept.  Early Christians killed what they perceived as witches in Salem,  and Onward Christian soldiers is a familiar phrase,  but in each instance of a Christian killing for his or her political or religious cause is based on a primal instinct of kill or be killed, and in many if not most instances of this history the Christian did not take his or her own life to accomplish the destruction of the enemy per se,  so today we have the recent Kamikaze suicide Japanese pilots flying over Pearl Harbor during the second world war for the greater glory of the mother land or something to that effect. 

America has declared war on terror but since we have concentrated on both Afghanistan and Iraq and the Middle East,  it is more as if America has in gesture or symbolism  gone to war against Islam.  Even if this isn't the case the nations of Islam perceive it as such so that is probably why there is so much insurgency and so many attacks on Europe and America because we and they,  Europe,  represent Western Civilization.  Islam is a religion,  and it is also one of the very oldest in human history.  The very location of what is perceived by most Christians as the origin of life, that is,  the Garden of Eden,  exists geographically in Iraq and Baghdad where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers converge or run close together. 

Note: Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are just two men.  They are a product of a culture.  They are the effect,  not the cause of this misperception of what constitutes the enemy of Islam.  The United States are fundamentally freedom fighters.  Freedom is the single most powerful doctrine of our nation that is for some reason hated by dictators and terrorists,  and by the way,  the terrorists think that they are fighting a holy war.  That means they are willing to die for Allah. God said in the ten commandments Thou shalt not kill.  What part of Do Not Kill do you terrorists or extremists not understand?

To ignore this Christian historical fact is foolish.  I believe it is more foolish to think you can provoke an angry country or group of countries to give up the belief system they have known for thousands of years and embrace an alien and unfamiliar one like Christianity or Judaism or even Scientology for that matter.  The fact is,  the fundamental fact is that Islam countries outnumber Americans thousands to one and it's just a matter of time when our economy will become decimated by this war.

It is highly likely that once the current president of the United States has completed his term of office,  a Democrat will be elected by a majority of 68% and a complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan will occur over about a year.  Then  the anger and hate that has welled up inside the hearts of the decimated and dismantled Iraq and Afghanistan to a lesser extent,  will lead to decades of random terrorist attacks that many Western Civilizations like Great Britain and USA will have very difficult times dealing with because of a crippled economy in the aftermath of thousands of lost American soldiers of war.  Yep  They are heroes and I respect them all ,  each and every one,  but I hate to see them having died to defend a country that doesn't even want our help in the first place.

That,  to me is the true sadness of this entire war.  That Iraq don't really give a damn if we die,  all of us,  for their sake.  We would be wise to get the hell out of Iraq and come back home and make America strong and be more prepared for future attacks on our lands and let the Iraqi people pick up the pieces.  If by now they want a democracy,  then let them figure it out on their own,  and let's not make America look like it's all been for the sake of the oil.  Is it all about the oil?  Will any one come clean and tell me if the real reason we are over there in Iraq is to secure oil for American super conglomerates?

He who has all the money has all the power?  Is that it? Then in that case if it is all about oil,  lets get our American work force,  out of Iraq and out of Afghanistan and let the greedy oil barons fight it out in a ring.  But it may not all be about oil,  maybe it really is about making Iraq a democratic and free society,  yea right,  surrounded by millions of square miles of Arabian people.  One of them has their sights on the oil and like Saddam figured out in the last war in Iraq,  Dessert Storm,  If I can't have the oil,  nobody else can?

Note the number of oil wells on fire during that period.  It's all about oil.  I hate cars.

I don't know why I am always so political.  Oh  It must be too many hours listening to NPR news.  :) If hate were removed from the hearts and minds of everyone then all wars all over the world would end forever.  Forgiveness would follow and if this were to ever take place God would probably remove our mortality as it were the wages of sin is death,  from the moment Adam and Eve gave in to the temptation of the serpent in the garden.

Even if people think it's just a fictional event,  I dare say,  Love can not survive in a sea of hate.  When one man decides I will not fight,  today.  It can lead to world peace without the loss of every human soul on this Earth.  Stop the hate.  Love everybody.  Love God.

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Monday, September 26, 2005
6:41 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
Entry number 0011

Drive less?
The cost of gasoline is high.  It is said to be high because of Hurricane Katrina.
What?  Since the devastation of the coastal cities of Louisiana,  Alabama and Mississippi and part of the southern part of Florida and the more recent Hurricane Rita that hit the South Eastern shoreline of Texas and the shores of Louisiana causing more damage and flooding.

So for that the cost of gasoline is higher?

For that reason and because there has been a failure to keep the US supplied by existing refineries to the effect that there is a gasoline shortage nation wide?

I think we should drive just like we always do,  if we can afford to buy the gasoline.
The people in Washington probably don't care if the cost of gasoline is high because they are rich and don't need to drive less.  Say drive less to a trucker and you'll be taken out back.  Say drive less to a doctor,  a teacher,  a warehouse or factory worker and you'll get a bad reaction.  Nobody has to stop driving.  It's America baby!  If they want us to stop driving as often why don't they show us by setting an example.  Let America see big government ride a bicycle in Washington D.C. to work and back home every day or at least take a light rail or bus and let us see them take less jet trips to places far from home for a while.

 We haven't seen any reduction in the billions of dollars being funded for the war in Iraq.  Why should America have to do without that trip to Bubba's for Sunday dinner and Sunday services at the local church?

I dare say that if America were to stop driving all at once the fundamental economy we all depend on would come to a screeching halt!

Drive less?  for how long?  What does that actually mean any how?
People in America are already having to drive less because they have less money for gas to drive in the first place!

Yea.  I know.  Many of us think he meant by that statement that the highways are over crowded with all the people driving from and back to Houston and Galveston and that maybe we should wait a while longer until they get back home to help kind of keep the roads and freeways a little less congested.

No.  That isn't what he meant.  They want America to pay more for gas and like it and to drive less as if it were some moral imperative!  I believe the cost of gas is too high.
I also believe it isn't because we are running out of oil.  I believe it is a ploy to generate fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of Americans to the tune of being conservative and driving less,  not only because the cost of gasoline is too high but to spread the panic that we as Americans can not be secure in the notion that we will have enough gasoline to drive for the next decade.  If we as Americans play into the illusion of a scarcity of gasoline and for whatever reason should expect and accept the rise in gasoline prices so that everyone will act on the panic principle then America will be always living on the edge of panic.  That spells disaster as far as I'm concerned. 

If we all stopped driving which is an impossibility there would be an end to civilization as we know it! America has to get around.  It's that simple.

I believe the reason gasoline is higher than it's ever been may be because they want us to pay more so the war in Iraq will last longer. Who stands to gain from high oil and gasoline prices? If you can determine who they are then you will have a good idea why it's really happening.  It should not be happening.  If the price of gas goes up any farther I'll just have to walk.  I am being real.  I know I'm not alone in this kind of sentiment.  Things are getting out of control and they need to find a way to stop it before it ends up making America a nation at a stand still.

What do you think?

Moral And Ethical Issues Of The New Millennium

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
11:42 AM Central Daylight Savings Time
Entry number 0012

When SPAM becomes pure evil:

Over a month ago,  I received over 500 junk emails in 48 hours.  I run a junk email filter in Netscape Mail but I also run an anti spam filter in Norton Anti Spam inside of Norton Internet Security 2005. Sometimes my email filters don't catch all of my important mail so I have to wait for the junk mail controls to recognize most of the mail as junk after Norton has already classified most of the incoming email as spam and reports it under the anti spam filter name as such.  Often I do a quick search through all my emails to make sure an important email hasn't been misinterpreted as spam as with Norton or Junk as with Netscape Junk mail filters. 

By doing this I waist nearly 45 minutes or longer.
I have used the program called Visual Route.  It is an excellent resource that lets you determine how many hops from one ISP to another and from what specific geographic region and to where it hops to before finally getting into your internet service provider's database to dump it into your inbox finally.

It was this one email that got my attention,  not one my spam filter overlooked but one that managed to slip through the radar of my ISP.  Child pornography is illegal and sometimes it finds its way into your inbox as an email that shows a partially nude, but not completely explicit image of a pre-pubescent child, usually a girl and the link goes to a website that shows an illicit image of an adult male's penis in the mouth of a child that is around 5 or 6 or so years in age. The adult's face is never revealed for obvious reasons.

 I reported the IP address of the sender of such an email and the header information and the body text of the email to both the SBC site linked to Abuse events and this is a definite abuse event along with a report in text format from the program Visual Route's visual trace of the many origins of this email including the city and state in this case,  Los Angeles, California.  I got a thank you letter from the SBC abuse department days later and I checked out the links in the email to make sure they had been killed and they were dead.  I deleted the emails.  But about a week or so later another email linking to a similar website came and I reported it to SBC abuse and an abuse division of Missing and exploited children.  The Visual Route program determined that this latest illicit spam was generated from Phoenix, Arizona and it had several hops before it ran into my ISP.

I had not received any more such emails for a long while until just yesterday.  And another email that looked a lot like the one that came several months ago and I didn't report it.
I deleted it. I realized that by having opened the other two to investigate their ISP addresses and Visual Route information from their headers and sender's email address and the URL address in the email's body and subsequent link that I had opened myself up to future spam from such dangerous and deviant sources. 

The issue with this matter is simply this:  If the emails do contain an image of an under age child,  in a naked or semi naked pose and it doesn't get filtered initially from the server by the SBC on my end and the prior hops from ISPs and the originating ISP acting in accordance with the law against sexual exploitation of a minor enacted by Congress and the basic anti obscenity act that prevents topless images from being displayed in the nation's grocery stores,  then what is the loop hole these bastards are using to get away with it?

I know it's wrong.!

Besides,  it begs the obvious question:  besides the blind leading the blind or the thought that morphing of images is going on these days making the images not real but illusions,  such poor logic exists today in this arena,  the question I ask is,  if such an image is of a child who is not old enough to even know that they are being exploited,  is this child a victim of:

Child molestation?
Child Slavery?
Black market child slavery?
Mind control?
Confinement and Isolation?
And if this is happening in the United States and isn't being reported,
doesn't that reflect very poorly on the United States' criminal law enforcement?
They always say that we are too understaffed.
Every time I see one of those images I am enraged.  I want America to wake up and
count the missing children reports. 

There is a definite connection between kidnapped or runaways
and internet child pornography.

It has to stop!

The children depend on all of us to bring them back home and to punish the evil ones
who are to this very day,  exploiting them and destroying their innocence forever and
corrupting the minds of Americans.

At this point I just about have had it with the internet.
Even though I delete all spam, some of which is child pornography,  it doesn't get rid of the perpetrators of this hideous and ever growing crime in American society.
Turning our backs on this won't make it go away but rather it will make it proliferate.


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