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Ideas Central

Welcome to Ideas Central.
This is page 1 of ideas central.

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Tuesday,  May 23,  2006,  3:06 PMCentral Daylight Savings Time

This is page one of Ideas Central
I woke up one day and came up with this idea:
Why not put every good idea I think of on the internet?

I'm  drowning in a sea of the collective unconscience.
The ideas listed in Ideas Central are chronological.

The most recent ideas listed are near the bottom
of this page.

Thanks. :)

For more ideas go here:

Below are a few direct links to some of my ideas on this page:

Frisbee battery chargers.

Buy a $50.00 pre pay gasoline card

Caller ID Printer for Windows

The garden hose alarm system

Finger printing guns prior to their sale

The Map-o-meter

The Dallas Morning News On Disk

Blood pressure watches

On Line Messenger service that can take dictation

Healthy foods Vending Machines

Zip Lock Sealed Bread

Magazines On Disk

2 Slice bread pack

Telephone that prints your phone records and your messages

Watch TV,  Play DVDs of Cooking Shows,  Print Recipes

Coke cans with screw off lids

Look at weather alerts from television

Vote On Line: Instead of voting at the polls

Wearable television sets

On Line Voting In the November Elections

Pre-Pay Gas Cards

If I don't have a patent so what?
I'll go down in history as a person who gave freely to the world all his ideas, some pretty good, others just okay and without ever really getting credit for them.  I'll just set back and over the years wait for at least some of them to become a reality.

Maybe some of my ideas are not entirely original, as it has been said before,  "Great minds think alike."  I have no worry that if I come up with an original idea that it may have been thought of by one of over 6 billion people,  but I have one advantage,  this web site,  where I can type in all of the ideas that I personally think of as original to me and upload them to be read by anyone of the now existing population of the Earth.  That is a lot to wrap your head around don't you agree?

But, I will say this much is for sure:  If I can make some small difference in this world by contributing one idea or more to people's way of life then,  I live in to make the world a more interesting place to live in for everyone without making a cent, then so be it!

I have not dated some of my entries over the years since I first began creating personal home pages, so some of my ideas on these pages are in fact several years old. For good measure, I will from now on, date all new ideas so that I can truly measure the success and /or significance of that idea over years ahead.

If I come to realize one of my ideas has already been marketed and made the news media in one form or another, I will try hard to make that fact known to all who read these pages heretofore. 

Thank you for taking a look at this :)

Idea 0001. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 12:59 AM Central Time
Fluorescent glow in the dark labels for video tapes and cassette tapes.

Idea 0002. Saturday, December 06, 2003,  Central Daylight Savings Time
LED (light emitting diodes) lights that line the outer edges of our clothes in bright blue, orange, or yellow or even red, reminds me of that tall tower Downtown Dallas, with it's neon green edges that outline it on the horizon at night,  helps us all be safer at night while taking a late night stroll or a job in the park so we will not be ran over by a speeding motorist!

Idea 0003. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:05 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
Glass door knobs shaped like a sphere with a perfect red glass rose or cloth rose inside.

Idea 0004.
Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:07 PM
Central Daylight Savings Time
Door knobs that look like an earth globe or mars or the moon.

Idea 0005. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:09 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
Pen + pill dispenser. Keep a few aspirin or tylenol in a chamber at the top for quick access.

Idea 0006. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:10 PM
Central Daylight Savings Time
Pen with dollar bill dispenser. You can roll a few 20 dollar bills and place them in a discreet location for you personal and private access. Who would think to look there for cash?

Idea 0007. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:29 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
A six foot high coil shaped or spiraling glass tube fish tank. Diameter of tube approximately 8 inches. Imagine seeing a tall glowing fish tank in the corner of the living room or bed room that looks like a huge glass coil spring.

Idea 0008. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:34 PM Central Daylight Savings Time

Look at weather alerts from television even if your set is turned off!
It would be nice if the television set could give you a national weather warning in a time of imminent danger like tornado warning when you are watching a play back of a VHS or DVD movie at the time and you aren't using cable. If you were doing this, watching Dog Day Afternoon or THX 1138 while a funnel cloud was forming and everyone else was watching basic live, local, late breaking news on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, or other major affiliated network in your big city, or little town. Even if your television set was turned off you would be tinvformed and not be  floating in the air with that sudden thought of,  What's the come back on that story line anyway?

Idea 0009. Saturday, December 06, 2003, 1:40 PM Central Daylight Savings Time

Look at the stranger on your front porch while watching prime time TV.
Why not a television that has a smart window that in stead of giving you a sports channel while All My Children is on, you can take a look outside your front porch to see who's stray dog is trying to steel your cat's meow mix!

Ideas Central
Sunday, December 01, 2002
12:18 AM, Central Standard Time

Ever have an idea that came from out of the blue?

You never said anything about it and figured they might even laugh at you if you said anything. I don't care. An idea is an idea. And in a list of hundreds of bad ideas there might be a few that just happen to be good and looking closer still, one or two of them might even be great!

Think about anything, anything at all. Then try to think of a way to make it a better thing. Faster, Safer, More Attractive, More energy efficient, and so on.

Or even try to put two ideas together to see what happens. Does the combination come up with something entirely new and improved or even innovative, ahead of it's own time?

It's easy. Watch this.

Take an object you are most familiar with in your daily life, then try to picture it being somehow better. Can you do that? I can. Let me begin.

A dining room table. What could you possibly want to do to improve on that? Hmm. I know, why not a height adjustment ot make it easier for children to use as a drawing table and game table and back up when it's time to serve the family meal or go even farther and put in drawers underneath the table that slide out with forks, knives and spoons and napkins? You see what I mean?

Once you get on a roll you may be going all out. I could take a table and put a huge image cut out to fit exactly over the entire surface and place a thick piece of glass that is the same size also. you would then have a picture perfect table top. One that can be elevated or lowered, with utensil trays underneath  and a beautiful image to look at, and if you put this idea forward in time, you're table top might be transformed into a video projection screen that you can eat off of and do your research, or news viewing and not miss your healthy meal while you're at it. 

I know it sounds just a little bit silly, but this exercise is my way of keeping mentally active and hopefully some day one of my own ideas, my own original ideas will become reality and history will give credit where it is due, not the guy who stole it on the internet either. If you write your ideas down they will download them, so to speak.

Ideas Central
Wednesday, December 04, 2002
6:35 PM, Central Standard Time

The idea of traffic being controlled by the law enforcement using high speed digital cameras to photograph your license plate if you are going over the speed limit or running a red light sounds more like an ideal. You might not know this, but I recently was informed that:
1. There is a spray that goes over your license plates that causes the camera to blur therefore making your identity virtually imperceptible.
2. There is a spray that can be put over your entire automobile so that police speed scanner guns are unable to get a reading when they try to clock your speed.

There are counter technologies
for many of the latest ones that are theoretically intended to make law enforcement more effective and help deter motorists from disobeying the speed limit. In addition, the already existent radar detectors sold at several electronics stores would seem to indicate that the laws that are created to provide freedom of thought, and other constitutional rights these days, make it that much more difficult for new technologies designed with our safety and security in mind to be realized. For every good and well meaning technology there are counter technologies being mastered as I type these very words.

In effect, the guy who will do as he pleases at any cost will search for ways to out do every sensible effort of the new technology experts and government legislature to create a better and a safer America. 

This guy, who ever he might be, in theory, will take every new law passed and work his way around it so he can continue to run red lights, speed in excess of 35 mph over the speed limit and hack into computers that do not yet have firewall software that would make it not necessarily impossible but more difficult for this guy to do his dirty work. These people are all over the place. They will always be with us so therefore every new idea you or I come up with to make America or the world as a whole, a better place for everyone to live in, there will be counter technology to defeat our bold new efforts.

So, why bother? Because fore every counter technology or anti technology person out there in the world, there are hopefully many more ambitious persons working on ways to make their technologies rock solid and invincible to the guy out there who wants to thwart our efforts. To he who would challenge the intrinsically noble and good inventor or ideas person, I say, BRING IT ON!

deas Central

Sunday, December 08, 2002
6:53 PM, Central Standard Time

I have this idea that another person scoffed at. I figured that if the average person would ridicule some of my ideas or inventions then nobody else would want to take credit for it when it became a reality. Hence, this is one of them:

Every time I make a pot of coffee, I know it can't stay on too long, waiting for my return for another dose of black death. So, I turn it off, knowing that within up to one hour the coffee left behind in the pot is still drinkable, not tepid. But, what if I go away and return from a trip to the library and return some time later and the coffee is now a cool 50 degrees or room temperature? I usually pour a second cup and heat it up in the kitchen microwave oven for a little over a minute, about 1.20 hundredths of a minute aka one minute, and a fifth or an additional 20% of a minute.

Any how, I have to walk the distance and this gets old pretty fast and I don't want to use a timer because I am seldom on time in my daily life, so what then? The coffee machine has a built in microwave oven attached to it at it's side and thanks to this new invention, my own dumb idea at best, you can take the cool cup and mic-a-cup of coffee fast and then have it ready for immediate us! I have been known to drink coffee that has set over night and I didn't even use a Piranha fish filter to lower the water's level of chlorine and fluorine and acidity thus making the coffee a java lover's dream. :)

So there you have it. my latest flight of fancy, my flight of ideas that I appreciate that you took out the time to look at it. :)

ideas central archives:

Below are ideas from the lookat ideas archives.

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
6:02 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00001

Hello and welcome to Ideas Central.
This is where I share all of my latest ideas, about
Future Technology
Crime and Punishment
Experimental gadgets
stuff pretty much from A to Z and back again!

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
6:05 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00002

Buy a $50.00 pre pay gasoline card from one of your favorite gas stations.
You would have access to an already paid for month's supply of gas that you use at any specified pump covered by the card, and then you could, at the end of that period go buy a new one just like you already do with pre pay long distance phone cards!

What makes this idea sound good is that you can not use the gas card for anything but gas! You can always waste money in cash form and then be short at the end of each month and have to skip that trip to the movies and the cross town friend because we tend to spend up all our cash when it is available at the drop of a hat! With the pre pay card, you already bought the gas, but you can't put $50.00 fifty or a hundred, $100.00 dollars worth of gasoline in your car's tank all at once, so you don't have to fret, the fact is, you already paid for it and you can go get more anytime you run low without spending additional money. That's thinking ahead! In the long run there would be those who would ask for refunds, but refunds on already paid for gas would be kind of the same as a refund for the last 100 pre pay minutes on your phone card, and that would have to be a strict policy enforcement issue.

I think most people would go for it if given a chance so I submit this idea freely. I don't expect to get royalties from this. I am an ideas guy! I want to present my ideas on line and watch them become reality in the real world over my life time. That would give me a great deal of satisfaction and reassurance of my value as part of the solution and not of the problem with America.

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
6:16 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00003

Imagine having a plate you are eating your dinner on, while either setting at the sofa or on the patio or in the car on the move and the plate has 2 levels, the bottom half of the plate being the storage compartment for condiments, forks, spoons, straws, knives and napkins and moist toweletts?

I came up with this strange idea just a week ago and it seemed to me I've never seen a plate that has this capacity. A movable partition, based on the salt an pepper box concept, would turn to reveal on or more openings that would allow fingers to get out what is needed and to close it back to keep what's left inside, then ultimately you would be able to use this contraption over and over again until you wore it out! You would not have to put the accessories into the container beneath the plate. It would come in a package of say, 4, ready to open up and put down the dinner mac and beans on the plate and service your self in an instant without having to hunt for those added little extras, like salt and pepper, catsup and a fork and knife and a spoon as well of course, the napkins and moist toweletts and straws. If that doesn't sound like a great little idea nothing does!

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
6:25 PM Central Daylight Time
entry no. 00004

Idea number 3.
The multi-slicer pie and cake holder and dispenser.

The lid is the slicer and the removable wedge servers that slide just under the pie or cake inside the dispenser and holder, provides instant removal of a single slice of cake or pie after the lid's built in cutting partitions have, in one single stroke, performed exactly identical sized cuts! Then the lid stays on forever, keeping the air off the pie or cake, keeping them fresh longer and all you have to do is pick the slice you want and pull it right out in it's wedge, then replace the wedge to keep the air off the cake. I would have to work on this idea, because I have to analyze the physical properties of the components. There may be some need to revise this concept a bit further, but this is just my basic concept.

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
6:33 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00005

Idea number 4.
The garden hose alarm system

The garden hose alarm system for stray cats and dogs and possums that come around the house after midnight.

A motion detection devise would trigger an electrical switch that would cause a mechanical valve to open up the water flow and for a few seconds spray a good bit of H20 on the pesky critters and make them run away! The timer would be set to go off about 10 seconds after the motion alarm no longer detected movement.

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
6:37 PM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00006

Idea number 5.
Page Magnifier.

Just slide one page at a time in the page magnifier and it will keep the magnifier sheet flat and at the exact distance to insure concise uniformity from one side of the page to the other. This is better than the sheet you have to hold in your hand that is constantly flopping around and going in and out making for a pretty sizable headache! Either the sheet would slide into it or the magnifier would flip open and then shut. I think the latter idea is better. Another variation of this idea would be to mount a magnifier on to the back binder of the book, then allow a horizontal 3 inch wide and page long magnifier that is stiff enough to maintain a consistent evenness and let the magnifier bar slide up and down and easily be swung back to allow for the next page. 

Then of course there is the fact of a book having two opposing sides, so it would be required to have one of these devices on both binders, right and left handed so each one could facilitate use on both sides of both pages. Why not just wear reading glasses? From my experience with reading glasses, you can develop a distorted focus of things around you by wearing them too long and that means over an hour and you can and most likely will get a headache from wearing them. Sure, you could always wear glasses or get eye surgery, but I am talking about books who's print is pretty much on the too darned tiny to see side.

Instead of all that, why not just take book cover and let the inside flaps be full sized magnifier sheets that can simply lay on top of each page, One for the left side and the other for the right side, simple, sweet, fantastic and wonderful idea.

Below are more of my flight of ideas archives.

Ideas Central
Wednesday, October 16, 2002
12:28 AM Central Daylight T ime
entry no. 00007

Idea number 6.
Finger printing guns prior to their sale.

Every person who earns the privilege to drive must have their finger prints taken and put on public record with the department of public safety. So, when everyone buys a gun, they should know that it will have been fired and the bullet saved and recorded to give it it's own unique signature profile. that is , it's unique set of markings received from traveling through the barrel of the gun upon it's being fired. That is, for the record. and for it's quick identification.

That gun you just bought already is listed with the United States National Ballistics Logistical Center for profiling and identifications. So, even if the gun you buy never kills anyone, it's safe to say, that if it had been used as a murder weapon, the gun's unique signature will already be on record and immediately retrievable from a National Ballistics Database in the files of the CIA, NRA, ATF, CIA and the FBI and the INS, FEMA and the local police, the Department of Defense, the United States Military and Secret Service, and the Postal Services, to be on the look out for the gun that matches the signature profile and the name of it's owner, and his current location to be held for questioning and possible arrest.

Also, if anyone is suspect, based on eye witness details, and his or her gun is inspected and found to have a honed out barrel, then that person is so busted! Why? Because a honed out gun barrel or modified barrel is very suspect in a criminal investigation under any circumstances.

flight of ideas:
below are a random assortment of ideas that I have added 
for you to take a lookat:

More ARCHIVES..........................................................

Ideas Central
Wednesday, July 31, 2002
5:35 PM Central Daylight T ime
Welcome to the flight of ideas archives section.

Below are some older ideas I had posted on older pages of my web site. 
I hope you enjoy taking a look at them. 


Idea no. 1
Peanut Butter & Jelly packs -
The same type of package that is used for mayonnaise and catsup, just enough for a slice of bread. 
Great idea for calorie counting.

Idea no. 2
A 2 Slice bread pack,  just right for making single,  fresh,  sandwiches.

Idea no. 3
8 ounce cans of cola, sold at 50 cents per container, can fill twice the orders in the same space as current 12 ounce units, with a higher profit yield.

Idea no. 4
A one wire cake multi-slicer that can cut 8 slices from a single stroke of most 8-9 inch cakes, provided the cakes are not lavishly decorated. Optional blade cake multi-slicer for thick and rich cakes covered in thick complex decorations.

Idea no. 5
Out-door home sprinkler alarm system.
Give your neighbor's dog a bath for trespassing on your territory!  Each time a roaming mutt decides to take a stroll on your lawn late at night, when he thinks you're asleep, and he is not far from the truth,  you are having blissful dreams of a yard that is free of dog poop! The alarm turns on a light, and the electric infrared sensor points the spray nozzle at the source and sprays a one to one point 5 second spurt of cold water on the intruder! Guaranteed to help keep 'em out of your neck of the woods, and give your lawn a little shower at the same time.

Idea no. 6
Built in Mail Box Shredder
Shreds unwanted mail before you even have to look at it!

Idea no. 7
Stone Shell computers

Idea no. 8
Wood Carved telephones

Idea no. 9
Plexiglas Baseball bats

Idea no. 10
Dual Space Shuttle launch to a single Rocket Booster, instead of one, so twice the payload and manpower can be deployed.
Of course, some modifications would have to be made to handle the extra payload weight, but I'm sure there are ways to increase the rocket's over all force of power and that may require using a somewhat larger booster rocket and extra thrusters, but, hey, it's an interesting thought.

Idea no. 11
The Map-o-meter:
Like the electronic LCD digital pedometer,  the MAP-O-METER is able to save the exact route and can print an exact pattern over an existing map grid on your personal PC so you can actually see for yourself where you have been, on foot. In a way, a foot navigator.

Idea no. 12
Caller ID Printer for Windows:
This idea is more advanced than the basic caller ID, with the ability to store up to 500 MB of data

and print any portion of it. This would be great for keeping an exact record of incoming, as well as out-going, calls, optional,
for up to several years or more, depending on the number of personal calls you engage in on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

Idea no. 13
Free cable television, and free internet services.

Idea no. 14
Cars that run off the hydrogen in simple water, that don't pollute the planet!

Idea no. 15
No cars,  just bikes and walkers and roller bladders!

Idea no. 16
The Dallas Morning News On Disk, mailed weekly,  instead of a bulky newspaper. You then can print anything,  except coupons which you can download once a week from your PC and print.

Idea no. 17
Magazines On Disk, mailed monthly, instead of glossy magazines. You then can print anything. Added multimedia and sound.

Idea no. 18
Books On Disk, Order On Line, receive by us mail, then you can use your desktop or your laptop to read, listen to, print, copy and enjoy multimedia of any book title you could imagine. All on disk. Copy text to floppy and use to print out pages in a word processor, or computer printer for hard copy.

Idea no. 19
Cars with revolving wheels.
You could drive sideways into a hard to get to parking place.

Idea no. 20
On Line Psychiatrist:
Imagine going to a chat room one on one with an on line psychiatrist for an hour each week, using your on line medical id number, using your current health care provider and hospital of your choice. Moreover, the doctor of your choice.
Insured quality feedback, privacy and hassle free.

Idea no. 21
Virtual Medical/Psycho-Analyst:
A CD rom Program that lets you type your feelings into special line fields and the virtual analyst
can correlate and give advice to you based on existing parameters of your specific needs and special conditions.

Idea no. 22
Vote On Line: Instead of voting at the polls,  just click your vote on line and get instant results. Participate in real time group discussions with city hall, and local law enforcement. Take part in the decision making process. Do it all from your desktop computer, on line, hassle free and maintain your anonymity.

Idea no. 23
The Pen light that actually writes!  The clicker lights up when you squeeze the clip.  It is useful when looking in a dark drawer for a toothpick or a pack of aspirin.

Idea no. 24
Happy people who never get bored and don't use swear words at each other and chocolate that doesn't have calories!

Idea no. 25
A world without any stuck up people!

Idea no. 26
Keep the Taco Bell Dog.
She's the cutest thing I ever did see and I love to eat tacos so what's the big deal?
Who would ever have imagined that the taco bell dog would be taken off the air?

Idea no. 27
Rock and Roll music that doesn't destroy your ear drums!  You ever heard of the condition known as Tinitis?  It ain't no picnic!  A life time of listening to loud rock music can destroy hearing and result in a persistant ringing in the ears that lasts for perhaps the rest of your life.  An annoying sound that is high pitched and sometimes sounds like a distant flock of lucusts,  a sound that need not exist in your ears!  By limiting the volume in headphones or in ear plugs and also stereo speakers in the home or car to a level that is not destructive would be kind of like making a car that could only be driven 30 miles per hour or making a bowling ball that was made of plastic.  But we do live in a world that creates over kill in practically every single product we create.

Idea no. 28
Free doughnuts (aka: donuts) including donut holes without extra charge and coffee for everyone who has to be at jury duty, as well as free parking, and aspirin and tylenol for severe stress headaches!

Idea no. 29
Police who actually have a nice personality when they ask you for your license and insurance after pulling you over for doing 1 mph over the speed limit.

Idea no. 30
A special tranquilizer to give your dog at night so he won't bark your ears off while you're trying to sleep.

Idea no. 31
Computers that actually do not crash!
If a test could be done on any and all new software before it's installation to make sure it was not only compatible with the operating system being used in a particular computer system,  but to make sure there would not be conflict within the shared resources given that many programs are resource hogs.  The fact is,  we only have a few parameters to lead us to concluding if a program is or is not a danger to your operating system or if it will or will not conflict with another simmilar program as is the case with different versions of software that are a generation or so ahead or behind another that the older program required but that the system would not be able to realize the significance of keeping both old and new versions to make sure both the old and the new versions of software in the same system have the proper program components with respect to their design.

Idea no. 32
A cheap and reliable automobile mechanic, LOL :)

Idea no. 33
A computer program that can predict the future of the human race or a particular civilization. Or one that can predict when the ozone will actually go away, or predict when the population will be so great that it actually tips the Earth off it's axis! and so on!

Idea no. 34
A computer program that can determine when a particular disaster will likely happen and where and why, as well as be able to determine when specific natural resources will be absolutely depleted, moreover, be able to acknowledge what the percentage of each natural resource is and where it is located, and who owns it and when it will be gone.

Idea no. 35
A  computer program that can determine when and to what level space technology will be at in the next 1000 years, as to what planets and stars man has harvested energy and material from and where the most likely places will be where man will occupy in space, be it the planets,  or artificial space environments, or the moons of the giant planets or deep space colonization, if at all.

Idea no. 36
Bio-feedback watches that let you keep in touch with your higher brain wave functions so you can maintain a better state of mind. 

Idea no. 36b. modification: Blood pressure watches that keep track of your heart rate and your blood pressure on a regular basis and an alarm sounds if your pressure gets dangerously high especially during exercise.

Idea no. 37
Spiritual Reckoning!

Idea no. 38
A Democratic American Government Over The Entire Earth!
A Great Convergence of Humanity! Human rights for Earthlings! Everyone on the Planet Earth would experience freedoms and prosperity under the American Flag! One God, One Nation, One People, One Earth! United in Democracy and equality for all, no exceptions!  Dream on.  

Idea no. 39
TRANS ponder dog and cat collars. Keep track of your pet with transponders attached to your pets, or your important personal things. A transponder emits a signal that can be tracked by a radar station and satelight system.  Transponders are already in use today for keeping track of wildlife for scientific research. 

But taken a step further, you can imagine the benefits of using them to keep track of your children, and pets and each other and so on. A beeper is the closest thing to a transponder in that it beeps when a signal is directed toward the beeper from a satelight, but the opposite is true when your digital cellular phone transmits to another telephone unit via a base station and a series of satelights in orbit.

Idea no. 40
Soap Sculpture for household bathroom use for kids. A kit could be created to sell to children who can take liquid soap and pour it into special molds with extra coloring and scents and let the soap harden through some kind of special drying out process, and then every time the kids wanted to make another one, they could buy more liquid mold soap and other ingredients and additional molds like perhaps pokemon or some other popular kid's character or even more adult molds like roses, shells, eagles, balls, and so on and so forth.

Idea no. 41
Meditation Rooms, accessible in all public areas like libraries, bus and light rail terminals, airports, schools, even free standing structures designed just for you and a few other people to set in a quiet place and get your thoughts together.
The problem with most places, there is always a precedent to an event, not just a precedent to doing nothing, but simply meditating, or setting in the quiet, gathering your thoughts to gain peace of mind. This is a real issue to further explore I definitely believe.

Idea no. 42
Electronic Books you can read, listen to, or both, with a complete variety of text fonts and scales, for preferred reading and ease of reading, with the added ability for the reader to associate pictures with dialogue, and alternatively, listen to music using headphones or an ear piece while reading either a specific book, or reading the news, on or off line, e-mail and moreover, the ability to use your electronic book to make copies of books on disc to read on your home desktop computer or word processor. Imagine recording a speech, then transforming it into text, then saving as a text or html document for printing a hard copy of it, or reading a book, page by page, or line by line, in big font size, of any of over ten millions of books currently in print.

Idea no. 43
I have a wonderful idea!

The city needs to make it possible for handicapped people to get in and out of public libraries and other city structures so if you are confined to a wheel chair, you would still be able to enter the library, for instance, through automatic doors, like the kind used for grocery stores, and obtain material for reading and other types of library items and also maybe have a place to wait until a handy rides bus comes to pick them up. They do at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Idea no. 44
Nobody throws away old newspapers or magazines, but goes to the neighborhood recreation center and donates them to the facilitator there, or take them to the old folks homes in the area or the homeless shelters to give them something to read to perhaps take their mind off the drudgery of the day.

Idea no. 45
Don't drive anywhere at all one day out of the week to save on gas and help lower the overall pollution of our city. It's good sense in lieu of the rising gasoline prices in the Spring of 2000.  Even more true in May of 2006!

Idea no. 46
Call your local retail chain that you frequently shop, and tell the store manager what a good job his associates are doing.
This will help boost morale to a degree that might reflect on your treatment as a customer in the future, provided you are anonymous about it. Positive feedback is good for business and good for you!

Idea no. 47
Let someone do all the talking especially when you encounter a stranger. A good listener is hard to come by these days and you'll avoid an argument. This is more apparent when you are with a good friend.  Remember,  like my mamma told me more than once,  "It takes two to argue and only one to prevent it."

Idea no. 48
Set in on a City Council meeting when you have the chance, if possible. This will give you focus to some of  the issues of the times and you might just learn a few things.

Idea no. 49
Make a back yard bench using the following elements: 6 /  8x8x16 hollow concrete building blocks & 2 / 4 feet long landscaping timbers, treated.
Stack each side with 3 blocks, the two lower ones with holes up,
and the top one with holes across and slide two parallel timbers across the top blocks.
I made a few of these.
They are perfect for the yard and cost less than $12 zero maintenance.

Idea no. 50
Got a lot of stuff? Nowhere to put it? Clutter got you down? Buy a 6 pack of econo/stor #703 Bankers Boxes and go to town.
When you're finished, call the Salvation Army or give to your favorite charity. Simple enough!

Idea no. 51
Go to church once a week,
preferably on Sunday. It will do you good!

Idea no. 52
Tell someone you love "I love you" 
It can only do good for both of you!

Idea no. 53
lookat has a great idea: A self adjusting bathroom basin that can lift for taller people and be lowered for shorter people, even children,  then make it so it's faucet can be raised or lowered to make it easier to shampoo your hair. Flexible water lines and hydraulic adjusters would make this idea possible, even feasible for the average household.

Idea no. 54
What if you could create a lot of very large round glass ornaments that are about record size or larger that have a 3-D Holographic image of a loved one or a beautiful flower or something abstract like a Fractal?  Just make them and hang them from chain in a corner of a room or against a dark empty corridor or against the window so it will mesmerize you a night under the glow of moon light.

Idea no. 55
Take a large rectangular shaped piece of black velvet or similar smooth black fabric and mount it on a wall. Print Several butterflies on card stock white paper, then cut out the shapes and use 2 sided foam tape or straight pins to attach them. I plan to work on  this project myself in the very near future.  I like to use fractals as texture to a blank black silhouette of a butterfly or flower or a bird.  Try it out yourself using Corel Photo paint. The software has real potential for abstract computer generated art.

Idea no. 56
Tree Huggers

These playful people are ideal for tree lovers

who just want to express their love for nature, and at the same time: Keep those pesky birds away from your fruit and rodents away from your nut bearing trees, or just to create a little bit of campy fun to your landscape! You can change their outfits to suit any season, machine washable, almost life size and very soft and colorful, another nifty idea from lookat.

Idea no. 57
Build a community library for home grown writers.

For instance, imagine that you have several hundred pages of poetry or short stories that you can't get published anywhere, but you think someone might like to read.  In an environment like this one, hundreds of thousands of personal manuscripts, printed on word processors and home PCs with ink jet printers, stapled together or bound into a 3 hole punch binder or an IBICO type binder. 

People could freely read and share their material with the local community. You couldn't take anything home,  but you could spend 12 hours a day 7 days a week,  reading whatever you can get your hands on, inside the home grown community library.  I think it's the best idea I had since I graduated high school back in 1975! :)

Idea no. 58
Very large, approximately wall size, sandscapes.
You must remember not long ago,  when the first sandscapes were sold,  which were differnt colors and density of sand inside a rectangular framed glass window that could be turned upside down and each time a new variation of a landscape would emerge?

Well,  take this concept to a higher level with huge wall size sandscapes and let your mind get lost in the abstract world of sandscapes,  landscapes made of colored sand. :)

Idea no. 59
Bath tubs over 6 feet long!
I am much too long to fit inside of a short bathtub.  You probably have noticed that unless you live in a 100,000.00 hundred thousand dollar home you have trouble bathing without having to bend your knees everytime you lay in your tub.  The time has come for the six foot bath tub for the average home owner.

Idea no. 60
DNA altered grass lawns, that are perforated every 3 inches and they break off in the wind and keep the lawn trim without mowing.  Moreover,  a grass that has been genetically engineered to only grow three or four inches and stop growing beyond that?
Not only would you not have to mowe the lawn ever again,  but the grass would all be perfectly the exact same height,  4 inches and never get any taller?  I must be dreaming.

And how about this idea: DNA altered grass, that can be color altered to over a million different solid colors with the stroke of a computer key.

Idea no. 61
A Micro CD that's able to hold up to ten terabytes of data each disk and is only an inch in diameter.

Idea no. 62
A CD player that can hold up to 1000 CD ROMS of music or  100 movies on a single DVD disk that can be played in one single device. I'm not talking about MP3 players.

Idea no. 63
Learn how to read e-mail without getting double vision!
Return it to sender!  Let's consider creating an e-mail SPAM filter that simply bounces back every unwanted e-mail to the server from which it came without ever having to download it into our inboxes?  I would love to rid myself of SPAM.  The only other alternative is to not have an e-mail account at all.

<>Idea no. 64
First came 'Survivors 2000' in the form of REALITY TV
Then came 'Big Brother 2000' including: Pug Hunt 2000.

How about  'Hotel 2007' ?
20 occupants,  for one year,  inside a building that they can't go outside of for 365 days,  equipped with the most modern high tech living environment,  covered live on a specific cable network with over 500 cameras and microphones. 
To win: You must be the one in 20 considered the most well adapted.

The reward: $10,000,000.00  ten million American dollars.

Idea no. 65
Big LED or LCD CALLER ID DISPLAY that you can read!  It connects to the back of your phone.
One wire leads to the LED or LCD WALL DISPLAY,
 the other wire connects to your Phone line in box.

You know you can't see the tiny display on current caller id.
Optionally,  it can display time and day or and date or even connect to the back of your television or vcr / dvd or stereo and display the channel you are watching on the television or the station you are listening to on the radio or vcr /dvd. 

Idea no. 66
On Line Messenger service that can take dictation,  voice mail, e-mail, digital images, gifs, jpgs, bmps or plain text,  for a monthly fee, create hard copy and put into envelopes and deliver mail to the post office to insure personal delivery.

 It would revolutionize the way we send mail. For many of us,  the tedium of composing a letter, folding it up neatly and hand stamping an envelope is as tedious as waiting for the chance reply to an unscheduled e-mail that could easily be deleted in a system full of junk emails. Wouldn't it be nicer if you could just talk into your pc voice mail system and compose an instant letter,  and then design the type of stationery and postage as per first class or priority mail and realize that the person who is  going to receive the letter will get it right out of their home or office mail box. I like this idea. It came to me while having coffee on this Monday, October 16, 2000 at 11:26 AM.  Imagine that!

Idea no. 67
Healthy foods Vending Machines: Wouldn't it be nice to get a healthy meal from a dumb vending machine? I could think of lots of stuff  I would put in such a Healthy Foods Vending Machine like: granola bars, orange juice, milk, water, power bars, trail mix, whole wheat crackers, easy open cans of tuna, chicken, peanuts, popcorn, sugar free gum,  life savers, hershey bars, etc.....

Idea no. 68
Virtual Confessions.  A real certified Catholic Priest will read your e-mail confessions, and reply with a list of appropriate prayers, as well as make them available for you to read just in case you don't actually know any or all of the prayers, and provide you with a comprehensive list of local Catholic Churches in your residential area.  It would be great for the elderly,  the physically disabled, or otherwise impaired to receive kind and thoughtful guidance when the practical alternative of attending a  Church Confessional is a very likely impossibility.

Idea no. 69
On Line Voting In the November Elections.
You would log in using your secret password. You could only vote once. The election would be based on the actual vote count. How much more simple could it get? the electoral process is not an accurate count. You know,  there are so many people who would vote if it were possible in their busy schedules, that is.

Idea no. 70
A Fax 'facts' machine that can give you all the facts
about any subject, via the internet from a websites called fax.com:
You could look up anything and receive only the facts on that subject rather than a list of alternate sites that have a reference to a key word or words related to it.
For example, you would type in a word like: Hammer, and you would get: not only the definition, as is the case with quick-klick, and a list of related links. You would get a definitive explanation about the hammer, besides the fact it is a noun, and everyone hopefully already knows that, and besides the obvious, that it is used as a tool by carpenters and mechanics and builders, etc. My example of what you should get from a web site called facts.com, or fax.com would be: 

Hammer, there are over 6 thousand brands of hammer for sale in the current market. The claw hammer, first invented by an ancient Greek Fisherman, named Hammer Head, used a large stone, with a flat end, tied to a foot long piece of wood, used to hammer out hooks for fishing. The world's smallest hammer is half an inch long. It is used to keep time in a kaleidoscope machine, that is on display at the Smithsonian Institute. The metal used to forge a hammer head was largely made of a soft heated iron, when cooled, maintained it's shape and lasted for a lifetime. The hammers made today are made largely of a bonded metallic alloy or alloys that are 80 percent tempered aluminum and 20 percent iron, and in many cases a hardened outer casing of stainless steel. The Ball peam hammer and the claw hammer are very similar to the hammers used in the dark ages, and even today haven't changed all that much. 

Many ancient hammers, although, the handles are missing, are made of hard rocks and stone, and were used by the oldest civilizations in recorded history that date back millions of years ago. The retail cost of a hammer can be as little as $4.00, and can range into the area of $30.00, depending on size, type, and construction as well as manufacture, as well as the retailer, who's prices vary state by state and country by country over the world. The above is false information, used as an example for this particular idea. no. 70. You can see, there really are lots of facts about hammers, and to have them under one heading, rather than several thousands of key word groups and locations, would enable the explorer of the facts about the hammer, to read several pages or perhaps volumes in a single reference to it.

Idea no. 71
Plastic beer bottles:
You no longer have to pick up broken glass in your driveway on weekends, because the bottles those hosers threw out of their beat up chevys just bounce. In bar rooms when an angry drunkard wants to use his empty bottle to hit someone over the head, all he can manage is a minor irritation, which of course will lead to a confrontation. But, no broken beer bottles, as in the case of a bar, better make it plastic bottles for every single beverage and plastic mugs too. Come on, Get with the program!  Miller, Coors, Heineken, Budweiser, all you guys need to start putting all of your brews into plastic to avoid dangerous assaults on innocents and tiresome cleanups in alley ways and driveways. You Got That Jack! That's a fact Jack! You heard it here first from me. :)

Idea no. 72
Pre-Pay Gas Cards (with pre-pay in store): 
Imagine the simple act of buying a $20.00 dollar or $50.00 dollar Pre-Pay Gas Card from for instance, Diamond Shamrock, and then taking it home in your wallet for use any time you need a refill and just happen to pass by a  conveniently located Diamond Shamrock or Stop-N-Go. No need to use cash that you might otherwise want to use to perhaps buy a movie ticket or a pack of chips, but on the other hand, if you could buy a Pre-Pay In Store Card, then it would be for use to purchase anything in the Stop-N-Go, except Gas. The reason for the diversity of the 2 cards? We tend to waste our cash on junk food and scratch offs, so when we know we have already paid for several refills of gasoline and can stop by any Diamond Shamrock, as an example only, then we can be certain we didn't waste our last $20.00 dollars on chips and coke and Playboy so we can be sure that our Pre-Pay Gas Card is in our wallet and will be until we really need some more, you got it, GASOLINE. Just say: "Filler Up Please!"

Idea no. 73
Watch TV,  Play DVDs of Cooking Shows,  Print Recipes :

Isn't this neat! You could have a printer connected to your digital tv and play a DVD of your favorite cooking shows that you buy at a local supermarket. Then as you watch in amazement thinking, Gosh, I wish I hadn't been talking during the Chicken Tetrazzini presentation so I could keep that recipe. I only wanted that particular recipe, not an entire book for $50.00 dollars. Now I can go to menu, select from list, and of the 14 dishes they masterfully cook before your hungry eyes, you pick Chicken Tetrazzini, Item no. 6.
Then you print the recipe out in full detail and next time you can watch them during that segment, by clicking play back Item 6 on video and then you can read along on your printed recipe, and watch in detail as they show you first hand just how the master chef creates wonders for the hungry person, you.

Idea no. 74
Watch TV, Listen to it, and / or just read the dialog to the audio without the visual.
Print the entire script or save for future reference to just read on the TV screen.  

Cool.  You could watch a DVD of your favorite movie or mute the background effects, that is, sound effects and just listen to the dialog, or listen to the sound effects without watching the visuals, that is, the actors and the action, or read the dialog in text format either in silence or with the background effects, that is, the noise to go along with it.

Idea no. 75
Watch TV, From the front, or go around to the back and look at everything from the back view.

Is this even feasible? I can't really say. But it would be interesting if a television had 2 sides to every story. You could really catch the action on the football field. This would require 2 constant opposite camera angles fixed on a given area in order to make this possible. The way the media presents itself with modern technology and the 3 second block thing, every 1, 2 or 3 seconds there is a different camera angle, a different view and a different zoom. 

The idea of using front and back viewing technology would be simple
if it were first utilized in a talk show or debate situation and of course the stuff that goes on behind the scenes LOL. 

You could see who was playing with their cell phone while apparently interested in what their host was presenting in conversation.  Example: The McLaughlin Group,  but you know in retrospect,  it is  satisfactory to watch that show from one single angle,  because nobody on that show has time to light a cigarette between issues presented much less engage in off camera gum chewing.

Idea no. 76
We all love getting mail when it's friendly letters from relatives during the holidays and magazines we subscribe to and that we expect to get:

It's the junk mail and the credit card ads and political paraphernalia that we really hate.  Bills are a whole other matter :) 

But, if there were a place the mail man could just put all that unwanted mail it would likely be a shredder or an incinerator.

My idea is this, Make the post office take back whatever we leave in the out box or junk mail box every day they return with more mail so they will be so tired of doing this they will simply tell the companies sending them the junk to return to sender and address nunya.

How about this idea? what if Nobody throws away old newspapers or magazines, but goes to the neighborhood recreation center and donates them to the facilitator there, or take them to the old folks homes in the area or the homeless shelters to give them something to read to perhaps take their mind off the drudgery of the day?

Don't drive anywhere at all one day out of the week to save on gas and help
lower the overall pollution of our city. It's good sense in lieu of the rising gasoline
prices in the Spring of 2000.

Call your local retail chain that you frequently shop, and tell the store manager what a good job his associates are doing.  This will help boost morale to a degree that might reflect on your treatment as a customer in the future, provided you are anonymous about it. Positive feedback is good for business and good for you!

Let someone do all the talking when you meet a stranger.  A good listener is hard to come by these days and you'll avoid an argument.

Set in on a City Council meeting when you have the chance, if possible. This
will give you focus to some of  the issues of the times and you might just
learn a few things.

Visit the web site of America's Most Wanted to keep informed about law
enforcement in our great nation at: http://www.amw.com

Make a back yard bench using the following elements:

6 - 8x8x16 hollow building blocks & 2 - 4 feet long landscaping timbers, treated.
Stack each side with 3 blocks, the two lower ones with holes up, and the top one
with holes across and slide two parallel timbers across the top blocks. I made a
few of these.  They are perfect for the yard and cost less than $12 zero maintenance.

Got a lot of stuff? Nowhere to put it? Clutter got you down?
Buy a 6 pack of econo/stor #703 Bankers Boxes and go to town. When you're
finished, call the Salvation Army or give to your favorite charity. Simple enough!

Go to your church once a week, preferably on Sunday.  It will do you good!

Mix your genuine drip coffee with equal parts decaffeinated to help cut back on your coffee shakes for goodness sakes! 

Tell someone you love"  I love you" It can only do good for both of you!

Learn something new on the internet: at  http://www.learn.com

Earn money for your wise and informed opinions: at  http://www.epinions.com

Make money by placing an E ads on your web site: at http://www.eads.com

A self adjusting bathroom basin that can lift for taller people and be lowered for shorter people,  even children,  then make it so it's faucet can be raised or lowered to make it easier to shampoo your hair. Flexible water lines and hydraulic adjusters would make this idea possible,  even feasible for the average household.

A soap sculpture that will last a month that looks like a Pokemon,  or dinosaur or a mountain ridge.  Just set it on the far side of the tub and the entire family can have fun.

What if you could create a lot of very large round glass ornaments that are about record size or larger that have a 3-D Holographic image of a loved one or a beautiful flower or something abstract like a Fractal?  Just make them and hang them from chain in a corner of a room or against a dark empty corridor or against the window so it will mesmerize you a night under the glow of moon light.

Take a large rectangular shaped piece of black velvet or similar smooth black fabric and mount it on a wall. 

Print Several butterflies on card stock white paper, then cut out the shapes and use 2 sided foam tape or straight pins to attach them. I plan to work on this project myself in the very near future.  I like to use fractals as texture to a blank black silhouette of a butterfly or flower or a bird.  Try it out yourself using Corel Photo paint.  The software has real potential for abstract computer generated art.

Tree Huggers.......

These playful people are ideal for tree lovers who just want to express their love for nature, and at the same time: 
Keep those pesky birds away from your fruit and rodents away from your nut bearing trees, or just to create a little bit of campy fun to your landscape! You can change their outfits to suit any season, machine washable, almost life size and very soft and colorful!

Monitor your weight, blood pressure, ekg, eeg, respiration and more while setting in front of your home PC!

Using a windows based software program and a basic input device attached to several attachments that connect to your computer arm chair, you could if this thing really existed,  keep track of your essential vital signs at home, while under strict advice of your physician. Already there are programs that enable doctors to monitor patients eeg on line through a popular program already on the market. Imagine just setting at your computer, and while waiting for a download, you could check your weight anytime you felt like it or your blood pressure, just the basics, or for advanced purposes, monitor your alpha brain waves to determine your stress levels while on line or doing work on your PC. The immediate feedback would be available for immediate printout, or save to disk or send to your doctor to keep your medical records up to date.

Use your mailbox outside as a cold storage space for at least 4 to 6 12 ounce beverages.

On a cold night just place six colas or brewskys in your empty mail box and by morning you will have cold beverages at your immediate grasp. This is recommended when you simply have no room in the refrigerator or you don't want anyone else in the house to know you are storing  your favorite drinks in a secret hiding place

coincidence theory:




The world is chock full of coincidences. Many have already been recorded and I wish I had a book by my side to reference some of them, but, since I am talking about coincidences in my own personal life, I feel that it would be needlessly redundant to refer to anything already in print.

Don't you sometimes wake up and wonder what day of the week it is, and think it's Friday and drive half way to work, only to later recall it was actually Saturday, your day off and drove back home with a sigh of relief and embarrassment? I call this particular type of coincidence the familiar paradox, because the situation of forgetting the correct day of the week is a peculiar thing to happen to one personally but,  the fact that this event, although odd, has occurred to more than one person in our current society. As a matter of fact, it is something others can relate to in general conversation.

Another type of coincidence is you haven't watched MASH in over a year, and the last episode you recall having watched was when they painted them rocks with gold spray paint.  The funny thing is,  you decide just for the hell of it to turn on the set, because you're bored, and it's raining outside, and you just want to see what's on. You turn on the set, then you flip through a channel, and wait for the dumb commercial  to get over with, then there it is, staring you right in the face. The episode about the gold spray painted rocks! I call this particular type of coincidence the dejavoux paradox, because its as if you went back and relived your past in a single instant of total recall.  Perhaps this never happened to you and therefore you don't relate to it. In that case, just hang around long enough and in due course, such a dejavoux paradox of one kind or another might just take place.

Some people think that it's a coincidence to win the LOTTO.  Well,  the odds are generally several hundred millions to one that you will win, if you in fact only buy one dollar lotto ticket, not a million dollars worth! That's not the point I want to make. I once liked to play the lottery, and I was certain that if I used the exact same numbers forever, there would be somewhat of a greater chance that I might come up a winner.  Most people share this same exact belief. I call this coincidence of familiar thinking the obsessive fixation of numbers paradox.

Paradox meaning that logical reason can contradict itself and also be an absolute truth, or two ideas can both mean one thing and also exactly the opposite. 1. By sticking with your favorite 6 numbers over and over and over and over again, forever, so to speak,  you are certainly likely to see some or even most of your favorite numbers come up at each and every lotto drawing, yet on the other hand: 2.  You will fail to ever realize any other possible combination of numbers which actually is a greater probability to come up in the lotto drawing in a given period of time, than sticking to the same six numbers, because there are now 54 numbers in the game!

Both 1 and 2 of the argument are logical and make some degree of common sense. 
But, they both some how contradict each other, and this is a paradox. I enjoy this kind of thinking. I would like to add that a paradox is not the issue with coincidences, but it often is a contributing factor in the equation.

Do you like chocolate? Well, so do I, so I guess that's a bit of a coincidence. Do you like the color blue? that's interesting, because blue also my favorite color. Where I'm going with this is there are degrees of coincidence between people, especially in the argument of the identical twins, separated at birth, reunited after 50 years of separation, only to discover that they have a list of exact personal and incidental likes, dislikes and particulars in common as to astonish even the most ridged minded scientific mind.

The thing about this is there are more of these particular event paradoxes with identical twins than any other pair of individuals on this earth, on modern record, of course!  But, just for the sake of argument, if identical twins can have so much in common is there a celestial influence, or a genetic one, or even both that somehow govern each and every human being and the rest of life, for that matter on the planet? I raise this question only to open a window of possibility to future theories that regard the issue of cause and effect, versus divine intervention, versus pure coincidence? and where do we draw the line between any of these 3 interestingly compelling arguments of possibility?

If we lookat coincidence as an excuse for failing to observe actual underlying causes and effects, or more indirect influences then we may eventually rule out the theory that anything that takes place in the universe is a coincidence, but merely an act of parallel events reality as seen by the observer as unlikely in lieu of man's narrow field of observation in his every day life. Cause and effect are the hallmarks of the scientific method of reason. But, If we fail to look beyond our little circle of cognition, that is, our own personal experiences as humans on this world, then we are like a fish swimming in circles
looking outside our immediate fish bowl.

In order to factor into consideration that the theory of coincidence has it's origins in ancient philosophy, metaphysics, and science, it would be easy to guess that out of all things scientific, first came as hunches, theories, beliefs, or the collective unconscience of a culture or an era in history. That means that even the theory of coincidence has evolved from a lesser form to a higher form though out recorded history as has all other schools of thought. Of course, I want to get back to the more basic and simply the fun part of this subject that is my own experiences with coincidence in the past 43 years of my life.

I had a dream and it was of people running up and down the streets of the city helter skelter like all over the place. I approached a man and asked him why everyone was acting so wildly? He just jerked himself away from me and ran away. Everyone was running from one place to the other and it was all outside in the early hours of morning. When I went to work that following Monday,  I told a co-worker that I feared there might be some kind of terrible war and I was certain my dream was some kind of omen. I was not on my medication at that time. heh! :)

It turned out, that on television that same week, the news announced an eminent war in the Middle East involving Saddam Insane would lead to America's active involvement in a war, and it was called Desert Storm!

I call that form of coincidence a personal vision or premonition of the near future. Now, I've read many books including parts of Nostradamus, and of course I've read about Peter Hurkos, and Edgar Cayce, forgive me if I misspell the names. I will go for the thesaurus, that now extinct dinosaur of books in my library later, to fix the spelling while I continue to add more to this. How many times have you yourself had a vivid dream and within days or perhaps just within 24 hours of your dream discover that some of the content of your dream had come to pass, like you dreamed of a death in the family and you received notice of a death in the family in just a day or 2. Well, I had that experience 2 times in my life. 

The first time was the recurrent dreams of the death of my father, only to learn that in just a month from that week of lucid night mare dreams, not my father, but, rather, my mother passed away from heart failure and lung failure. Well, that isn't all. I had a dream over a month ago, in mid July, that I shook Johnny Clyde's hand and he told me that everything was going to be all right. He was pleasant with me and I didn't consider the dream that significant, except that a week or two later we received a call from one of his children and they told us Johnny Clyde had fallen down 3 flights of stairs at his apartment and was in a coma and on life support. In a matter of a few weeks, on Wednesday, July 11th, the Dallas Police in 2 squad cars came knocking at our front door and told us that Johnny Clyde had passed away, then on that friday, the 13th, he was buried. We paid our last respects at the Brown Funeral Home in Grand Prairie Texas.

Well, long before both my mother's death and Johnny Clyde's' in the year 1995, in the month of February, I was Bi-Polar and not aware of it. You see, I have been Bi-Polar my entire life. When I started to have a break down from learning about my own bout with cancer, a pleomorphic adenoma of the right Parotid Gland, I went through a first surgery to remove only the outer half of the gland,  and as I was in recovery, my mother became very ill.

In May, the day after Mother's day 1995, my mother died at home in her bed, being watched over by my father. I had been seeing the clock at strange and seemingly random times since February 14 1995 to May 16, 1995 of the time: 11:11 either PM or AM,  it didn't matter, and my wife also found it quite peculiar that the same numbers appeared on the clocks in our home and that we would be just glancing for a moment to check the time, and it would be the same 11:11. 

If it wasn't for the strange occurrence of the night of April 5th, 1995 of a blinding light inside our bedroom while we lay sleeping late that night, followed by a huge white cross shining across the entire wall then vanishing, I might not connect the dots on this so called coincidence or paranormal phenomenon in  my life. We both shared these experiences, that's what makes it more significant. You see, If it were only I who experienced the time and the cross appearing without apparent cause I would chalk it off as a simply a manifestation of my mania, a product of a psychotic state or perhaps due to a hypnogogic hallucination. That sort of thing happens to people sometime.  But,  the fact that it was witnessed by my wife as well, proves beyond a doubt that there are things in this world that you can not find a logical or scientific solution to.

There are things that happen in this life of mine, that I can't really understand.  I theorize that there are greater truths waiting to be discovered.  The more you dig, the less shallow reality becomes. Great wit huh? But don't fall into a hole that's too deep to get out of, another great witticism from a learned student of life.

Okay grant me the wisdom not to dig too deeply lest I shall fall in an never climb back out! :>O

Dig deeply, my friends,  and dig all the way to the other side of the planet if you have to to get at the answers!

You see, it's when you stop digging that you die. You decide no longer shall I take that leap of faith and push the envelope off the table of contents and reach out and touch something or other. If there are coincidences by the boo koos,  then, probably there is another Anthony Davis somewhere else writing exactly the same material as I am right? could be!

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking? Gee I'm hungry. Gee I'm sleepy,  Gee I'm itching,  Gee  Anthony needs a bath! Yep what does that have to do with coincidence? nothing. I just wanted to write this down while it was fresh in my mind.

Okay, I will obsess on coincidence some more, before I upload it so the rest of the collective unconscious reads it.

Have you ever rolled double 6's 6 times in a row? I would call that pretty unlikely, but if so, I would call it a coincidence. the coincidence has happened to only one person in this case but rather occurred with the dice.

The dice are a pair of cubes aren't they :) ? hah hah! So, it would be highly unlikely that you could throw a pair of dice and get a pair of sixes six times in a row, with no breaks. I've seen it happen! Johnny Tyler, my child hood  companion of late. He threw those dice 6 times and in each case they came up double six's. Overwhelming and compelling evidence that coincidences do happen to good people! I call the consecutive double dice throw thing the consecutive double dice throw thing,  hmmm sounds fishy.

I think it is also kind of a paradox, not a coincidence that in America we drive on the right, and in France, they drive on the left and in America steer on the left side, and in France, steer on the right side. The only thing is, they don't hinge their doors on the right in France. If so, I would definitely call that a coincidence!

Of course, north of the equator the water drains counter clockwise and south of the equator water indeed drains the opposite direction. That is caused by the north and south magnetic poles. Science is funtastic isn't it!

Isn't it! is a statement, however: Isn't it? is a question. Is not it is an irregular statement is it not? I mean is it not!

I get carried away with ideas and stuff simply because I have a healthy imagination. It's great to have a mind that keeps on going, after the age of 43!

What kinds of strange coincidences have you had? 

The true detective deals with coincidence theory all the time, when trying to figure out if their perp is telling the truth or fabricating a big lie. "And you tell me and my partner that on the night of the 10th, you were at home drinking milk and watching the young ones on channel 98?" The criminal will lie straight faced to the detective and say "Yes, I was officer."  But how could the three witnesses be telling us a lie when me and my partner asked them who they saw walking around with the stolen Jack in the Box Head saying I'm running for president, and playing a drum attached to that rope around his neck to the tune of in a god da da vi da?

I see the round ball head laying on your couch over there, and an open bag of fries, and there's the drum and you still wanna tell me and my partner here that you were no where near the front of the 7 eleven on eleventh and main on the tenth at 10 o'clock? The guy keeps insisting they have him mistaken for some one else. coincidence theory plays a key role in helping them get the goods on this dumb head.

It seems very unlikely reasonable doubt existed in that scenario, but, still, there is always the remote possibility of a double, or some other coincidence. Perhaps he has a job as the jack in the box guy on tv and he's really telling them the truth and the guy who played the drums and shouted I'm running for president was his twin brother who's supposed to be in Chicago at the time. Until verification the detectives have to engage in lots of entertaining, though often misleading theoretical thinking.

Ultimately, of course, the 3 witnesses were agents working for big mac on the opposite street corner wanting to shed public humiliation on their competitors just to get more business. The 2 detectives put them all in jail and ordered them pizza and let them back out in 24 hours just to have the last laugh!

I once read an entire book upside down. from beginning to end. So! I once read an entire book while standing upside down on my head, from end to beginning, and couldn't make any sense of it at all! The paradox of argument. The argument paradox. I call it that because it is an issue that is common to most people. One person insisting on being right about what he's saying to the other person, who in turn replies that he's able to read 2 books backwards while on the telephone with the IRS. eventually, one of them is telling a little white lie.

The same thing is true with politics. not those bugs that suck blood from parrots:) Promises to balance the budget, reform medicare, wage war on drugs, give students a better education and so on and so on........

The argument paradox of politics is: you're damned if they agree with you, because the others will disagree with you, so you can't make every body happy. Make yourself happy, and simply say to the people: I am a control freak. I do want to make lots of money and get a few best selling biographies out, and push the little people around to give my self an ego boost. At least, that would be an honest first step. the paradox is the ultimate and damning truth behind the motives of the presidency is shrouded in double talk about playing party favorites to the masses. If you're democrat you vote demo, if you're
republican you vote rep. It's that basic!

The coincidence of our lives taking place in the exact same century is one in a jillion! The fact that the Beatles got to converge was a very rare coincidence. If it weren't for coincidences the tonight show would probably be hosted by some 3rd world dictator with a bad sense of humor. laugh or I'll shoot your head off! that's better {:(

Do you think the fact that nobody really knows exactly who discovered fusion in the first place or better yet, who was the original inventor of chocolate coated breakfast cereal? Hey It was my mother. Yep. She invented it, along with hundreds of other wonderful things she innocently submitted to major companies and got rejection letters of thanks from most of them. It's funny that there are so many religions. Which one was the first? or did they all spring up at the same instant? The same thing with the big bang theory. The coincidental theory of that one is if the big bang was the start of the universe, then doesn't God have a pretty powerful gun?

Coincidence is only an illusion, a product of a singular human perspective. The forces behind events that occur simultaneously have origins that are linked in time at a  specific period of earlier events, perhaps as long ago as the beginning of the creation of the universe. If that is true, as it has not been proven, then there must be parallel Earths that have nearly identical events taking place on their surfaces at points in space nearly equidistant from the galactic center and on nearly the exact same orbital plane. The milky way is a spiral . It is pretty symmetrical, equal all around, like a disc. Just like a flower has several pedals of nearly identical makeup and appearance are located at parallel points from the center of the flower's eye. If you look for symmetry in the universe, then you must conclude that there has to be redundancy in all things, even events. 

Not just Apple trees on an earth like planet on the exact opposite end of the milky way galaxy, but human beings who speak a language of almost similar nature, given the relatively equal evolution of civilization, and that doesn't even play into the equation the variables of alternate life forms, shapes and random event curves that could create an second earth that has green skinned human like beings who stand 12 feet tall and have IQs of 5000. or greater!

The subject of science fiction has its roots in coincidence theory and the theory of the symmetrical universe where events take place all the time at the same time, only in relatively different spaces, yet this allows for the imagination to go off on non relevant tangents that veer away from the logic of scientific thinking and that is always the way to go, but it makes for good reading.

They say planets of our solar system are all the same age, yea maybe, but maybe they are at different levels of evolutionary development. Venus is the same size as Earth, but Venus is considered a planet that would never harbor life. In it's earliest stages, Earth too, was uninhabitable for any form of life. What stage of development is Venus in? Is it at the Later stages from an otherwise more hospitable planet, or is it at the earliest stage where it has not developed yet to the evolutionary state that will perhaps transform it's atmosphere and surface to becoming radically different and therefore more like the
Earth is today? Who knows these facts? Scientists who deal with Astronomical
Physics of course. They, at least, are searching for the right answers.
I'm glad someone is.

The level of depth and significance to the theory of coincidence goes to extremes from two people having the same likes and dislikes or being born on one date and dying on the exact same date, to the extremes of history repeating itself as if part of some kind of satire written by an author of cosmic proportions, with repeated crimes, wars, disease and rare genius like glimmers of silver in a dark cloud following a terrible storm. There are causes and effects of lots of things. Perhaps, there is something underneath all the surface of chance, or fate, but a psychic or spiritual influence in the same way we believe God created the universe, He also wrote all the chapters in human life. 

From the depths of profound despair to the heights of ridiculous folly lies the truth we call human experience. I am Bi-Polar and I therefore have experienced these extremes in due process of self analysis and pondering the universe when I wasn't otherwise engaged in entertaining conversation or feeding my face with tacos and burgers on weekends!

I believe that one day the truth will no longer be out there, but instead, in our heads. We don't have to necessarily believe that our fates are already written in stone and that the future is already predicted before it even has happened. Maybe, we,  as human beings, seekers of knowledge and the truth,  with all our resources,  will some day soon, perhaps very soon, learn that we can write our own future and beyond that, the limits will be only the ones that we set for ourselves. The day by day lives we live are all part of the bigger picture. 

It's no coincidence that there are many races and religions co-existing on the planet, from different geographic origins, because it is likely that diversity is the greatest leap in human evolution so far obtained. If we were all the exact same like clones of Max Head Room, and had all the same personality, then the possibility of there being a civilization capable of space colonization and human diversity and imagination and abstract thinking would be close to zero.

But, thanks to random evolutionary diversity, chance, and coincidences where for some reason, unknown to the common man, two common events take place between like entities in space can only feed the continuity of transformation and restructuring the entire essence and fabric of society and therefore the directions of mankind will not go into one single direction, but into perhaps an infinite number of directions that will make the chance of a greater truth and sense of purpose for human kind take a quantum leap, on an exponential scale.

That is why I can set for hours a day, staring at the birds, pondering their story. I want to learn from them. I look up at the clouds and keep looking, and look some more, and don't ask for answers necessarily, but simply thank God I am alive. That is a paradox. I am and so is the rest of mankind a paradox of coincidence on a grand scale. Perhaps when similar events happen to different people is because people aren't really so different as they may presume. But rather, people are meeting at the tail end of a greater event, and the moral to the story of experience squared is not for us to know but for God himself to laugh about while making plans for other worlds afar.

Meteorology And Statistical Probability:
The weather person has an advantage because he/she has his statistics on a yearly basis. There is a tendency for history to be repeated on a yearly basis, in that the mean average temperature of a given geographic area will likely be in a ball park of the same temperature and relative weather conditions from year to year on a given day and date, within a certain bell curve of degrees Fahrenheit right? 

The math behind determining the likely 5 day forecast is based on predictions based both on statistics of the past, on record, and the current upper air flow and immediate weather conditions of the moment on a continental scale, that is to say, that the United States will behave a certain way if the surrounding conditions exist, from east to west and north to south in the immediate continental US.

The way weather is predicted is about as scientific sometimes as playing a game of black jack. The odds are relative as to what the house is holding, and the rest is subject to chance. That's precisely why when the well intentioned meteorologist, with all his computers and satelight radar, can make a 5 day prediction that is always changing with each passing day! Well, then, no science is infallible, but it's interesting to recognize how much of everything we believe in is subject to random chance.

Why Is The Little Girl Crying?
At the corner of a downtown intersection, a little girl covered in chocolate ice cream was crying. But, it wasn't all that apparent why. At first glance it would seem that she spilled her ice cream cone on her dress and that was the cause of the emotional distress. But, only at first glance.

It later was learned that she had seen her kitten run over by an ice cream truck. But, later after reporters aired on the 6:PM news, it was later discovered that the little girl had more reasons to be crying. It is reported as follows: The man in the ice cream truck was a dope peddler trying to sell drugs to unsuspecting children, as well as ice cream to children in more upscale neighborhoods. 

Not only that,  but,  the driver of the ice cream truck had tried to abduct the 8 year old, and he was a known sex offender, and the little girl bit and kicked the stupid guy and managed to escape his grasp, then, as a consequence of that, she dropped her ice cream cone all over her dress and her kitten jumped out to chase down the offending ice cream truck driver only to be ran over by the dope, as he fled the scene, only to end up on a head on collision with a city sanitation truck a mile down the road.

Language And Coincidence, The Similarities of Vocabulary and Language Phonetics, and Variability of Gestures In Various Cultures:

What is all this about? Well, you know that if you say hello in Tin Buck Too, you might get your head blown off! I don't mean that literally, but for the sake of emphasis, I do hope you will appreciate my candor with that illustration.  I don't really know if there are coincidences of similarity to express an emotion or a specific expression that occur in various different places on the planet, but I would imagine, that there are similarities, primarily because most diversities of culture have common origins, where, at one time long ago, perhaps there were as few as one single human language that dominated the land. 

The object of coincidence will be only best understood if it were known that there were particular differences in historical origin of several now existent societies that find commonality in communications. The fact that there are some words or sounds and expressions, vocal and facial, and gesture, that have either a very similar or very opposite meaning, it is extremely compelling to me to want to find true events of exactitude that reflect that there is in fact, true order in the chaos that runs around masquerading as meaning. 

If you adopt a word for your own use, that isn't the same thing, as it is often a product of diversity in human society that sub-cultures use words in consistent with their original humble meanings. I don't want to get too specific, because I think you know some of the vocabulary words used, that totally change the context of their intended usage in normal syntax.

If you say I am cool, you mean I'm okay, but if I say I'm cool, then, perhaps I need a sweater!

If you say Ouch! in Southern Borneo, then you may mean, Hello! You might mean something else, and so on....

If a person in Texas says Howdy! He means, hello there. If you were to say howdy in New York, who knows! That's why I think it's a really fun thing to explore and I will go there later. So, be a happy camper and make like a doctor and show some patience!

later dude!

to be continued...................

The Paradox of Recurrence & The Paradox of Chance

What is possible versus what is probable.  What is the likelihood that lightening will strike again in the same place at a different time? Have you developed a habit of doing the same thing over and over again compulsively, or should I say impulsively compulsively? There are lots of things or events rather, that take place more than once, and sometimes so many times they seem like a broken record, as it has been said.

What is the possibility of man discovering intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos? The possibility is always there, until proven impossible by science and knowledge. We don't know enough about space to answer that question  logically, but theoretically it is quite possible. The probability that man will discover intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is dependent on several factors.

Perhaps in a few billions of years, if man is still in existence, he might discover it. But even still this makes the probability quite small in relation to human life span. In relation to the period in which the planet Earth is occupied by intelligent life, human, that is,  or perhaps dolphin, there is a chance that either life elsewhere will contact us, or we will let them know we are alive, but unaware of their existence and they will act upon it. 

That is the thesis behind the substance of science fiction stories far and wide throughout the media of books and the theater. The possible versus the probable. Fantasy versus reality. Chance versus Cause and effect. Cause and effect are the activities that lie within the sphere of chance are they not? I think they are.

What is the possibility of man discovering intelligence elsewhere in the universe during this immediate century? I would venture to say not at all. But would I be correct in my assumption? Perhaps not! That is the paradox of chance. In order. Chances are you'll live to be 80. Take into consideration first that you are of reasonably good health, live in a country that is highly developed and doing well in both economy and resources.  The probability of living to be 100 in the same environment is much much less because of statistical data that has accumulated over a period of time. 

During the past when record keeping was at a minimum, before the Roman Empire, no accumulative knowledge was recorded about the statistical probability of reoccurrence. If so, there would have been steps taken to prevent pre conceived catastrophe. From experience and throughout recorded history, the theory of history repeating itself in a matter of speaking was coined in modern American thinking. 

The fact that If you set and stare at a fly long enough it's liable to repeat some form of reoccurring pattern of flight. You might not notice it, because you don't know where the pattern begins or ends. There has to be a beginning and an ending before an event can repeat itself right?

If you continue to over eat you will continue to get fat. That is not just a possibility, but in fact a real probability. And the tendency for a person to first loose excessive body weight and then gain it back, over and over and over and over again is very probable, base on the statistical record of this human event.

An adult parent knows that their teen age son or daughter will get into trouble, in a manner of speaking, if they drink alcohol, drop out of school, and hang out with others who engage in the same type of anti-social and non-productive behavior. A Priest knows that his parishioners will sin if they don't come to church regularly. Why? Not only is that knowledge learned in one single life time,  but recorded historical data reveals these probabilities to us on a grand scale to the extent that it is part of the collective unconscience.

Objectivity versus Subjectivity:

In the quest for knowledge man has become very objective about the idea that events in history reoccur without a doubt, but when it comes to making predictions he is in the dark. That is where subjective reasoning comes into play. We suppose that, if gasoline prices get too high, the general public might begin to show signs of hostility, both verbally and physically, as in the case of the Riot.

A riot is definitely a phenomenon of civilization, but also it is a phenomenon of cause and effect. As well, it reoccurs throughout history. There are several categories of human rebellion. The active protest such as a picket line, the next level is a violent act of hostility when human rebellion results in dangerous acts of shouting, and throwing and group vandalism takes place. This is called a Riot. There is a third categorical level of human social  conduct, and it is the act of terrorism, which ultimately leads to a public declaration of war.

The elements that contribute to the escalation determine the possibility and probability of the events in human history as well as current human social events that are going on world wide and are always a subject of network attention. When we look at the television and see only the narrow and singular perspective of the weather that takes place on our particular section of the globe, we fail to realize the cause and effect relationship of the global climate and thus think only locally about weather and remain seemingly oblivious of the conditions of weather in the southern hemisphere and around the globe, as well, we become only subjective in our point of view about the weather.

More so, In Dallas, Texas, the local residents are highly focused even obsessed with the daily weather. The probability of a Dallas resident to be pondering weather in South Africa is very low, unless that person has a business or a relation in that area of the world. 

The possibility of finding out what is going on on the planet Earth is obviously greater with the Internet simply because of the abundant and sometimes the redundant information made available to you. There is a proverbial needle in a hay stack situation taking place currently in the information age.

And that is, there is so much of it, that it may become an impossibility that is, highly improbable, that more in depth and specific focus can be made about any one subject, since there is such a great number of sources on practically every subject. The time it would take for any one single person to read the Gigabytes of data or Gig a billion times itself that you would have be an immortal being to have time enough to engage in reading all of it.

So,  the possibility of learning a lot of irrelevant things on the internet is very high, but, conversely, the probability of getting a degree in something via the internet, by staying focused on one topic long enough to fully understand it or exploit it to your advantage is quite minimal, so that is indeed a paradox of chance.

The paradox of reoccurrence is such that if you live long enough you'll see your lost pet come back home to your front door steps. The idea that you could take a quantum leap into the far distant future is based on the fact that the human conscience is so advanced that it is highly possible to envision alternate futures, alternative forms of society and so on. These visionaries are people who are able to get on a mountain top and look over and actually see a brighter future for mankind as a whole.

That is very nice. But,  The fact that the same visionary who inspired millions was killed by one. That is a sad aspect of poor social human behavior. That Jesus was the savior of the world, is a fact based on faith. That Jesus was persecuted and died on the cross is a matter of reoccurrence. 

Throughout history people have been made martyrs by taking a stand against man's in humanity to man. That was the subject of my sister's high school essay in the 12th grade. That president Kennedy was assassinated is truly tragic.  But, it's probability is great based on the fact of reoccurrence of human social events based on the paradox of history repeating itself, even though it occurs in a different century or day each time.

Probability versus Possibility:
Taken from the November on line issue of space.com, on line magazine.

*When a multi-module orbital complex weighing 130 tons and

                  having enormous surface area brakes, enters the dense
                  atmosphere, passes through the atmosphere and falls into the
                  ocean, it is practically impossible to make a highly precise
                  mathematical model for this process," he said.

                  At the same time, specialists have a very good idea about what
                  elements of Mir will not burn up in the atmosphere and fall to
                  Earth. These elements are fragments of the large main frames
                  of the Mir's main module, of the Kvant, Kristall, Spektr and
                  Priroda modules, as well as the rocket engines.

                  Experts have determined a fairly vast area where the station's
                  elements will fall -- an area some 5,000 to 6,000 miles (8,000
                  to 10,000 kilometers) long and 125 miles (200 kilometers)
                  wide, the head of the Khrunichev Center said. However, some
                  fragments of Mir could also come down over land. According to
                  experts' calculations, the probability of this is not very high, but
                  does exist.

                  For now, Mir is under control, the Russian experts say. Having
                  orbited Earth for more than 14 years, Mir has exceeded its
                  initially planned life span by almost five times. Mir has hosted
                  28 long expeditions and another 16 lasting from one to four
                  weeks. Fifteen of the long missions were international,
                  including participants from Syria, Bulgaria, Afghanistan,
                  France, Japan, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, the European
                  Space Agency and Slovakia.

*end of quote.

So,  you see,  even the experts don't have an absolute confirmation calculated for just where all those tons of debris from the Russian MIR satelight. If you don't wake up one morning to the crashing boom of a five ton chunk of space debris, through your roof, you'll give one great big sigh of relief! If there are casualties from the fallout from space, there will be lawyers in celebration and fanatical end of time gurus and glow in the dark self destructive Mirs for tots just right for this millennium holiday. You see, I argue, and this is aside from the subject, the millennium doesn't really begin until midnight, December 31, 2001. Well, that's not a coincidence. 

There are people who would agree with me and people who consider this year the first in the 3rd Millennium as far as the Roman calendar is concerned.  Experts are limited to their expertise, but, what happens when the expert is out witted by some one like me who would say: " Say a prayer, get down on your knees, then kiss you Dairy Air good bye!

You see it your way and I see it mine.

There ain't no good buys, their ain't no bad buys,  there's only you and me, and we just like to biz and moan.

Perhaps it is a common phrase and is often a truism, and in many cases, it becomes the rule, not the exception that most people fail to  see things the exact, or for that matter, a similar way.

When I look at the sky, I sometimes see blue. But is the blue I see, violet to someone else? Or, rather more specifically, could the hue of a color appear differently if each of us had a vision filter that let our brains see what the other is seeing. There have been ways to make determine the differences in color perception of many animals, so I would imagine, that the same holds true for determining the variants of color and depth that differ from one animal to another, or more accurately, from two or more different animals or humans from the same species, in the case of humans, there are 2 species, alive, and dead. Dead men don't see plaid!

But it would be interesting if it could be documented that when you taste or smell the chili, and say, its delicious, then when I have a bowl of the same chili, while hot, not cool, and under the same environmental conditions, I might also say, it's very good! But,  we don't necessarily taste the same way. You might think the chili is a little bit sweet, or a little bit to spicy, and I might think it is not sweet enough, or that there need to be a few more chili peppers added for more spice.

No two people think alike, and probably, there are underlying, far less than obvious reasons for the discrepancies. The world is perceived in 2 overall ways: One is Subjective, (a feeling I get, when I fly in a fighter jet) A Second one is Objective, (a feeling I get when I know that the plane will crash when I just saw the pilot parachute out while the plane was in free fall.

Hey! It's a matter of minor differences of observation, and expectation. We expect to get wet in the rain, and we know we will get a little bit wet, but we don't know if there will come a 100 mph wind and blow our little umbrella to smithereens.

The Nature of the argument, the nature of man

Even though the differences are sometimes minor, some people will argue a blue streak if possible until they are certain they have you believing them from their point of view, that is. To go beyond that fact, lets go over some of the basic types of arguments that humans have on this planet:

1.  The next president will be....and why!
2.  The company manager is unfair, and why!
3.  The traffic sucks! and why!!!!!
4.  Football teams that are your favorite, come hell or high water, and why!
5.  Bums, the real reason there are so many of them, and they never take a bath, and so on.
6.  Abortion, versus, pro life. and the reasons why and why not and why again, and why not again!
7.  The price of living, and why and then some more ifs ands and buts!
8.  Indifference towards 3rd world problems, but we verbalize what should be done in our living rooms over coffee, and doughnuts!
9.  I don't agree with anything you say, before you even put in a single word! without explanation, it's just your way!
10.  Trash carry out, the argument over who's turn it is to do it, and the pros and cons of better home sanitation.

to be continued...................

Convergent Technologies:
(when 2 or more aspects of technology are put together to form a new and unique product or effect)

Take for instance, the use of a digital tape that I would introduce as DIGITAL 2000, a digitally encoded analog magnetic tape that uses the player, which is equipped with a computer chip that turns the coded information into sound bytes that enable the tape to play for up to 2000 minutes per side, or 1000 minutes each side.

Another idea I have is  a solar charging system is connected to the roof of your home, or somewhere near the roof where access to maximum sunlight is best, then connecting a mounting system, attached to cable that is thus connected to a base unit in the wall, is thus configured and shaped to allow the attachment of batteries of various numbers and design. one such battery would be: (this new kind of battery that is charged by using a solar charging system.)

The solar charger is constantly charging an energy cell, also connected to the battery interface, and there you have a reliable and constantly available energy source to re-generate your rechargeable lithium or nickel cadmium batteries. also, the system would come equipped with a terminal or interface for instant current of a DC or AC nature, that would power such common appliances around the home, for temporary and short term use, example: an electric razor, a blender, a coffee maker, or in some cases, a cappuccino machine, and even a radio, or a television or even a PC. This is my latest concept. The date of this idea is: Monday, November 06, 2000, my name is, of course, Anthony Davis.  :)

Basically consider an instance of one type of technology or subject matter, for that matter, and introducing a second type, then merging the two together to create an entirely new technology, or rather, convergent technology .

The electronic locking security mail box. This is a simple concept of convergent technology. You use a mailbox and a sensing device that keeps the mailbox locked until your mail carrier, who uses a specially designed key, to allow only him or her to access your mail box for placing private material, such as letters and/or junk mail, and thus preventing anyone else access to the box, like solicitors, and everyone hates this stuff right? The specially designed mail box and the security key the US Postal Carrier uses, makes for an ideal system. You have a key also, and it opens the box from inside the home to allow instant retrieval of mail, then the mail box automatically locks after it is properly closed. 

The open mail box indicator light in your home will let you know when the box is full to the point of over filled, or if it is otherwise ajar or improperly closed. Likewise, the closed mail box indicator light on your indoor mail box console will tell you that all is A-okay. You can even use a sound system that uses a pre recording of the following announcement: "You've got mail!" the moment the mail box has been filled by the US mail carrier, and even better still, it can announce: "Mail box security alert! the mail box is not properly closed and could present a security risk.

Please check your mail box to make sure that it is properly closed and securely locked." Even more interesting would be the security alarm system that would call 811, a local US Mail Security System Network* , in the event of an illegal forced entry to your mail box is attempted by a burglar or other mischievous person, like someone who specializes in stealing people's mail, and such fools do exist and we never hear about it because we're always away from home when this sort of crime is happening. Am I right?

Note: * The security alarm system is only a concept and the number 811 is not a factual thing, only a suggestive number for this particular concept of mine, thanks :)

The idea behind this exercise is to take 2 seemingly different objects or technologies, and put them together to produce an entirely different or in some cases more effective (enhanced), technology. One such idea, that I don't take credit for, because it was invented by a nice elderly lady: the walker she designed had a foldable chair, connected to the side of the walker, made of aluminum and vinyl, or strong fabric so an older person who relies on a walker to get around, can take a seat and rest in between strolls.

I have a few simple convergent technology ideas to add:

The walking cane/umbrella combo: At the top of the cane is the place for the pop-out and pop up umbrella, and it can be pushed back inside the cane and closed into place. Great idea for the old man who happens to get caught up in a rain.

The telephone that prints the name and phone number of the caller upon demand: a wall type speaker phone, that will print, on demand, from the latest caller's name and phone number up to the last 1000 callers with time and date stamp and address and pager and e-mail address, if available whenever you want a hard copy of that information for your personal records.

The bar coded check:

The checks we cancel or write over drafts for, or actually use to pay a merchant for, are numerically identified.  What if a universal bar code for numbers zero through ten thousand or greater were incorporated into every bank's computer data base, and each check had a specific bar code that,  when scanned, would be listed as to what sequence it was processed? Off course the option to put a series of up to 1000 consecutive bar codes, each one printed on each check would allow for instant information about it's processing completion date and time to instantly find out if there is a check missing in sequence, and the subsequent circumstances of the check missing in sequence as per being either a voided transaction, a stolen check, delayed confirmation due to lack of insufficient funds, or a check written to a company that does it's book keeping once a month and takes 30 days to confirm it and thus have the bank extract that amount from it's funds in your checking account. Cool idea isn't it?

Let's take 2 random aspects of technology or elements thereof and just see what we get:

Pizza + Vending Machine = a vending machine that dispenses hot, microwave cooked pizza slices,
a vending machine that dispenses pizza flavored snacks, a vending machine that dispenses pizza coupons with cola purchases.

Pizza + Car = a car that delivers pizza to your home. a car that has pizza hub caps, a pizza in a car shaped box, a free race car cap with a pizza purchase up to $12.00 per customer,

Cereal + Radio = a radio commercial about a specific cereal, a free radio in a box of cereal, a radio shaped like a box of cereal, a radio station that advertises children's cereal breakfasts, along with a morning children's hosted talk radio show about kid's stuff.

Heart + Game = a game that makes you heart healthy, a game about love,
a valentine shaped game board using different colored hearts to move from place to place in a world that is devoted to find the most cards that contain heart healthy foods and winner is the one with the most good heart foods cards and the looser is the one who dies of a coronary from collecting too many cheese burger and junk food cards,

Practically any two or more elements can be combined. In the previous exercise I try to simply put 2 random elements and put them together in a logical context. Most if not everything described is already in existence, from complex commercialization and marketing schemes to very simple elemental combinations to allow the imagination to take flight, as a spring board to perhaps other more complex or more productive concepts. That is called using your noggin!

(A brief overview of the author of this writing):

I like to use mine, when I'm not totally zombied out by Television. Being Anthony means I, in effect experience a combination of aspects of mood, either simultaneously or separately, although, in a way, a pattern of ups and downs, that could be patterned against the SETI wave forms that you see on your computer screen using SETI@home client software as I, in do.

Lots of the thinking process deals with the ordinary thinking of constancy, continuity, relative similarity, and so on,  but, in lieu of my disposition,  I see the world in a strange and different way!

I therefore,  in light of this strange behavior I am both blessed and cursed with, affords some instances of diversity in thought, and at times, newer and completely original thoughts come to my mind that let the combined elements of randomania and factuality converge together in a surprising new and refreshing awareness of new possibilities. That is what I am.  I am an ideas person, and yes, I have my moods!
To continue.......

Let's take some more pairs of perhaps non relevant elements and try to combine them for the element of surprise and newness:

Sound + Life = the sound of life, the life of sound, the generation of life with sound, the generation of sound with life, the generation of life from sound, the sound that life makes, the life that sound effects, the sounds that are perceived by living things, the crying chimpanzee, the laughing horses, a mouse that can sing, as in a cartoon, the deoxyribonucleic acids of sound and wave forms as generated and interpreted by living organisms, the crying tree, the angry sounds of the winds of time. more specifically and more practically,  the combination of sound and life is simply the music of the spheres, or the chorus of the masses, or the living orchestra of a flock of birds over the beaches of some distant ocean waves, and so on and so forth.

Wood + Time = the number of years of a marriage that constitutes a wooden wedding anniversary, wood blocks beaten to a song in time with the other instruments, a clock made of wood, age of a tree by counting the number of rings inside it's trunk, a cane of wood that marks the age of the old man, who must depend on it for balance and support. It is very easy to do this exercise.  I bore easily, or lack patience,  but, if you get bored like I often do, unless otherwise employed, try out this type of exercise but take it from 2 elements to 3, then to 4 and keep going until you can find a logical relationship between practically any thing or number of things in an instance of relevant inference.

I will try to relate 10 apparent random words, either nouns adjectives, or verbs or whatever, then try to link all 10 together to create an instance of singularity or convergence of a single idea.

apple + generate + orthopedic + cancer + men + productive + rice + dagger + purple + cards + gender, oops! that was 11, well, I will try to link them first in the exact order as a sentence in syntactically logical form:

apples eaten by a generation of orthopedic cancer victims, who were men, can often produce pain, not unlike the rice picker's dagger like pain that leaves purple bruises on their skin as seen in pictures on post cards, that indicates a gender gap between the effects of pain from cancer in young men of the affluent world with older men who live in third world countries, who are reduced to manual dexterity for menial work that produces a pain of a remarkably more profound nature. There is much illogic to the preceding sentences, but it is a good exercise in rational thinking and experimental writing. 

We all resort to a random juxtapositional placement of known vocabularies to express our thoughts, so this is merely an effort for the human mind to exercise the thought pattern of syntactical logic in sentence patterns with a limit of not 7,000 or more vocabulary words, but to the 10 or more used in the previous exercise, give of take about 100 added connecting words. Eventually, the exercise can edit out the entire structure of the above sentences until the entire reading is just under 20 words with of course the use of redundancy for the sake of logical flow.

If you try to take a sentence apart and try to look for underlying subliminal meanings, you can see in many literary works, that words sometimes re-occur in the course of a paragraph or more or words that follow some similar spelling or syllabic pattern. Example? Can't think of one at the moment.

Perhaps I will think of one later, or maybe not. You can't be too sure with bi-polar men like myself!

The redundant use of syntax in thought processing is necessary for forming references and continuity to a work. If you are dealing with a math exercise, then you must follow some redundancy of form and function, and also in dealing with concepts in general, first you take relevant elements, then segregate them, to distinguish their values, then put together patterns of form and function and you can make the Taj Mahol completed outside Agra in India out of cement bricks!

You can take the basic carbon atom, re-combine it in a pattern of some complex nature, and add forces like electromagnetic forces, cause and effect, uni-linear, multi-linear and non-linear designations for occurrences and then you might come up with a man, a tree, a solar system, and in due time, a good tasting piece of moon cheese!

Another exercise I like is the one involving scale and relative proportion:
Starting with the gnat fly, and proceeding forward to the super sonic jet, the random element of a non linear nature, called man's intuition, and experience, makes it possible to take the quantum leap that bridges the tiny fly to the jumbo jet because he can see their common geometric and naturally symmetrical and mechanical forms and generate a relative evolution from the 2.

The atom, the universe, both share a central relative constant central location and both share a number of free elements in orbit around them at equi-distance from their centers.

Joke of the month for lookat desktop magazine
What is a log-o-rythm? It's a pair of drum sticks!
Joke #1. for Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Divergent and Convergent Evolution Theory, etc...

When I was watching the movie Antz I saw the story line as a reflection of modern society to a tea! But, when they showed a flying ant, I realized, here is a great example of divergent evolution. So, I would like to interject my own 2 cents worth in the following writing.

Humans themselves come in a wide assortment of types, and colors, and we all know that our ancestry is originally from a vary wide number of different places.

The strong muscular type: a worker - a gamma class.
A weak body type with a high IQ: a manager - a beta class.
The physically fit and highly intelligent type: a president of a nation or a lesser entity such as a corporation or a CEO - an alpha class.

Let's look at this in another way. some ants can fly, and not all ants can do that! The fact that some humans can learn to fly and some can not, makes for a divergence not in species specifically, but in genetics specifically. Some people are gifted with healthy genes and never have a sick day in their lives, but, contradictorily, they may get cancer and die young.

Some people are gifted with a high intelligence, but are cursed with an emotional illness, such as Bi-Polar Disorder, and will never be able to hold down a job as long as they live! Otherwise, they make great composers, scientists, writers, musicians, and artists, to name a few.

So, why is there a major incongruent issue in the matter of the genes or the DNA that make up a person that cause such a problem, instead of there being a so called, healthy in body, mind and spirit person who never gets cancer and also has strong moral convictions?

Because the two parents have non specific origins that are likely very divergent back several generations, especially because of the nature of world travel that has allowed the migration and subsequent separation of random and diverse human types. Such types, mind you, are merely for the purpose of this writing and do not rate one over another, but serve to shed some light on divergent and convergent evolution theory.

Your parents and my parents, perhaps dating back a few hundred years, have exactly the same human types as for instance: English, European, Spanish, Indian, Oriental, and so on, and due to culture and norm have maintained a close DNA class system in the process of social and sexual conduct.

But, on the other hand, the English, have many many diverse and non specific divergence's. I love this. In simple terms, I am, for example, a white person. I am also classified as Anglo.

I am also classified as American. I am also a homo-sapien-
sapien. Why? It depends on the frame of reference. But I also have the gift of millions of years of evolution behind me, as well as the most recent acquisition of my father's and my mother's genetic pool, such as: German, French, Austrian, Welsh, Dutch, on my mother's side and: Scottish, Irish, and at least 2 additional, specific nationalities on my father's side.

Since that is the case, I may have developed a combination of characteristics, so unique in their mixture that make me one of a kind, rather than just like about 6 billion other people. 

On the other hand, I may have a predisposition to becoming angry like an Irishman, Drink Coffee like a Dutchman, and have the brilliance of an Austrian, but the insanity of a German. I don't really know. I do know that the past always repeats itself on a genetic level, but beyond this spectacle, lets get into another area.

Writing about divergence in origins and then, going so far back that it's a total mystery, cause most of us believe in Adam and Eve, so that would make this not entirely scientific, but, if The first 2 people on the face of the planet, diverged and eventually created the many different races, religions, and nations of the Earth, then there must have been several other influences that mutated the otherwise exact similarity of the human species as a singular body of a species in itself. One and the same, all human, subsequently, all the same.

All humans are red blooded. right?
Then it's just  a matter of sorting out the differences between red leather and red velvet and red onion, I guess.

Many of us still think that people are somehow so very very different that some people have DNA made of chocolate and others have DNA made of vanilla. This is down right stupid.

All that and world war 4!

The fact that people are not exactly the same, and the fact that there are thousands of different cultures, races, religions, and even several societies, there is a need to understand the differences before we can appreciate the similarities.

We are all one people, on a single planet. For that matter, we all like to drink coke! But, the differences in circumstance and genetic predominance and the pairing of mother and father making uniqueness in all of us, comes to the point where we all have to look at each and every person as uniquely different, yet vastly divergent and different.

That's precisely why some twins are opposite, some normal looking people are killers and why anorexics think they are fat and that guy down the street makes $1500 dollars a week and I am live on under half a grand a month. The DNA factor.

The case of divergence's in a single species is the very cornerstone of the evolutionary process! We as individuals are unique, but, in the bigger picture, there are other, more grand occurrences taking place. For instance, the oil supply is running out. The computer technology is making it possible for every person, of every ethnic and socio-economic background is able to get almost any kind of knowledge aka information from the internet and assimilate the date in such a way that will transform the planet into a single society before the end of the next few decades! We have diverged and now we are converging.

It's exponentially turning into a space age, technologically advanced global civilization. And I emphasize Civilization!

In order for insects to get along, they must work together as a group, a team, so to speak. We, as a world must decide, and soon weather we will converge under the Democratic order, or the socialistic order, which I oppose strongly. I am a Democratic Democrat who voted for Al Gore. I also think that I am lucky to live in America at the gateway to a new world order that will likely stand under the American Flag, In Democratic Freedom for the entire planet. Yea I also feel deeply committed to the positive enforcement of this philosophy on my website.

but, getting back to the nature of this writing.....
I think it's easy to point out the good points of democracy but it's fundamentally flawed to ignore the good points of all other cultures, just like it's fundamentally flawed to ignore the good in all people of all races, religions, and so forth.

The nature of nature is in itself unnatural. The random chance happening of life on this planet is not a product of a single formula, otherwise we'd all be spice cake waiting for consumption by the divine cake baker!

I like to look at a particular object of nature and consider all of it's different attributes:

The ant that flies, or the ant that crawls only, or

the ant that wanders off from the hill.

The man who walks, who also drives, but, doesn't fly.

The child who listens, but never speaks,

who sometimes smiles with rosy red cheeks!

The sinister minister who both feared and hated.

The comic, the saint, they both feel second rated!

There are mail men who are real estate salesmen on the side,

police men who hate doughnuts, runners with bare feet.

Baseball batters who chew on tobacco who think that it's neat!

Who cares if the guy on the next block makes a fortune, he's probably hooked on cocaine, or some other dangerous chemical and supports his habit with it leaving him only a nickel to buy a freakin' pickle!

Society is culture, and in that are the elements of it's composition, or the composition of it's elements. or both.
Art is culture, so is that some kind of convergent evolution? or just a freak in nature?

What came first, science or superstition? philosophy or the scientific method? Does it matter if the carriage comes before the horse.

After all, there are lots of incidences of or instances of accidental scientific discovery, not to be miss took for scientific invention. We all like to eat chocolate cake, but we all know that the science of proper nutrition came after several heart attacks and strokes over the past century right? We all think that its okay to take a day off on Sunday, even though we don't take it off for the same reasons. Some of us celebrate the Christmas holiday with a midnight mass, and the rest of civilization spends it in line at t retailer in expectation of  a  high return in their April tax return to make up for the expenses of credit card spending and impulse spending.

Gosh. A serious indication of divergence not in evolution, but in culture. or are these actually parallel cultural evolution that have always been diametrically opposed in points of view as far as religious holiday is concerned?

Keep it simple stupid. If so, I will try to sound intelligent by not getting too far ahead in my flight of ideas folks.

I am, by the way, human, so this may make some people want to stop reading altogether. I say, more power to you buddy. I like to write, and I title my writing to make it contextual as best I can. I am an intelligent and educated person, to a college level, and I therefore might see instances of parallel meaning in things that the ordinary person doesn't relate to or recognize. As I will defend my writing no further, with this in mind, I will keep on writing as if I wasn't being read by approximately 100 billion human beings over the course of the next century!

When things go towards each other, they are called convergent.   > < coming together.
from many different points of origin, funneling in like many people entering one doorway.
When things go away from each other, they are called divergent.  <   >  going apart.
in different directions and in more than 2 different directions like branches on a tree.
Evolutionary theory supports the divergence of life, and from divergence comes new and more complex forms. that adapt to the environment over long periods of time and adaptation and shared coalescence.

There is Progression as well as Regression in current culture and society and government.

When the majority of people within one society disapprove of the way things are going they often times revolt and civil war breaks out.

When a society or culture or nation  or country is progressing then it is said to be balanced and in harmony. This is a sign of a stable government and a people who are in harmony with the majority in their belief systems and their cultural cohesiveness.

But, often times too much diversity and divergency in a society can lead to a segregated and broken culture that may lead to separatists movements that lead to annexations and new political borders being drawn on the land map.

When things travel in parallel courses throughout time, they are called parallel occurrences. In all of nature you have the leaders, the followers, the hunter, and the hunted,  the creator and the destroyer. and so on.

In society, you have government, military, education, institutional religion, institutional military organizations, hospitals, factories, city and local government, libraries, public and governmental and educational institutional libraries. There are so many types of forces at work in America alone, that it's hard to see first base, second, third and home plate.

I agree. There are so many points of common occurrence, it's almost impossible where they all originated from, and where they are going, and in what order they came, and in what order they are going, and in what order and combination they will influence and be influenced by each other and in what order and what number, as in the case of 1 and 1 or 1, 2, and 3, and so on.

Then, there are not only focal points of society development, but there are so many sub-groups and there are the hierarchical order of importance of groups, peoples, organizations, powers, cultures, forces of nature, and waves or trends of the future. If a program could be made to work in a computer to take all of these variables then, we could in effect make more accurate predictions of our own civilization's future, to a degree and in some specific areas, or perhaps, to a degree as a whole also.

The planet is older now than it was yesterday. The only difference there are 24 hours between today and yesterday at 1:36 PM Post Mortem, that is, with the rate of births and deaths of people, plants, animals and bills in congress.

I will pretend to have such a program. I will put in certain variables, perimeters, elements, and formulas,  etc...

Experimental program x1: population in ten years as of 1:39 PM, Saturday, November 11, 2000, CST.

Projection based on current rate of :

oil depletion,
heart disease,
all other diseases,
natural disasters such as, flooding, transmittable diseases like influenza, tuberculosis, etc... and all other types.
global warming,
ozone depletion,
CO2 concentration,
illegal drug use,
nuclear exchange factors,
germ warfare factors,
terrorism in 3rd world countries, and in America,
water and air and land pollution,
tax increase,
health care,
social security,
all other natural and man made resources at our disposal,
and our current rate of space occupancy in orbital space stations over the next decade.
Experimental program x2: The rate of developing technologies in all countries, in their respective levels of development, to the following:
nuclear medicine,

nuclear weaponry,

laser technology,

electro- magnetic technology,

micro biology,

pharmaceutical technology,

computer technology,

aeronautical technology,

automotive technology,

robotics technology,

food processing technology,

farming technology,

processing technologies,

manufacturing technologies,

hydraulic mechanics,

fusion engineering,

high impact plastic molding technology,

milk dud cloning and more,
all other technologies.

Experimental program x3: Animal and Human cloning technologies and their influence on the popular culture and the political arena.

Yea, right!
The possibilities are big. Well, I do have some experience with Sim Software. I got to admit it, it can get pretty dull at the computer when you're waiting a few years for enough money to appear in your amount box, before adding additional office space, and that can really make a big difference between success or failure with your tower, or even more fanatically speaking, have you built your own city with sim software?

Boy, that takes years and even decades to see results and that's based on the basics, that is, roads, houses, police and fire, schools, commercial and industrial and parks and power plants and so on. The makers of sim software were the first to commercialize the concept of creating a simulated reality based on some specific and true to life facts. 

You have to have people to run a town, and the people need to be arrested, so taxes need to be raised to make more police stations to put them, and also, taxes need to be raised to pay for more schools so at least your criminals will become more educated.

As far as I know, there won't be any such experimental programs, x1, x2... or otherwise in the near future,  right?)

There will be a day when possibly we will get our hands on some kind of future scenarios program that can make predictions based on real time and actual circumstances, whereby the students of sociology and psychology and economics and politics will undertake the process of planned futures for college credit and grade point advantages.
There are no flying bananas right now, as far as I know, unless one should throw a banana at you while angry.

Bonzi Buddy would like that one. I think, but he might think I was making mockery of him.

Ponder This :)

What does this mean ?
The coffee calling the kettle black
coffee isn't aware that it exists. it is merely substance. It only exists as an extension of the human condition.

(or,  the pot calling the kettle black) My own concept.

Interpretation: Self centeredness, Vanity, Unable to look beyond ones' own self for the answers.

The coffee is within the kettle, but doesn't know it. It doesn't even know it exists, only the
man drinking the coffee knows it  LOL!
The kettle is the coffee's bigger universe, so to speak.
The coffee is so full of itself, that it can not see beyond the nose on it's own face, so believes the blackness that surrounds itself is coming from something outside itself. The point at which the coffee, a substance and the color black meet has not been established. You and I are that coffee and we are about  to be drank up by the universe.

It only assumes the kettle is black, and ignores it's own significance.
It will never discover that beyond itself, the blackness ends and the kettle, whether or not it exists, is out of it's grasp and impossible to actually see. Actually, you have to drink the coffee in order to give it significance. It never realizes this, and this is the thing to ponder most, and does that cow patty know you appreciate it when you sink your teeth into it after it's been grounded up into a simple burger? God knows, and this is thinking outside the box in every sense. LOL. :) I have taken this a bit too literally.

Question? How do you make sense out of something that doesn't even make any sense?

That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is it as it is, or is it? It is. But maybe not. appearances are often deceptive. LOL.

What does this mean:
You can't see the forest for the trees.
Interpretation: You are unable to grasp the bigger picture so forever remain removed from the truth, and simply remain in the dark due to lack of experience or hind sight, or another's point of view.

Actually if you are inside the forest and don't realize it you can only see the trees that are immediately surrounding you. In order to see the forest, the bigger picture, thinking outside the box so to speak, you must find your way out of the forest but you may never get that opportunity because you can not leave a forest if you indeed are unaware that you are inside of it. That is exactly what people in a city think. They can't see the city for the cars. The only way to see outside the box, the city, the forest you have to just venture a guess, a hypothesis that you must exists inside something and try your best to go to the edge and find your way outside. Once you are out you will never be limited to narrow minded and self limiting thoughts. Just as we live together on a single planet, all humanity is inside a forest and only a rare few are able to step outside long enough to see that the world is dying. But to convince the man in the forest, good luck!

The observer must be so close to the trees that it is impossible to realize that the forest, in which the trees lie, is of finite size. In order to see the forest for it's own sake, one must remove himself from the environment and go outside the truth and view it from afar, but, because this concept is impossible for the observer to grasp since he has never ventured beyond the forest to the outside, the concept of the forest is never realized.

What does the following mean to you:
If wisdom is the point that you realize there is nothing else to know, then you must stay blissfully ignorant so the novelty of uncertainty insures an eternity of never really knowing enough to be truly and completely wise.

It means you refuse to become wise because you fear that becoming all knowing will diminish the truth to a mere trifle, thus lowering your own expectations to a greater truth, one that you must accept as a lie.
Ignorance is bliss to the unwise, but to the wise ignorance is ultimately full of emptiness and futility.

What do you think of this one:
Is there in truth,  no beauty?

If you look at the whole in complete detail, then you will ultimately find imperfection, a contradiction to perfection or ultimate beauty, as beauty is associated in this context with perfection, a flawless ideal.

The question is very one sided, because all beauty in nature is relative to its observer and in its relative context, and not intrinsic or absolute from any point of view, so beauty is a contradictory concept subject to biased observation and is therefore the concept of beauty, whether perfect or otherwise is an impossibility in this context.

Bias can be explained as a person's personal fixation on one point of view about a thing or an event or any other thought or feeling in as much  as refusing to lookat something from any other point of view and  thus creating an artificial wall between yourself and reality, like thinking out side the box, you will always act without reason in cases of bias. Bias is not altogether an emotional reason but it can be. Often we as citizens of our own countries have been conditioned by propaganda and daily ruminations in the media and in literature to have a single minded bias towards a great number of issues and people and things that tend to become nothing more than mental ingrams, imbedded subconscious bytes within our lower brain functions.

What does this mean to you:
There is a fine line between love and hate.

It doesn't take much to tip the scale from love to hate or from hate to love, (or) the concepts of love and hate are so vague in meaning that there is a very fine line to truly define each of the moral opposites.

Love and hate are opposites, so they are not close at all and there is therefore not a fine line, but a very large gaping void between the two, but this does not meet the criteria of the underlying metaphorical meaning of the above statement, therefore, in keeping with it, in it's relative context, love and hate co-exist and each is a measurement of the other so if hate is great then love must be very very weak, or on the other hand, it may be necessary for hate to be understood as another meaning for fearing what we understand most, and love being the total and unconditional acceptance to that which we understand and hold as sacred truth.

What do you think?
What came first, the chicken, or the egg?

There can only be one right answer, but there are the following possibilities:

1. The Chicken is the mature stage of the egg, so therefore, the egg came first.
2. The egg is the byproduct of the chicken, therefore, the chicken had to come first.
3. The egg and the chicken are both the same thing, but exist at a different stage in their lives, so they had to both be first.
4. The chicken had to be hatched before it could lay the egg so another egg had to come before the chicken that laid the next generation egg.
At this point you realize it is an impossible argument.

I guess it depends on where you stand in the grocery store, either in the meat section or the dairy and egg section, which of course means that the eggs and the chickens by now co-exist at the same time and you don't really care, you just have to decide: If I eat eggs for breakfast, and breakfast comes before dinner, and I have chicken for dinner, then that must mean that breakfast comes, as well as the egg, before the chicken dinner, but,  hold on one minute, didn't you have chicken last night? I think you have placed yourself into another predicament!

Figure this one out:
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
other than the fact that an entire box that contains the complete 1000 pieces of a puzzle, the box of puzzle pieces contains all the elements to make a full puzzle image, the fact that the puzzle is not yet assembled makes it for the most part useless as a picture to look at. But it together and the whole image is in fact greater than the sum of all it's parts because only in the completely assembled puzzle is the view able picture.

When parts of a thing are not actually together they are essentially useless, but if they are put together to form the complete thing they are a part of, then of course, the thing has usefulness, and therefore, by virtue of it's purpose and deployment potential, to effect a change in the things around it, however not always constructively, but perhaps destructively, aside from this paradox, the simple meaning is evident, but, on the other hand, if you think only of the complete thing, and ignore it's component parts, then you surely loose out on the value of each part, working together, not independently, to make the whole thing complete and worthwhile.

This to me could be broken down into other areas of thinking, but I will not go further at this time.

But, as a poet once wrote, each man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main, and any man's death diminishes me. There is depth to this philosophy that makes it seem as though to challenge the above argument, but actually generate the possibility in the mind that the whole is equal and not less than the sum of all of its parts. Who can argue with that?

Ponder this one:
Ignorance is bliss.

It presupposes that knowledge is therefore torment, thus the theme of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden is reflected in this idea.

To know all things is painful, but, beyond knowing, isn't wisdom also bliss, as hind sight and experience makes us appreciate what we do know, even if it is painful knowledge, perhaps of an event in your past you really would sometimes rather just forget?  If, however knowing when you were going to die, and how, would this be painful, or would the not really knowing when and how is bliss in the sense of not being ever present on our minds?

How about this one:
It is in  the very nature of man to kill.

Man's killer instincts are part of his nature, but they are intended by nature, under normal and natural circumstances to insure his survival, as in the search for food, as in the hunter or the fisherman, but, on the other side of the argument, when man's nature to kill becomes unnatural, that is in the case of murder, or serial killing, or killing wildlife for sport, there are sadistic and evil aspects of this nature that suggests there are 2 completely diametrically opposite instincts or rather, potentials within man's own nature, to kill for survival, or to kill to destroy. The paradox truly lies in the fact that during war, man must kill to destroy, in order to survive.

Even though it is not man's moral nature to, with good conscience, kill deliberately and without provocation, I submit that the provocation was already supplanted from within the soldier by the commanding officers, so that from the highest authority down through the chain of command, the order, therefore, the provocation to kill the enemy is forcing man to kill against his own will, and nature, therefore making war, as in all destructive powers both unnatural, but also places mankind as a whole in a situation that has no hope of ever being altered to a level of morality and tolerance.  This is the leading and most fundamental horrors of mankind that haunts us through our entire history, so man will be, no doubt plagued with the realization that he is both a killer and is destined to kill, sooner or later, and God only can forgive him for he truly doesn't know what he's done!

Rise above it all with this one:
If man was meant to fly, he'd have wings.

It is simply not natural for man to fly, because only birds and insects and a few other flying marsupials and the flying fish which really just jumps up and swerves back into the ocean with a plunge: They are born with wings, not humans.

This is an example of pre industrial thinking. Alas, when man finally discovered he could fly he still had to ponder this one, in lieu of all the fatal plane crashes in current history, you can still argue this point about not being meant to fly, because, man doesn't want to be killed by a dumb man made metal flying machine that weighs thousands of tons, surely by no means actually deserving more to be referred to as a projectile, not a graceful bird in flight.

Yes, I will always argue in favor of this particular argument. That's why I refuse to fly the friendly skies as long as I live. I guess that makes me a throwback from the pre industrial era. So be it.

Parallel concepts:
It is better to have known love and lost it, than to have never known love at all.
It is better to have lived and died, than to have never been born.
It is better to have known suffering and pain, if only to have more appreciation in pleasures and delight.

The old adage that experience is the best teacher, is somehow indirectly linked to this line of reasoning.

But, specifically, and more to the point, Only experience of something can teach you to appreciate what a loss to you it would be if otherwise you never came to realize it. So life is to be lived, and later remembered, and in retrospect, a trumpet sounding from Heaven awakens your immortal soul, when you are called to meet your maker when you have reached the very end of your life, and your experiences.
In my own words: It is best to know love and keep it forever, than any other possible outcome.

What is the value of an abundant thing versus a very rare and hardly obtainable thing?
Well, as far as things go, the more of something there is, the less value to a collector, but, as far as oil is concerned, and gasoline, you know that this is the opposite. As far as people are concerned, the so called quality of life may diminish somewhat with increasing numbers of humans on this planet, but who has a right to decide who on this planet is of lesser or greater value? Not me, for sure, as it is stated in our American Constitutional Amendment, That all men were created equal, and so on.

summary: the value of a thing or a person, can not be measured by how many of them exist. The logical argument to this statement is the fact that the entire Universe is abundant and perhaps, infinite, so there is enough room for all things, and value is a personal appreciation of something by an individual, and this of course varies from person to person, and object to object, but as far as intrinsic value is concerned, I would be willing to admit that all things God has created are priceless and that is satisfactory for me to believe.

Pros & Cons:

Pro: DSL is faster than any other currently applied user modem so do
loading is much faster.
Con: DSL lets a computer hacker retrieve information from your computer while on line faster.

Pro: Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush Is Pro Life.
Con: He also enforced the Mandatory Death Penalty in his state as Governor.

Pro: Democratic Presidential Candidate Al Gore is Pro Choice.
Con:That means that the abortion pill will become available to any woman in the United States.

Pros & Cons:

Pro: Big Brother 2000 was fun to watch for millions of Americans on line and on television.
Con: It caused some of the participants to behave in a psychotic and paranoid fashion,  due to the fact that 10 strangers, totally diametric in experience and disposition, confined and clashing. If the environment of the Big Brother House was less tame, and not so well documented and observed, and if it had lasted longer, any number of dangerous psychological results could have left lasting impressions in the participant's minds that might cause life time damage. Public Ridicule comes to mind. 

Arrested social development also could be an end result. If any of the ten participants had a hidden psychological illnesses, then there could be serious psycho social ramifications for both the house guests and the public at large, in that their opinions about human behavior could become further stigmatized and/or warped from observing un unorthodox human conduct in an environment that is in no way natural or properly regulated to suit the mental health and promote an optimistic social environment. Kind of like the work place isn't it?

Anti Technology:

The Aftermath?

*note:  "anti-technology is not supposed to be an act of destruction or prevention of existing technology,  but rather it the term is meant to be used in reference to any form of non technology or the absence of modern technology that provides effective functionality for the basic needs and purposes of humans in our current age."

One form of anti technology is walking.  When you first decide not to drive a car, you are part of what I call, the anti technology revolution.  When you decide not to drive a car, for the sake of saving money, or because you don't want to be part of the pollution problem, or just because you don't like driving, or just plain like to walk to your destination, no matter what you're motivation, rather than your (motorvation), you are part of the Anti technology phenomenon.

If you choose to type your letters on a machine that doesn't use electricity, or a computer chip, like the original mechanical typewriter, like a Smith Corona, you are using anti technology.

What are some of the benefits of anti technology?

You might feel that there is a moral imperative to being one of those people who are less contributing to the demise of global warming, and the complete ruination of the planet, and more one of those great humanitarians and environmentalists, who takes part in the solution, rather than the problem.

What are some of the ideas behind anti technology?

Obviously,  there are more than one or even many,  that is, beyond human limitations to count in one single life time.  You can recycle.  That is a form of anti technology.  You are making it possible for paper to be re-used, and not abused and discarded and being made part of the landscape of trash we as humans are leaving behind us as an ultimate legacy of stupidity, and arrogance for our own shallow and selfish values for a generation to pick up after and so on, and so on....

Just by chance, there are many significant forms of anti technology at your disposal. Solar power is anti technology, if it's in the form of sunlight, directly from our sun, Sol, as it has been named.

Wind power is anti technology also.  Moreover, the willingness to not take part in the mass stupidity of mankind, by walking or riding a bus, or riding a bike to work and so on, you are making the planet a little less a piece of garbage, and more like a paradise.  I know, it sounds pretty egotistical for me to impose my own views,  but I don't really give a damn.  I think it's high time every one takes out time to stop and smell the concrete and melting tar and asphalt,  on a hot July in Dallas,  and realize we need to invest more intelligent ambition towards anti technologies,  for the sake of our future, and our children's children's future.  I love to preach.

Here is a list of what I refer to as anti technologies both in substance and USE:

  • Well,  it's about time to consider building upwards, and  not so much outwards,  for the sake of saving what little land masses we have, to be used more for the sake of renewed vitality of the planet. Building up is as plain as the nose on your face!  Those tall buildings in the center of your city hold the key to urban prosperity!

    The New America Scenarios are a fictional example of an alternative future for civilized man. To give you one example: You might not like tall buildings that are too close together.  Perhaps they lack continuity.  Well,  of course they do. That's because our forefathers lacked the foresight to implement the concept of uniformity and utility in their separate blue prints. 

    My idea of a future that embraces environmentalism and environmental conservatism to the point that enables mankind to foster a greater respect for their world.  We could stop smothering our world with cement, and instead, make it more feasible to walk and ride a bike, and use a limited number of mass transit and private transportation vehicles. 

    I have singularly, and with good conscience,  chosen not to drive a car, unless it is an emergency. Moreover,  due to the high cost of gasoline nation wide,  it shows good common sense to diverge away from driving, with the sudden marked increase in population as a whole. If everyone in the city of Dallas, Texas chose a specific day of each week not to drive any where at all, that would, in some small, yet significant way, help reduce the level of hydrocarbons being introduced into our air.

    If we chose to use the internet to read books,
    at least, that would reduce the paper waste, and perhaps give a bird a place to perch, in some far away wilderness!

    Ideas Central
    Wednesday, May 22, 2002
    4:44 PM, Central Daylight Time

    Zip Lock Sealed Bread:

    Loaves of bread that have zip lock resealable inner seals.
    Every 4 slices of bread would be pre-sealed inside zip lock bags.

    A zip lock, resealable bag to put your loaves of bread in.

    One idea is that you might keep the loaf of bread in it's original factory package with either clip or twist tie and use the resealable zip lock bags to further insure their freshness, otherwise the manufacturer can consider using this type of bag to market their product instead of using the current conventional wrappings. The one gallon storage or freezer bag is excellent for resealing the wax paper bagged dry cereals that otherwise are subject to going stale or worse, being exposed to little tiny ugly crawling things that use every trick they know to get into open bags and boxes that are not sealed properly.

    The idea of using large, rectangular food storage containers found in every bargain basement store or other retailer or grocery store to keep the bread and cookies in is in theory a good idea but in fact a bad idea, because often the cookies get soft and loose their crunchiness and the bread bolds rather quickly, that even in bread storage boxes they tend to retain moisture and the bread does, in fact, get moldy too soon. Air tight sealable bags work for sandwiches so why not for cereal and loaves of bread. 

    The manufacturer sells large excesses of loaves of bread to the average household in America because the average American family tosses about half of every loaf they consume into the garbage  either due to mold formation or going stale and drying out. The bag would work to the advantage of American families and plastic manufacturers but the bread makers would lose profits by the boo koos!

    Ideas Central
    Wednesday, July 31, 2002
    5:52 PM Central Daylight Time
    entry no. 00007

    Idea number 6.
    mirrors in space provide light to areas of cold and dark, bringing new hopes to farmers.

    Imagine orbital mirrors pointed at the Earth at angles that reflect sunlight onto dark areas that allows light for plants as well as warmth, so therefore changing global weather and temperature for the betterment of life. Even if the area receiving light is no more than a circular area no more than a few miles in diameter, an orbiting satelight with mirrors could in effect cover thousands of square miles in many days' time. Just another idea from lookat@swbell.net

    Ideas Central
    Monday, September 09, 2002
    2:20 AM  Central Daylight T ime
    entry no. 00008

    Idea number 7.

    Who knows. I guess this is a good idea:
    Just think of something Anthony :) Well, Since we live in an age of international terrorism, I would imagine we all should become more aquatinted with the many different ways to protect ourselves in an event. One idea might be to create emergency air tanks and masks to sell locally at the neighborhood  department store. It would be something that would add air inside your car during an event and it would provide enough fresh air and oxygen to drive to safety for up to 3 hours or longer. If you planned to drive in heavy traffic or go out of the city you might need 2 or 3 tanks, readily accessible in your car,  right under your seat or in the floor board of the back seat, but if the car is usually occupied by around 4 or 5 passengers then you would need to have them mounted up near the dash or up over the door frames near the ceiling of the car. There would certainly be issues regarding the possibility of explosion of the tanks in a collision but then there should be design contingencies to avert this possibility.

    Extra masks could be worn to filter extraneous particulate matter in the event of another catastrophe like WTC 9/11 on Dark Tuesday in New York City. They say many people inhaled enough microscopic particulate matter from glass, cement and thousands of chemicals and other materials into their lungs causing permanent damage and scarring to the lung lining. and the upper respiratory tract. This is not a new idea but I figured it was one that should be addressed at the anniversary of 9/11/2001.

    Lookat wants you to take a look at this:

    See through envelopes

    Recyclable medicine bottles

    Coke cans with screw off lids

    Roach killer that lasts a life time and only must be applied to a any surface once but can be removed easily if necessary.

    Car wheels that can turn 180 degrees

    Clothes that can change colors electronically

    Wearable television sets
    Put them on like a pair of skiing goggles,  adjust the focus on the stereoscopic
    lenses/aka/screens,  set the volume in the peripheral speakers and set back and watch an hour or two of The Young And The Restless.  You can even do this laying down.

    A retail market center with a revolving sidewalk that takes you to any point around the structure to the location nearest your parked car. Speed of this revolving sidewalk would be about the same as that of a current escalator.

    Covered parking lots. get out of your car and enter the building and back out with your items without the bother of the rain or the storm, that is, of course, until you have to drive out in it. oh well.  :>)

    Give a donation of your blood before entering a performance hall, get a cup of juice and see the show for free.

    Ideas Central
    Sunday, January 05, 2003
    6:12 PM, Central Standard Time

    Powdered milk in a straw , flavored or not, just add to a glass of water, stir and drink:

    I wanted to share this new idea I just thought of. cool isn't it? I thought it was too. I am struck on myself, I would imagine. LOL. :)

    Just imagine what it would be like if powdered milk came in straws that could be stirred into a glass of cold water until the entire amount of dehydrated milk was dissolved and you had a great glass of milk, either regular, strawberry, banana, or chocolate, cool huh!. Yeppers. As to the volume, I could measure it into a few teaspoons full.

    You can do this easy. Just take a zipper locking plastic baggie and put pre measured dried milk, chocolate, and/or instant coffee, carry it with you to any cold water fountain and fill a cup full 3 quarters full of ice cold water or add a few pieces of ice, then set down at a table, pour your magic mixture, then stir it with a straw or put on plastic lid and shake it a bit then you'll have instant success!

    Ideas Central
    Wednesday, January 22, 2003
    12:46 PM, Central Standard Time

    How to save a person who is trapped under an avalanche of snow:

    This idea came to me just yesterday and is very cool.  I thought of an idea to help save a person trapped beneath a deep pile of snow in an avalanche. Instead of just laying there until help arrives and suffocate, one devise is an attached compressed air canister or 2 that is strapped to each waist and an air bag that is deployed instantly that creates a hollow air space that withholds the weight of the snow and as it builds up around you you can eventually deflate the balloon and there is sufficient air released from one of the two canisters to give you a few hours of air to breath within the space below, and the final great idea is an emergency projectile that shoots a capsule that has a bubble in side so it lets you know when it is pointed straight up and then is attached to a self inflatable highly reflective balloon that has anchors that are opened up like that of an umbrella. 

    There is a tight high tension wire that holds it to your deployment device and can anchor to the ground and then you can pull on it until there is no slack and the prongs grip into the ice above ground. There is a beacon that is electronic and a flashing light also attached to this . 

    The above ground buoy is about 5 feet in diameter once fully deployed and it can be seen for miles from ground search and rescue teams and moreover, from helicopters or low flying rescue airplanes. Plus, if you happen to have a 2 way portable walkie talkie, you can use the hollow you have created to call for help and having a geo tracker or low jack type of transponder chip in your radio or other hand held devise, satelight tracking systems aka, ATS or other name, aerial tracking system or Satelight Tracking Systems, you have a almost 100% likelihood of being found and returned to safety within very reasonable time constraints.

    Ideas Central
    Sunday, July 13, 2003
    3:25 PM, Central Daylight Time

    Travel log and driver management system for your mobile transportation device, aka car, truck, van, SUV, rolling wiener, Winnabega mobile home. etc........

    Each time you put your ignition key in and crank your engine, an on board computer system records
    the following:

    1.  The time and date you start your vehicle.

    2.  The time and date you turn the engine off.

    3.  In dash camera and rear bumper cam can digitally record a video record of your entire journey or a portion of your journey, to save on a disk.

    4.  The speed you travel, from zero to maximum speed and the exact speeds you were traveling and what duration especially in speed zones strictly monitored. *If you go over the speed limit in a restricted speed limit area, the police will be notified and the coordinates to your vehicle provided to them to use to their own discretion.

    5.  It can plot the entire route, the streets, the north south east and west coordinates, in other words, your X-Y coordinates as if on a map grid.

    6.  Latitude, longitude and elevation also given via global positioning satelight system for your records and to provide instant assistance in areas you find impossible to realize to ask for help, as in the existing low jacks but it's all a sub component of the Travel Log System not just a stand alone device.

    7.  RPM, aka revolutions per minute of engine with peaks and valleys to indicate normal activity and abnormal.

    8.  How many times you used your brakes is recorded.

    9.  What speed you broke at each time you stopped or almost stopped, as in overshooting an intersection or making a sudden slowdown to avoid a near collision.

    10.  Each time you approached zero miles per hour.

    11.  How many times and at what speeds, you changed lanes during each trip event.

    12.  It also logs when you signal to each turn, or lane change or U-turn and gives you a final grade point average.

    At this point in automobile technology, it seems as if these types of cutting edge future tech devices should be a matter of course. This is my latest idea. I hope you find it useful to the betterment of living in the new millennium. 

    That's my latest idea and I will of course add more as they come to mind.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, December 22, 2003
    5:14 PM, Central Time

    I wonder if anyone has had this idea:
    Obey the law  !!!

    Ideas Central
    Monday, January 05, 2004
    4:29 PM, Central Time

    I had this idea: 
    Gun Smart Chip

    Shots fired today = 159
    Shots fired full     = 159
    Shots fired empty = 0
    Shots fired since first day of purchase = 11,997

    Complete comprehensive record
    specific time, day and date of each and every shot fired.
    time sequence between shots in milliseconds.
    number of reloads.
    specific range of targets: example: infrared radar scope indicated object
    fired at is approx. 567 feet,
    Angle of trajectory.
    >g force and bullet density readings to evaluate momentum of bullet projectile.

    You could keep records of your accuracy at the firing range.

    *If you fired at a given target, but missed, the sensor could relate the difference between the assigned target location and your true trajectory of origin and point of expected impact at dead center or approximate center with the eventual expellation of the bullet or bullets at any given rate and time frame.

    Additionally, an eleven digit code would be needed to enter before using such a weapon, aka gun, which is a definite deterrent to the act of impulsive use of deadly force by individuals out of control or in a panic state of mind.

    GPS device imbedded in the gun would make law enforcement a more effective tool for both the catching of criminals who use guns in the commission of their crimes but also to better serve and protect innocent victims of such crimes.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, January 12, 2004
    6:56 PM, Central Time

    What about the giga-pixel? Ultra High or Super High Definition.
    Imagine being able to actually look at an image and zoom into it from a piece of paper to the tiniest dust myte. In order to be able to do this you would have to have a nearly perfect camera lens, and a more than average amount of direct light and you would probably have to use radio frequencies as well as light to get to that degree of detail. That level of technology would have to exceed the now extant digital abilities of computer imaging systems and digital cameras that currently use the mega pixel.

    Ideas Central
    Sunday, January 18, 2004
    3:19 PM, Central Time

    You get on line, open up a word processor, type a letter, format an envelope, send it to a database, you pay by debit or credit or have payment arrangements for a month in advance for a certain number of letters. On the other end, your letter and envelope is printed, automatically stuffed, sealed, stamped and sent to be mailed.
    All this without having to take a trip to the Post Office. All this without having to bother stuffing the letter and licking the stamp. All this on line. 
    The United States Post Office would be able to make money off this idea but there may be one significant drawback, everything you write in your letter is subject to someone else's access and potential reproduction. But, hey, if you don't care about that minor detail, you can benefit from this technology in that you can render letters, or hard email in a more timely fashion and there are probably times when this idea would appeal to many if not most people these days. I mean, get real, do you think that each and every single email you click send on doesn't end up in some data base? Lets get real on this one. 

    Ideas Central
    Thursday, July 08, 2004
    10:13 AM, Central Time
    below are my latest ideas from the date of July 3th, 2004, listed numerically and in order of chronology, that is, as they come to mind at present:

    CURRENT IDEAS .....................................................................................

    Idea no. 0001
    GPS chips *Transponders, in every pair of shoes.

    If everyone had a global positional system transponder chip in every pair of shoes we wore, then we would never get lost. Criminals could always be found, children could be found before a criminal had the chance to molest or kill them. 

    Perhaps in effect, it would be considered an invasion of privacy, but I think that if GPS is already used in cell phones, and cars, then why not on people's shoes? It would be so easy to find people. Nobody could get into trouble. Nobody would be able to run far without the chip because if you tried to remove it you would destroy the sole of your shoe and not be able to wear them. But, look at it from this point of view:

    If a person wanted the chip, and it was not a mandatory thing to do so, then it would be voluntary and then that would make it a better thing to consider as a method of keeping track on the millions of people on the earth, and help find people who truly were lost and wanted to be found, and of course to those who are fleeing felons, the chip could already be under your skin as a requisite for national security, the homeland security initiative!

    Idea no. 0002
    Video Magazines, *disks for your dvd player.

    I would like to subscribe to Architectural Digest for one year, not only the magazine, but also the disk. *note: this is an idea, not a fact.
    The disk would arrive in the regular U.S. Mail and you could look at the magazine like any hour long presentation currently airing on broadcast television on Sunday mornings and there would be pictures you could print on your computer's printer and soundtracks to listen to for your own enjoyment, and special interactive material. The possibilities are virtually endless!

    The same idea could be used toward the local news paper.
    Video Magazines, what a concept!

    Idea no. 0003
    Light Up transparent computer keyboards.

    If you get up late and don't want to bother your wife by turning on the light in the room where your computer desk occupies, you might like it if you had a keyboard that had clear transparent keys and that had the ability to illuminate itself using small florescent lights around the edges.
    The idea of being able to see your keys without bothering to light up the entire room is better than having to use a tiny desk lamp that simply takes up too much space on your desk top.

    Idea no. 0004
    Covered parking lots in shopping centers.

    A new view of a covered walk path that leads from parking lot to entrance of any retail or other public facility. Concept by: Anthony Davis. Sat, July 17, 2004

    This is a variation of the covered walk path that leads from the parking lot of the North Oak Cliff Dallas Public Library which inspired me to create this conceptual image, one that could really improve parking lots all over America, to facilitate comfort walking to and from your car to any entrance to any public building, thus avoiding rain and blistering sun.

    Still, taking it up a notch, not just covering the walk path that leads from the lot to the building's main entrance at every divide with parked cars covered, as in the above illustration, but an entire parking lot, covered completely! No need then to worry about your car getting over heated in direct sunlight, nor rain nor hail. It's expense right?

    Not so if the parking is underground. In cases of underground parking, you can walk in a protected environment, but first, there's the ugliness factor. Give me a break, but aren't most underground parking lots basically the color of sickening grey concrete? There may be a need for a major underground parking garage makeover in many cases, but the above ground parking lot, completely covered so that it shades everyone from the excessive elements, besides being kind of expensive to begin with, and require regular maintenance, still, I would personally like to see them and personally like to see it in the very near future, wouldn't you? :)

    It would be very expensive, but who cares? Wouldn't it be nice to
    be able to drive to the store on a rainy day and park your car and get out without getting wet, and without an umbrella? The material needed to cover a parking lot should be like that used in large tents and outdoor tarps that often are used at State fairs and car dealerships and huge seminars.

    Other types of parking lot covers to be considered might be:
    corrugated steel or aluminum and plexiglas.  In any event, it would be expensive, and a challenge to a structural engineer, but overall, the end result would be a happy parking lot, one that I myself would gladly park under, especially on a summer day with dark clouds looming overhead.

    The fact that high winds occur regularly in Dallas, Texas is cause for concern in that many types of out door tent like covers or metal roofs over parked cars in various facilities like resorts and such all have a certain vulnerability to being essentially destroyed by high winds and certainly tornados. But, the damage that is done to cars in parking lots just because of hours of sun causing the interior of vehicles to go upwards into the 130's degrees Fahrenheit, that it makes the drive home so miserable that even with a fully functional air conditioner, you arrive at your next destination with a wet back. Your shirt sticking to your sweaty back and you have a terrific headache. 

    The sunlight and heat of summer in Dallas makes parking in direct light without shade of any kind damage the interiors of car upholstery and makes getting inside it initially seem like being a fresh baked potato under a heat lamp!

    Idea no. 0005
    Canned Chips Tote:

    It one day recently dawned on me that I had a pretty nifty idea, a carrying tote with adjustable hand strap, that holds canned Pringles or Lays Stax and in the top section of the tote, a regular sized can of dip! Example below:

    A canned potato chip tote is a good thingy, says Anthony :)

    Ideas Central
    Sunday, August 08, 2004 
    10:52 AM Central Daylight Time

    Idea no. 0006
    Drag & Drop System Tray Clock date and time to your documents:

    I like to give the exact day and date and time to every entry on my web site for future reference. But I was just thinking, imagine that! What if it were possible to point your cursor and hold down the left mouse key at the time in my lower right corner of my desktop and drag it to my document where it would automatically align itself to the left hand corner or right hand corner in whatever font type and size I wanted instead of having to type it? There probably is such a program out there. I guess I will have to hunt for it. But even so, I thought of it today on my own. I should get some credit heh? :)

    <> Note pad has the ability to insert the time and day and date in a document at the press of a button but. Oh, why not add this function to your browser's composer? Click Insert and click time and date? what a great idea! I just checked out my Composer and Insert options only include the following:

    Link............................. Ctrl+Shift+L
    Horizontal Line.........
    HTML Tag...................

    It is because I didn't write the program for Composer that I have no way of making this feature available, but it sure would be a good thing I guarantee you.

    Time & Date     Ctrl+Shift+T

    Well, it's a beginning.

    Sunday, August 08, 2004
    11:14 AM CDT

    Ideas Central
    Friday, August 13, 2004 
    9:57 AM Central Daylight Time

    Idea no. 0007
    Mouse with a Print button:

    How many times have you wanted to just click and print an article you are reading on the internet but are just not wanting to bother setting the printer settings and click all of the extra keys? I know I would rather do the following:

    1.  Open a page that has a document I want to print.

    2. Drag the mouse to highlight the page if it exists within a frame or a table, otherwise just click entire page.

    3. Or if you want to print the entire screen with all text but ignore all the other elements like pictures, icons, additional tables and frames.
    4. Click a Print button on the mouse near the center top portion of the mouse with your index finger and click one more time to confirm. and Print Menu button beside the Print button would give you options if you needed them.
    The 2 buttons would be far enough from each other so as to keep it simple. Point and click and print!

    Ideas Central
    Friday, August 27, 2004 
    8:22 AM Central Daylight Time

    Idea no. 0008
    Drag the time from your system tray to your document:

    I figured why not point your cursor at your time, usually located in the lower right hand corner of your task bar in Windows in what is called the system tray, that holds program icons that are currently in use running in the back ground in Windows and drag the time to the place in your html or text document or JAVA text to embed the time at that instant into your document.

    That will save you from having to click insert time or type it and it would insure an accurate and an instant process of putting the time and date on your page with the simple click of a mouse and a drag and drop approach to it.

    Ideas Central
    Sunday, October 24, 2004 
    11:24 AM Central Daylight Time

    Idea no. 0009
    This one is the best yet: 
    A Cafeteria Style Burger Restaurant.

    When you go to a fast food place for a simple order of a burger and fries and a drink it would be better I think to do it cafeteria style. You stand in a line and take a tray, pick up items of choice exactly as they would be displayed in a hospital or a school cafeteria. Since they already have them pre-made and set under a heat lamp in the first place, they could merely present them to you as you see them. Then you would actually know what you were getting. A tiny burger for 2 dollars with no catsup and a cup of fries about half an inch in length and shriveled up and dry. 
    The reason I like this idea is it would allow you to make a more informed decision about what you were purchasing.

    Instead of looking at a laminated color image of a perfect burger and fries and coke that give you the false sense they are much larger and attractive than you actually get in a wax paper wrapper and by the time you get to the car you know you put that extra  salt and pepper and catsup in the bag with plenty of napkins instead of 
    nada as the usual case would be. 

    You know how many times we have to asked them: "did you put catsup, mustard, salt, hot sauce and napkins and pepper in my sack to accommodate my order?" because they never voluntarily give you anything with your burger and fries and flat and overly sweetened soda pop. Otherwise it sounds better to actually go to a hospital cafeteria in the first place! :) at least the have it your way would stick in my form of customer service is concerned in the fast food way of doing business, but they tell you to sell the extras with the orders, the small ones especially, do you want cheese on that burger? why? is it free? no. we are told to ask you to add cheese for an extra 50 cents to make the company more money or we get fired for not suggestive selling.

    You knew that already.

    If you had it your way you could see them prepare it before your eyes like at subways, instead behind that metal partition in the very back where God knows what they do with their hands. I prefer the Austin's burger open sandwich, which by the way used to be served to us when Austin's Barbecue used to exist at the corner of Hampton and Illinois Ave. in Dallas, Texas. They served you a large beef patty with fresh lightly toasted buns, with a side of thick sliced tomato, big slice of onion and generous amount of fresh lettuce and a few sliced dill pickles. Your mouth would simply water just looking at the scrumptious plate of food, and this was no small burger. It was not as fast as fast food but hey, if you had the choice between a secret ingredient made ahead of time by who knows what or a restaurant style burger served for you to eat at a nice table and for that you pay a bit more but you get quality. Quality goes in you mouth, on your taste buds and you feel that satisfaction of having enjoyed a wonderful burger, fries and a drink without wondering what care and experience went into making them for you. You know what I mean.

    Ideas Central
    Friday, November 19, 2004 
    4:38 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0010
    There should be a new television show called:
    The Good Samaritan

    This would be a reality based tv show that is all about the good deeds of the participants. The more good deeds a game show participant does, the more points they accumulate. The first player who stacks up 100 points, is the winner, but the catch is the winner only gets a free dinner and free air fare and hotel accommodations and a spot on several morning or evening talk shows. No big cash prize is awarded, otherwise it would seem like the good Samaritans only did good deeds with an ulterior motive in mind and that would look pretty bad to most people watching during prime time..

    Ideas Central
    Friday, December 03, 2004 
    10:09 PM Central Standard Time

    <>Idea no. 0011
    A house that can be elevated several feet
    during a flood and submerged several feet during a tornado or other emergency event:

    This would require a pretty heavy duty hydraulic system but would protect people from flooding and tornado activities that are so common in areas such as Dallas and surrounding counties.

    Ideas Central
    Tuesday, December 21, 2004 
    3:43 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0012

    A Removable pan with lid for easy removal from stove to store in refrigerator:

    The thought occurred to me this afternoon when I got finished eating chili dogs. The pan that was used to cook the chili sat there on the stove top, the chili had cooled and hardened from cooling. I wanted to just put the pan in the refrigerator to heat up later but that would look kind of ugly and besides there wasn't a lid for it either so  I figured there would be 2 steps from that point involving: 

    1: Either I get a bowl or a Tupperware dish and scoop the rest into it and put a lid on the dish and place it into the refrigerator.
    2: Then I wash the pan out.
    But,  then I thought:

    A. What if the chili was inside a smaller container, made of metal, that could set into the pan, and cook the chili.

    B. Then after the chili cooled and the pan was cool to the touch I could remove the container of chili from inside the pan,  place a lid on it and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

    C. Then I could rinse the nearly clean pan that held the container. 
    No muss, or fuss.

    In fact, adding water to the bottom of the larger pan would possibly help prevent scorching of the chili. There are such pans designed to do this but they allow for only partial submersion of the second pan into the pan holding water.

    I like this idea. It could be used to incorporate many pan cooked foods, like noodles, soup, sauces, and so on. I feel a bit  like a kitchen master!

    Alternatively, if the pan had a removable handle in the first place,  the pan would easily fit into the refrigerator as it is, with a plastic lid that would have to be designed to snap right on top of the pan to seal in the flavor and preserve the quality of the food inside. 

    There could also be a triangle shaped vent at the top of the lid to open or close to make possible the cooling process once the inner container is removed from the stove. Then just minutes later the dish can be placed inside the refrigerator. 

    This is a good idea with many dishes as the cooling process causes moisture condensation from vaporization, thus the vent in the lid could allow most of the excess vapor to be dispersed this way.

    The main purpose of this idea is to present a concept that could make it easier to reuse a container that often contains food that has to be refrigerated after cooking,  but to make it unnecessary to wash out a dirty pan or pot each time!

    I hope you can benefit from my latest idea.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:30 PM Central Standard Time

    <>Idea no. 0013
    A chip can that has a clear removable lid. 

    The cans of chips we buy now have tamper proof safety seals under the removable lid.

    If you buy a can of chips you will likely not bother to open it up to see if some child has eaten half of them and put the can back on the shelf. You should always remove the top lid of the can chips to make darn sure that the safety seal is still in tact.

    However to take this a step further, what if the removable lid had a clear center window of plastic like many single serving yogurts do. You then can take the can home and eat as much as you like but when you finish indulging you can always tell if there's any more chips in that can before even bothering to pick it up after your son or daughter or brother or sister has had their hands in it.

    This is good mainly to let you know what's inside that can first before you open it and secondly it keeps the chips fresh longer. Every time you open up a can or a bag or a box of chips or crisps or crackers you help speed up the stale factor.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:40 PM Central Standard Time

    <>Idea no. 0014
    What I think is .......

    All email must have some text that is constantly imbedded into the html that is exclusive to the sender only that will enable all users who get it sent to them the opportunity to create a spam filter for that email as they see fit.

    There should be a mandate with no one single exception to this... instead of what happens on many or most emails is a fake sender name and a fake sender email address, a fake subject line, a fake deliberate misspelling of most or all words, a fake IP address, a fake link in the page and
    your email name is fake in the  To: line or, Cc: line. Example:

    Rupo@still.net, lobonzo@still.net, lookat@still.net.  no way to create filters when these fake names change every single time.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:45 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0015
    Viking Burger with potato planks.

    Burger in a Boat! A paper boat centered with a hot burger, wrapped up, surrounded by large fries
    that are cut without removing the skins.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:50 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0016
    Low carb burger

    Simply put, a low carbohydrate burger is a burger with a hole cut out in the center like a donut. cute! :)

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:53 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0017
    Horizontal, eye level refrigerator:

    A refrigerator with extra freezer space fits on the wall like a cabinet and has 4 doors, the left quarter is a freezer, and then the center take up half with a refrigerator and the right quarter is mainly just for storing ice. The 4 doors are glass and that is that.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:55 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0018
    A global walkie talkie:

    It can also serve as a land line phone. Person to person calling any place on the planet using satelight and land line technology. Not like a wireless or a cellular, but more like an advanced transceiver that can transmit a signal anywhere on the earth. That would be the ultimate phone, walkie talkie, cellular wireless with GPS communicator ever!

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:58 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0019
    Camera lenses that are used in digital photography ...

    should be made in the weightlessness of space to create the perfect lens to make digital photography virtually flawless. With gigapixel definition and a more perfect lens both movies and stills would be far more advanced and accurate than what most of us use right now. With that in mind, the WYSIWYG and zoom resolutions would be fantastic.

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    2:59 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0020
    Cardboard mouse pads?

    Try using a good piece of masonite or a 12 inch by 12 inch ceramic tile could in my opinion make a good mouse pad if a piece of card stock paper is laid on top of it. I just washed my mouse pad and it's setting out to dry for a few hours because it's rubberized composition is absorptive of water and like sponge takes a little while to dry after a good hot water and soap wash. The thing I'm using at the moment is an eight and a half by eleven sheet of card stock paper. It's either 90 or heavier, perhaps 110 pound weight. You could probably just use recycled pieces of card board like the kind you find in a candy box or a shirt box. The thing is, it's cheaper than a regular old rubber like mouse pad.

    I've seen some doozies in my day. A mouse pad should have nothing attached to it. It should be rectangular. it will wear out eventually. The signs of wear are realized when after a year or so there seems to be a bumpy surface underneath as you roll the mouse across at certain places on the pad. After washing my mouse pad I saw that the center where the mouse ball rolls all over and over again had theses raised and irregular waves of texture like the surface of an unironed shirt looks in places.

    The  thing about that is, you can still get a bit more use out of the pad but it you really want a smooth ride you probably will end up going to your favorite electronics store and purchase a 10 dollar mouse pad, hopefully one that will not have a wrist rest at the bottom. There's always my backup plan, use the bottom of the pad but that can really wear the mouse ball out. I think you can find a piece of cardboard and an exacto knife somewhere in all the junk that's in your house and then play it by ear. I like doing something with nothing. Home made mouse pad made of thick cardboard, with a  graphic of a calendar on it perhaps or really why waste ink?

    Ideas Central
    Monday, February 28, 2005 
    3:00 PM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0021

    Telephone that prints your phone records and your messages, voice to text conversion:

    You come in after a day away from home or the office and you have received about 50 calls.

    You know half of them are not important to you so you pick the ones that are coded green.

    3, 6, 24, 32. all are listed as top priority calls. You press the button that corresponds along side the number 3, then you wait a second.

    The message prints out. It's like a fax but instead of using a fax machine this phone can record all incoming voice mails and can save in memory every important or unimportant message depending on your presets and convert all verbal messages into speech to text and  print it out for you and there should be in such a devise a CD-R or floppy disk slot to enable saving tons of messages that can all be saved, with time date and caller ID and message length details for future printing, or just for you to keep in your private archive storage for future reference.

    The extra feature that would make this great would be the ability to save to disk a two way conversation especially a conference call during a live conference or just an ordinary conversation, then you can have an accurate and complete record of all conversations at the touch of a button and with speech to text programming built in, you could print it from the phone or take it to the computer of your choice and print it out later with your laser or ink jet printer.

    This would be great in court and in legal instances where accurate records of conversations often are not entirely reliable until now. I will call this phone:

    And yet this is a concept,  an idea of mine,  of a future phone.

    If video phone functions were added and if voice recognition was added and if optical id or thumb print id capabilities were added it would be almost like having a space age phone of tomorrow.

    Ideas Central
    Friday, March 25, 2005
    10:58 AM Central Standard Time

    Idea no. 0022
    Etch-a-Sketch with built in AM-FM radio and back light :

    How about an etch-a-sketch that has a built in radio or mp3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes while doodling. Plus, a back light to allow you to see what your sketching in the dark! A kind of glow in the dark etch-a-sketch!

    a high tech etch-a-sketch:

    Or a computer interfaced etch-a-sketch that lets you plug in your etch-a-sketch into the computer and let the monitor catch the image as you create it so you can save it to disk and even print it!
    Talk about advanced etch-a-sketch huh!

    Strictly for kids, you still only have the x-y axis to deal with with nothing but a child's imagination to take flight, unlike the more complex programs already out there like corel draw and Jasc paint shop pro and Microsoft's paint brush.

    I wonder if the creators of etch-a-sketch would like this idea?
    I like this one my self. simple and down to earth.

    Ideas Central
    Saturday, May 14, 2005
    11:23 AM Central Daylight Savings Time

    Idea no. 0023
    How about a program that ...

    lets you edit your pages by letting you type a specific word or phrase then ....

    The program highlights or underlines any such identical words or phrases as they appear on your pages, so you can edit them by either replacing them all in an instant by typing in an alternate word or phrase or delete them from your page or pages. In one instance I used my email address, before I realized it's not a good idea to have your email address on your web pages directly as it can be harvested by an internet bot or whatever they are called and added to their spam lists. That's why I came up with this idea. The program would act almost the same as a spell checker.

    Another nice idea is to let a spell checker look for a single misspelled word in an entire document so it can replace the word with it's correct spelling however many times it appears in your document or web page, text file or html document or pdf document as well.

    Sure beats hunting down a single word a hundred times in a long document in order to individually edit and correct the misspellings for each instance of a single word. I would surely want not just to learn it's correct spelling so I don't type it in wrong in the future but in the mean time it would be nice to be able to have a program designed to edit multiple instances of a single word or phrase and correct them all in a single click of the mouse or the enter key!

    If you were a writer and you wanted to change the name of one of your characters, imagine having a program run through your entire 1000 page book and replace the name Jon with Cool Dude on every single page and then do a proof read of the entire document to determine if you may have used to many redundant words like the word and may be used 1500 times and the program could, if it were designed to do so, remove half of them and turn the compound sentences into separate sentences and capitalize the sentences that were recreated.



    'I had a very busy afternoon and my neighbor had a loud party all day long.'

    'I had a very busy afternoon.  My neighbor had a loud party all day long.'

    Ideas Central
    Tuesday, May 17, 2005
    7:21 PM Central Daylight Savings Time

    Idea no. 0024

    Frisbee battery chargers.

    Why not have frisbees? You know, those flying saucers so popular in the 1960s and beyond? By using the forces of wind and sun, we could use these energies to charge the compartment in the bottom compartment, in the center of the frisbee to charge a couple of size D cell or size AA batteries or size AAA batteries so by the end of a one or two hour throw with your fiends at the park you could poke your newly charged lithium batteries into your iPod MP3 player and you're good to go for the next several hours of pure rock and roll or whatever floats your boat!

    I guess the geometry of this new type of toy would have to be such that it actually functions. I have no idea how it would look except hopefully for the most part, like an ordinary frisbee. Then there's the thing about frisbees. They are exposed to lots of punishment. This has to factored in heavily to the virtually indestructible design of such a battery charging system. It sounds like a real challenge to someone who is into this kind of invention. This thing would have to be just about unbreakable! You heard it first from me: Anthony Davis, the guy with all the incredible ideas!

    I could have said, how about a battery that never needs charging?
    Well, how about shoulder pads that use sunlight to charge or to directly power your cell phone or your iPod, MP3 player?

    Shoulder pads or a contraption that you would wear over your shoulders
    or even a baseball cap
    , while out and about would be like collecting free energy and at the same time, making a fashion statement! :)

    Ideas Central
    Saturday, May 28, 2005
    5:32 PM Central Daylight Savings Time

    Idea no. 0025
    Wind Power Kits ...

    for sale for home use & to get lectricity from the sun.

    It would be cool,  really!  If instead of being completely at the mercy of big electric we as free citizens of America had the access and freedom to purchase home power by wind electric generators at our local home improvement super centers.  Although kits already exist,  they are few and far between.  I don't even know if it is practical to buy one for my home since they sell for quite a price. 

    But,  if these wind mills that do generate electrical power for homes were mass produced like everything else in this great country then they would therefore become quite inexpensive even for someone like myself.

    If we were more energy independent and less energy dependent on large conglomerates like the power companies indeed have become since the start of electrical power when Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.

    Tesla started it,  the creation of the use of Alternating Current Generation around 1884, and had by 1917 received the Edison medal from the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.  For that and other inventions from these two great minds  we as a nation are stronger,  economically.  And now,  because individually,  people would be able to direct the spending of their extra cash to buying new energy efficient cars that run on both electricity and gasoline and hydrogen and so on the economy would improve from this as well. 

    Electricity is derived from a source of energy that the Sun creates.  It produces enough sunlight, shining directly on our planet,  in one day that could theoretically be converted into electricity for the planet for the next 100 years. Perhaps even longer! I don't know for sure,  but it's an enormous number I can tell you that.

    Harnessing the free energy of the sun and creating a free and workable energy solution for the entire Earth would indeed the cornerstone of man's greatness if it should someday come about.  Not just a few wind mills or solar power cells on roof tops,  but a way of catching the sunlight and doing what plants do like photosynthesis,  kind of like that,  but more like focusing the energy into power plants that would be ready for the new populations yet to be born and the future of the planet in that it would in no way promote the effects of global warming, the true danger upon us today in the here and the now.

    Ideas Central
    Friday, June 17,  2005
    10:01 PM,  Central Daylight Savings Time

    Idea no. 0026
    Create a view master type of stereoscopic slide show

    By taking a set of images that you really love,  home photos or vacation pictures and by using an color ink jet printer on transparency film,  print out double images to be used in a view master type of device that allows you to see your favorite images in stereoscopic vision.

    Remember the old days when they made the view master and it looked like opera glasses and used a disk with two detailed colored images of your favorite tv shows like Lost In Space and you could flip the lever and see what looked very much like a three D image of a scene from your show.  They made this novelty available in the late '60s and early '70s I believe. 

    Taking it the next step using your PC and Ink Jet Printer we should have such technology ready and waiting for us today.  Making it possible to reminisce about family outings and trips to the beach,  your very own private library of view master type disks to just look at at your leisure.

    more from Ideas Central soon!

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