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Friday,  August 25,  2006,  11:19 AM,  Central Daylight Savings Time

This is where I put down my own ideas about future technology.

Perhaps you have thought, just what will they think of next?

Futuretech issue of the month:
Now I've heard everything!

The end is near for analog tv.  I read some articles just now about it.  Television as we know it,  that is,  analog broadcast tv is going to apparently end sometime in April,  2009.

If you don't subscribe to satellite or cable now and are using a roof top or rabbit ears antenna to get signals from your local tv stations,  you will no longer get a signal and you will be forced to buy a new digitally ready television set or you will have to buy a new digital to analog set top converter box, as they have been called.

The pros of this type of new technology are the following:

1.  Higher definition images and higher quality sound.

2.  Better recording quality.

3.  Most televisions will then have access to a program guide to help them choose programs better.

4.  The ability to copy broadcast news on disk for use on a pc will enhance pc potential.

5.  More potential will exist in the digital media industry because everyone will eventually decide to subscribe to digital magazines,  digital subscriptions to their favorite tv series and soap and game shows and so on.

6.  The first responders like police,  fire and rescue will have a broader range of radio communications so in times of real disaster they would have much more control of the air waves.

7.  Television will be more compatible with existent computers that can be linked up to them to play home made videos or professional quality dvd movies and presentations on their big screen tv sets.

8.  America may become more secure because certain sensitive news articles have so far been available to anyone on the planet and this is not a good thing,  so perhaps with Digital TV
We can restrict the accessibility to certain news features from reaching countries who do not share our views and perhaps even would use information we broadcast against us on some levels.

The cons of this type of new technology are the following:

1.  So-called broadcast television will end and with it,  free information for everyone, everywhere.

2.  The infrastructure of commercial advertising may be forced to change in a way that is much different than it is at present.

3.  Digital TV may cost everyone in that you may have to pay so much every month as if you had been doing so many years already but to people like me who have never paid for cable or satellite television I may be forced to pay a monthly premium just to access certain channels that were once completely free since I was born!

4.  It may become possible for someone on the other end to spy on us using a hidden camera that may be intentionally put in every new digital tv that is sold in the near future and adding the potential for a transponder with a GPS locator in it any household could be engaged in secret as to goings on in the privacy of their own homes.  This is probably not going to happen but the potential for it to happen exists. But it is just anther Big Brother Conspiracy Theory.

5.  Those of us who have amassed a library of vhs, older dvds and even beta L-750s want to watch old videos must keep that old analog tv working as long as humanly possible.
Eventually when all tv's end up in the land fill and the stores only sell digital  tvs, then you will not be able to look at all those home videos that you used on your vhs cam corder,  and you will have to find a place to convert all vhs to digital at some local service center that charges a handsome sum to do it.

What about space stations?

I want to see one of those pin wheel type space stations orbiting the Earth

It never fails to amaze me with each year passing.  High tech toys, on board navigation for your car designed to keep you on track and on time.  Geosynchronous orbital satellite tracking systems that are referred to as GPS or Global Position Satellites that can find you if you take a wrong turn in Dallas on your way to Seattle. LOL!

Try this link to lookat :
How many satellites are in orbit around Earth right now and more:

lookat this:

We already have lots of new technology. We can shop without using cash. It takes it right out of our checking account. But with that technology we have card swipers who rob us blind by copying our card data and our accounts are easy pickings for the criminal genius.

We have wireless computer mouses, remote control lawn mowers, micro chips that are so very small that you could virtually put an elephant through the eye of a needle. There are still no vending machines that provide entirely nutritious foods. There are no warning systems that can actually let people get out of town before a tornado has already entered ground zero in their neighborhood. 

There are lots of things technology has created, like JAVA scripting and all that.
But, beyond the internet, Amazon.com, Space.com, to name two very popular sites, there are now cellular phones with tv screens and cameras that can snap a picture and send it via the internet to your friend's email inbox. Great for those times when you actually witness a crime and bother to send an email to your local law enforcement!

But, what of some of the basics? Well, I recently was pleased to see that many soup cans now have pull off lids so you don't have to hunt down a darn can opener and that makes carrying your soup to work or school sensible so you can pour it into a cup and mic a cup of soup! Great! Yep.

What about safety technology? I heard that if an SUV crashes into an ordinary sized automobile the results are very deadly for the ones in the smaller vehicle.

So, they plan to lower the bumpers of the SUVs by the year 2009. In the meantime, the crashing and the deaths will continue, so in reality, there is a gap in the measure of time between an ideal and a reality and this gap can be a bad thing in many cases, this one in particular.

I would be happy if they had coke machines that you could use a prepaid coke card say, $5.00 or $25.00 or any amount in between and you could access any vending machine that sold soft drinks or specific vendor drinks without having to access a bank account number as it is prepaid not a debit card and you don't have to use cash, especially that dollar bill that just won't go in and keeps being rejected or having not quite enough change to pay for a drop of the cold beverage of your choice.

Yes, this is a good idea. Since it hasn't caught on yet, I want to introduce it again on this page for all to take a look at, by lookat.:)

*If there was (now there is) a technology that could use LCD displays to set the prices in a retail store for over 100,000 items by accessing a data base and using a specified plan-o-gram or store marketing merchandise lay out schematic.

*note: This idea had been originally posted by me, lookat@swbell.net on or before the year 1995 and added with the rest of ideas on these pages for you to take a look at :)

*On page 28 of the WINTER/SPRING 1998 issue of Mr. Food's EasyCooking magazine an article reads: 'The End of Price Checks? It says that more than 200 supermarkets around the country have electronic rather than conventional plastic shelf labels'. I cannot post the entire article word for word because of copyright law, but I believe I can post the website at: http://www.mrfood.com or link to it from: homearts.com

I like the idea of a future technology that would make shopping in the store better than it is at the moment. The scan cart. You scan everything that you put in your cart as you are shopping and you add it all up plus tax and that gives you constant comfort that you are not over budgeting yourself. Before that kind of technology comes there has to be more respect for shopping carts! As it stands, they end up rusty in the parking lots of America and many on lone roads pushed by the homeless carrying empty aluminum cans for trade at a local recycling center!

lookat this:

I heard they use the metal shopping carts to barbecue in them! That must be the reason for the new plastic version at stores like Target. I guess.

There is a germ that lies on that freaking door handle and on that shopping cart handle, and it is in direct contact with your bare hands! You need protection, so there could be a simple solution for it, disposable sanitary gloves just for shopping, not the ones that make your hands sweat and these would be skin tone to match your hand color so as to appear almost invisible. You shopped until you drop and then drop the gloves in the garbage can and you are germ free, for a day.

Although some new technologies are basic and banal, they have their place in modern civilization. There are forms of technology undergoing constant change. Like tracking the weather. The weather bug software that you place in your system tray and keep track of weather in your area while surfing on line, you can keep up with the temperature and the wind gusts and more in real time.

This is current but what if in the not too distant future, you could be watching tv and have a constant watch of the weather in a smart screen or in an area of your television screen that keeps you informed of temperatures and 5 day forecasts, and early severe storm warnings while either on cable, network or watching a video off line from your dvd player or vhs.

That would be cool. Or hot or mild with winds up to 25 mph northerly at 15 degrees north west. LOL :)

lookat futuretech archives:

We all like nifty gadgets.  They make life a little more interesting right?  Well,  here are a few of my own:

The long Wrap Around UPC bar code:

The idea behind this is simple: a bar code that is a band of lines that goes around the entire package. Instead of a rectangular UPC. The cashier can't miss this one. Every time each item is scanned, the computer immediately picks up the code because the code is all around the package. The cashier will find this an advantage, so instead of multiple scans by mistake, of the same item, one scan and its done, no hunting for tiny little vaguely recognizable square UPC codes. Maybe it's on this end!

Nope! Let's try this side: Nope! Oh, here it is, better type it in manually, cause the scanner can't make it out cause the print is too small or distorted! right?! This idea is a lookat desktop exclusive, and Anthony Paul Davis is the inventor of this concept. Thank you for taking the time to look.

lookat this:

The Microscopic Font:

Just how small can a font get? I imagine there are ways to compress existing data to the point that it really doesn't matter how large or small the fonts are. But, just how small is a pixel? And is technology going to produce a micro pixel or micro font? Imagine the idea of typing enough data on a single text page to fill a city directory.

Think of being able to put that much data on a sheet, or on a single floppy, and moreover, think of what that will mean in savings to hard drive space when it is no longer necessary to add an extra larger hard drive to your data base, but, instead, being able to use small hard drives that can manage what it currently takes terabytes of space to save? A thought from lookat@swbell.net on futuretech for Thursday, March 16, 2000

The Scan Cart:

Scan while you shop. It seems simple enough.  They already carry around the remote radio scan gun to check their inventory data and price data for almost everything in retail, so if it were technologically possible today, would you want to shop and scan on your own? I would. I don't trust the bored checkers. They would rather be out and about doing the town instead of standing and smiling all day long for nothing an hour, more or less.  It's time for the scan cart.

You could get a better feel for the technology if you tried using a hand scanner.  It's a pretty simple piece of high technology I have had the experience using at one time in my life.  One good thing about scanning your own junk,  is that you will only have yourself  to argue with!

The Debit Card Vending Machine:

No cash? No problem! A pre-paid junk food vending machine or specific lookat cola product debit card will not take money from your checking account.  It is slightly different.  It is a Pre-Paid card, worth only what you paid for it. Hmmm! Maybe the idea
of a Debit Card Vending Machine that also uses Debit cards? Slide, Enter PIN, Punch, and Enjoy your junk food and drink! No cash or even exact change required. Wouldn't that be really cool? I think so!

The E-motion Alarm For Your Car:

Actually, you already know about mothers leaving their infant child in the car seat, locked up inside the heat, to run a quick errand at the grocery store, out in the parking lot. Simply enough, the idea is to place a motion sensor alarm system inside the front and back seats of your car that automatically engage when you leave your car and close the door.  An audio alarm would alert the every person within range, and an electronic beeper signal would engage your beeper cell phone so you could respond before the police, or worse, your child dies from exposure to excessive heat or cold, usually heat.

How much would such a device be worth in terms of saving lives? You can't put a price tag big enough on that kind of security for your child or pet when your mind goes out to lunch on a lazy summer afternoon.

The Passage Scanner For Your Home:

While your out to shop, your kids can hop 'til they drop, but when you return, a playback of every detail will be there for you to look at. This is a good thing unless the children are over 15 and are smart enough to disengage the devices and leave you wondering who
came over for punch and what kinds of games were really played.  If the Passage Scanner is tampered with you are immediately notified by beeper. 

Then, you can go quickly to find out who messed with it and take appropriate actions.  One idea behind this is more for keeping track on what goes on at home while mom's away for several hours running errands during peek off times of her teen age sons and daughters, who you probably trust about as far as you can throw a brick.

The other idea behind this is, when you are out, and a criminal comes in, it will record their voices, and it will digitally tape their activities, and it will tell you how tall and heavy they were as well as how many since the entrance mat is weight sensitive and knows when a different set of feet have crossed over it. You can program the Passage Scanner, that is, when it is available to the average home owner, to monitor all doors and windows of the home, and outer perimeters of the house. 

The cost would be pretty high, and the average guy couldn't get one. But, that may change with the new security technology that's being developed today.

The Stress Police Are Coming!

Imagine you are on a walk path, and you have about 12 miles to go to get to your destination, on foot, and about half way there, you suddenly get an anxiety attack, although, you think it's something worse. You think you're having a hear attack.  That's where the Stress Police come in!  They come in pairs, and they quickly monitor your heart and lung functions, and prescribe immediate treatment. 

They usually will take you to a Stress Evaluation Clinic and tell you to under go Stress Relief Therapy for a few days. But, once you are back on your feet, you know not to have those 6 cups of coffee with your meds and you are able to go the distance without a hitch. No, they don't issue citations for drinking too much coffee, but stress is a serious offense, to your body's
health, that is!

Those Super Sonic Flying Laser Machines!

I've seen enough marvel cartoons to know it may look easy in cartoon form, but in the real world, just how powerful can the laser be? Imagine fighter air craft taking to the skies with laser power just to take out a few ice burgs or a mountain range. May sound nuts, but think for a minute.  We already hold the power to destroy life on this planet 1000 times over with the A bomb, so why not face the challenge of Laser sculpting mountain peeks from a fighter helicopter and do it with precision and skill unprecedented in the annals of human technology and mastery of the forces of light and energy!

The Clone Zone:

I grew a few lungs while the bad one tired itself out, and I did it, inside my body, not in a lab, or elsewhere, God forbid! I grew an extra brain in my stomach and when I am 80 and senile, I just get the new brain transplanted in it's place.  Yep! the clone factories are already cloning parts, but, more over they are mocking the reproductive system of some species, by making clones of sheep and of pigs, and monkeys, right! How can you know for sure there aren't a few hundred cloned humans being kept secret from us all? You may want to research this a bit on your own.

My idea is that to clone from within is the best way to re create organs that are totally functional and adaptable in your own body that won't be rejected by it because they are just an extension of it. A thought to ponder for your ideas about Recombinant DNA and Cloning Sciences at your local University where you will soon discover the missing link to the ape and man, and it may just be the CPU, or artificial intelligence, but that, is another area altogether different.

The Digital Magazine Is Here!

Yep! I thought of this 25 years ago when I was just 17 and just out of High School.  Why kill all those trees? Why not put the stuff on television? News Magazines or News Hours are what they call them.  And now, in the year 2000, we have on line newspapers and magazines and books, and e-mail, so I can't say it's regression, No way! It's progression and it's about time! save a tree and go on line today, and you'll be part of the solution, instead of the problem, as far as nature is concerned. Just remember not to dump your old computers in a forest!

*Digital Price Tags:

Everything is going digital, except those paper price tags on retail shelves and at the ends of peg hooks. The concept of digital price tags is: Everything on a peg or a shelf is based on a plan-o-gram that is also logged into a master computer and each peg and shelf area that is allocated for a specific item would have a digital lcd display tag that is linked up with the price and inventory system and would be kept up to date every minute of every hour of every day without the need to actually remove and replace each individual tag. And, of course, the information on a digital tag can be to inform the customer of it's exact cost and availability. There would be no human error in pricing the several tens of thousands of items that now occupy the retail sales floor environment.

*note: On page 28 of the WINTER/SPRING 1998 issue of Mr. Food's EasyCooking
magazine, an article reads: The End of Price Checks? It says that more than 200 supermarkets around the country have electronic rather than conventional plastic shelf labels. I cannot post the entire article word for word because of copyright law, but I believe I can post the website at: http://www.mrfood.com or
link to it from:

The Virtual Window:

Instead of a large sofa painting, why not a large Virtual Window? The window would take up no more and no less space than a framed picture, but, instead of a still picture, the image could be realistic, and/or true motion realistic. Further still, it could be changed into any thing you would like to see. You may want to see a mountain scene and hear the sounds of wind and nature along with it, and also, you might want the sun to rise and set in real time, casting real shadows and seeing the branches sway to the wind.

You might want a scene of dancers on a stage, that lasts for 12 hours and then perhaps repeat indefinitely.  Instead of it being just another television screen, mounted flat against the wall, the Virtual Window is something different.  It is designed to create the illusion of a window to another world and/or a window to another time, because there would be so many time periods on digital disk that you could choose practically anything you wanted. This is just a way to enhance the office or the home of the 21st Century.

The Courtesy Cart:

At each checkout stand in every grocery store, there are always many people standing with just a handful of items. But, as time goes by, and the items get heavier, there is really nowhere to put them.  5 or 6 items, held in your arms for about 12 to 15 minutes can be an unpleasant experience, so I figured that there should be something parked at the checkout stands that are able to handle up to 12 items and roll freely so the customer can take out time in line to think about making any last minute buying decisions, like a magazine, or some candy, or whatever!

This is a great idea and I hope this one catches on soon as I am very familiar with the grocery store environment because I used to work in a few a time or two, and will always be a grocery shopper. What's good for the customer is definitely good for the business!

Canned Seat Covers:

Just spray that public toilet seat, wait a few seconds and a microscopic layer of protection is instantly provided to protect your fanny from the germs that may very well have been on it. It would be cool if such a thing existed.  I just think of the ideas. I'm no chemist. Meanwhile, just use a small pocket sized can of lysol spray!

The Automobile Hood Mirror:

When you stop at an intersection, you often find yourself unable to actually see clearly enough to proceed forward and into traffic at your left, mainly, at the left, usually obstructed by bushes or small trees, and especially high concrete walls.  Placed on the hood at the front and center, where the hood ornament goes, a triangular mirror that can be adjusted at horizontal, vertical and elevated levels by remote at the steering wheel would allow most people to see the traffic that may be hidden around the corner at about the length of 3.5 to 4 feet, giving you, the driver, a definitive advantage to actually prevent many needless collisions.

There may be some considerations to the size and actual shape of the hood mirror, but in general it sounds like a good college project for somebody with more time and access to materials to develop the prototype. Just remember I thought of it first. That is, It's new to me okay.

The Milk Is In The Box:

Don't buy milk, buy cereal with dried milk in the same box.  Just add water, preferably chilled, add cereal and eat using the plastic spoon provided inside the box.

Prozac Chewing Gum:

It's a good thing, in all flavors, cherry, peppermint, cola, lemon, lime, kiwi strawberry, watermelon, cinnamon, grape, mr. pepper, etc..

The Storm Buster 2000:

Stop a tornado in it's tracks, before it even gets started.  Re-direct the winds!  Stop bad weather before it reeks havoc with the storm buster 2000. A concept used in the short story: NEW AMERICA SCENARIOS. I thought the idea was nifty, but needs more research.

The In Home Closet Phone Booth: (A no brainer!)

If you have an unused closet and need a place to talk in quiet, then this is a good idea.  It will require complete redesigning of the walk in closet space and actually can be built from scratch with either glass walls, or basic wood panel walls or both. Designed to meet each person's specific needs.  Using the speaker phone function it will make talking truly a hands free activity. (How many times have you wanted to do this?) LOL.

Beyond DSL, What next?

Using a 56K Modem? too bad! but, wait, even DSL will be slow compared to the eventual super fast modems probably around the year 2011 AD. Speed is always increasing, and there is no doubt that a modem that can transmit and receive data bits at a rate of 1000 Kilobytes Per Second is about to hit the forefront if it hasn't already. Meanwhile make a ton of coffee for those long and slow downloads on your 56K but for now DSL is the way to go at a speeds over 56K.

The Velcro Belt:

Instead of trying to find the right notch or hole in your waist belt to hold up your denim jeans, the velcro belt makes it much easier! Just slide the belt through the belt loops on your pants and pull to a comfortable tightness and squeeze the velcro ends together. Sounds pretty simple!

Oh, for that matter, a velcro watch band, velcro eye glass strap, velcro baseball cap and so on. You pretty well got the idea. Yep.

*all future posts will be dated for proper chronology.
Thanks for taking a look at this :)

Futuretech 2004
idea no. 00001

Cheap and well built storm shelters that you could build on your own:

If you think that sounds kind of over simplified you know it.
Until I explain it in detail.

You need immediate access to this type of shelter.
It has to be built right underneath your home.
It has to be constructed of heavy concrete.
It has to have electricity, water, and fresh air.
It has to have an electric generator.
It has to have plenty of storage space for water, medical supplies, food, and telephone or radio equipment.

The thing has to be economical and there should be a kit you can buy that has the designs right in and if you don't want it under your house directly it should be either under the garage or in the yard close enough to get to in an imminent storm or worse, a terrorist attack!

If there is a do it yourself kit to build your own shelter in event of a storm or other emergency, then I advise you get it and start building. Thing is, we have no idea if and when the next twister will come but I don't want to be under my house when it falls on top of me.

Focus on the idea. Concrete blocks or poured concrete, whatever, steel and concrete.
The average home owner doesn't have the money to buy such a thing and that means the community needs to make sure that local libraries, schools fire and police stations and other areas need to build them and have them ready before more people get caught under a bridge trying to hide from the funnel clouds of Springtime.

Futuretech 2004
idea no. 00002

Smaller Automobiles:

Smaller Automobiles should be a top priority to global warming, gas costs and being able to cut down on emissions and be cheaper all around.

We all rely on the car to go where we must, but the market is going the wrong way.
Technology presumes an unlimited supply of roads and gasoline. But, reality bites back! The smallest car that is in use that I know of is a concept car that runs on solar or hydrogen power.

The only car that is being driven lately that is kind of small is the Volkswagen. Most cars are so huge they could qualify as heavy equipment like a tank or a Van that now goes by the name SUV, should be SUB, like a freaking submarine! If you could make a car that is both economical and satisfies the needs of commuters and cuts down on the green house gases that are killing the planet and causing the north pole to shrink down to a tiny little itsy bitsy ice cube then the small car should definitely be the way to go.

But, the profits that the automobile industry make selling SUVs seems to be the top priority and nobody really wants to give up their super duper road rage land monsters.

One of these days when it costs 100 dollars to fill up your tank, maybe then you will wish you had a smaller car, and maybe even one that ran of Hydrogen or half gas and half hydroelectric.

Meanwhile, It's traffic as usual :(

Futuretech 2005

idea no. 0001
Sunday, April 17, 2005

Disposable Videos.

If you want to imagine the next possible level in technology for the use of digital movie rentals then this is the idea to lookat:

1. You no longer rent or buy the typical VHS, or DVD movie.

2. You use a personal video memory chip.

3. The memory is digital.

4. You download a movie or two movies onto your Personal Video Memory Chip, PVMC.

5. You pay for this at the counter and take home your movie or movies on your PVMC.

6. You then insert your PVMC into your PVMC player and you can watch them forever.

7. You can not copy the movie but you can watch it as long as it remains on the chip.

8. You can opt to erase the chip so you can go rent another download digital movie.

9. There is the option to buy another PVMC and keep the other chip with your movie/s.

10. The average price of a single Personal Video Memory Chip would be $50.00

11. Therefore 2 movies could fit onto a single PVMC chip for the exact price of buying 2.

The option most people would choose in this type of scenario would be:

A.  To keep on watching a movie until they are just tired of it and erase the movie. Then
      it would be more economical to go rent another one and have it downloaded into
      the Personal Video Memory Chip and just keep on using the same PVMC over and
      over again.

B.  However, some would try to copy the data onto a computer disk and use the same
      PVMC over and over again but have copies of the movie or movies.

C.  Most people would rather posses movies than just watch them. Why? We are a
      society of materialists. Most people would rather own a copy of a movie by paying
      full price, even if they had no intention of ever watching it. This matter has to be
      included into this concept because it factors into the probability of a new technology
      either succeeding or failing altogether, based on human behavioral habits.

D.  The main objective in renting any movie to Joe Public is to maximize profits and
      insure gainful customer loyalty.

E.  The VHS format has a shelf life of approx. 5 years.

Anyway. The digital age is here and using chips to store data  like the MP3 or iPod is used to store lots and lots of songs, so too will be the wave of the near future with downloaded movies, games and music videos and digital magazines and digital books and so on.

 And the devices that are designed to use this technology will be probably in the form of a lap top with screen for viewing movies, or pages in a book or a digital magazine that uses avi and mov files and html with java applets and frames and other forms of multi-media. The ability to transform from the portable xm radio or other portable device to a wide screen digital high definition television with dolby surround sound is the likely next step. Instead of using several different devices to do different things, why not incorporate them into a universal device?

As far as how many digital movies you can cram into one single PVMC chip is not known to me. Maybe you could put as many as 20 2 hour long digital movies onto one single chip or  that would be dependent on how much one would pay for how much memory .

The idea is, in my own opinion, a good one.

Futuretech 2005

idea no. 0002
Friday, May 06, 2005

What about space stations?

I want to see one of those pin wheel type space stations orbiting the Earth, filled with libraries, restaurants, parks and the regular science and astronomy that goes on already.
Why have we devoted all the surplus funds to fighting wars when we truly should build a super space station like the ones artists and writers of the 20th Century have designed or like the one in 2001 A Space Odyssey depicts or Star Trek does?

The ISS or International Space Station is not the best concept for a space station. It's as if we as a species are a few hundred years behind in our own cosmic evolution.

If there were to be a new super sized space station that served not only as a space sciences and Earth sciences laboratory but as a commercial environment for people to visit and enjoy for tourism and vacationing. We should have a fleet of 24 or more Space Shuttles, and many more Space Planes that can take off like a jet and fly up and out of the Earth's gravity and dock at the space stations orbiting Earth and the Moon and Mars. The year is 2005. When Arthur C. Clarke wrote the book he might should have titled it something like this: 2201 A Late Space Odyssey.

There are real issues about getting a financial base to support a super space station and it sounds more and more like USA must employ a new late breaking vision of tomorrow and pull all the stops and make these fantastic space stations even better than the artists concepts we have seen in movies and books over the years since the 1970's.

The Pin Wheel Space Station creates artificial gravity and it can be created from it's center and added onto over time, until a greater number of concentric rings of more and more material make the super space station a reality.

We have the money. We have the technology. Just look how well they made the Air Ships, the great Zeppelins using Hydrogen instead of Helium just out of pride, but another great example are the fantastic war planes during the first and second world wars, then the transporter planes during the Vietnam War and the beautiful 3 engine Dassault Falcons, the stealth bombers, the nuclear submarines. I could go one but it would be unnecessary. Why can we create such fantastic dream ships like the Starship Enterprise just for television and movies, just to have a shuttle named after one when the NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise can not do what the Star Ship USS Enterprise could do. It was an inspiration but that was all it was. If we can build the tallest buildings in the world why not the largest and most dynamic orbiting space station that serves both the private and the corporate community as well as the scientific community?

Sure, there is a lot of red tape. I'm sick of the waiting. I'll be 90 years or older before I see any of the types of technological advancements and levels of space science technology that we  need to see today. If it's not too late one of these days the super space station of tomorrow will be the basic standard international space station of today, funded not so much by private enterprises or corporations but by our very own wealthy government in the interest of human advancement and space exploration.

How long before Hydrogen takes over and gasoline is replaced? probably not before a barrel of crude oil goes up to over $100.00 !

There is a huge gap between visionary thinkers, the economy and what will actually take place in our life times. That kind of reality check pays low dividends in the scheme of things ya know what I mean? But I keep right on day dreaming about what might one day become reality, defying the limits of social and economic and political divergence's when in the not too distant future long after Man has walked on Mars and some of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, a time when space stations will become the second generation world where not only will we be permanently in space but space will become our back yard.

I need another cup of coffee.

In fact, heavy on the vanilla creme.

Futuretech 2005

idea no. 0003
Saturday, May 22, 2005

M and M's ice cream bites.

Using the concept of tiny ice cream balls, make them a little bit bigger than regular M&M's candies, like the size of M&M's Peanut Candies using either vanilla ice cream or chocolate or mocha and coat the little bite size goodies with a hard chocolate coating and of course stamp them with the famous M&M's M.
Tasty idea I think. :)


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We live in a time when debit cards,  pre-pay and credit cards have
all but replaced paper money and loose change.

Enter the Pre-Pay vending machine.
No cash?  No problem.  If anybody even gets a notion of robbing one
of these automated machines all they will get is shredded documents
no cash. 

Good for the consumer. That's you and me friend. How often have you
wanted a soft drink or a bag of chips only to discover you were a few
or a nickel short of having enough to satisfy a junk food craving?

With a prepaid or Pre-Pay or Debit Card you could get whatever you wanted
as long as you had enough credit on your card.  You could always add more
the next time you visited a convenience store.

This idea probably has already been employed at airports and hotel lobbies
but I haven't yet seen one in front of a local super market which is where we
need to start putting them.

Above is an illustration I came up with that shows two women at a vending machine.

The vending machine has a video game unit on one side and a comfortable
on the other side for setting and waiting for a ride or just taking a rest.
The machine is an illustration of what might be incorporated. Both soft drinks, 
snacks. No cash required nor allowed. 
The ideal for a cash less society. 
I wonder
why it's taking so long for this idea to catch on.

Thanks for taking a look at my idea.

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