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Dallas Views
last edited: Tuesday, May 02, 2006, 6:03 PM, Central Daylight Savings Time

Dallas Views gives you some views as well as points of view
about Dallas, Texas.

On this page you may take a lookat images I have taken with my digital camera.
Dallas as I see it, both the positive and the negative, so I can portray a realistic picture
of Dallas, Texas over all.

This page is not motivated politically in any way. Emotionally? most likely.

It is a mere record of just a few images that I have been able to, at my leisure, take and then share with the rest of you on line. 


Dallas Views pic 001:


Image of a dumpster taking up space in a Dallas Public Library parking lot. 
Courtesy of Anthony Davis.

Positive: It appears to be a recycle sign on a dumpster. Is it a recycle dumpster for people to put a specific type of material in? or is it just there to accommodate a local business in that shopping center?

Negative: In truth, this is the parking lot of the Dallas Public Library at Hampton and Illinois branch. The dumpster takes up one parking space better served for a library patron, but for reasons not apparent to me sets there as a semi permanent structure, and it isn't the only one. 

On the opposite side of this parking lot is another dumpster, framed by a wooden fence and that one is apparently being used for disposal of a fast food business and it takes up another parking space. Does this look good from where I am standing? No. It looks like the Dallas Public Library at Hampton and Illinois is being treated as if it didn't matter all that much and that spells tons of sad for our city if you take a look at the bigger picture.

Negative: who really wants to park in a lot that is just adjacent to a club that regularly sells alcoholic beverages to the people in this local neighborhood while more educated people would prefer not to be confronted for loose change and walk over empty beer bottles as they get out of their cars to return a few books? Then there's the bum issue. 

This man with his bare feet, picking at his nose and wiping it on a magazine, takes up an entire sofa inside that library and shares it with probably at least 2 or 3 other vagrants who think the library is a homeless shelter!

Dallas Views pic 002:


This image is a look at Downtown Dallas, Texas, Monday, June 28, 2004, as seen from Oak Cliff approaching the Jefferson Street Bridge. Courtesy of Anthony Davis.

Dallas is a young city still. It has plenty of room to grow!

Dallas Views
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
11:13 PM, Central Daylight Time

They entered into the auditorium, about 80 of them altogether, at the Down Town Court House, for another MADD meeting. They, the mothers confronted all of the probated alcoholics, formerly arrested for DUI, Driving under the influence.  For over an hour, they sat and heard the testimony and watched the slide shows of events that caused many a mother as well as father to lose their children in accidents that were entirely avoidable, if not for the easy access to alcohol. Well, that must have been a real wake up call huh?

Mothers against drunk drivers is committed to keeping alcoholics off the streets of our cities throughout our nation. Dallas, in particular, because that's where my friends all live with a few exceptions, some out of state and others across the globe fighting a war. But, I think it's great that they can, the MADD can tell a story and teach our drunk drivers a lesson so they will simply think twice before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that becomes, in essence, a loaded gun!

When I see all those bars and liquor stores along Industrial Blvd. I feel sick in the stomach. It leads to drug dealing on the streets, begging, pan handling, robbery, prostitution and higher forms of organized crime. It's as if that strip along Industrial, at least in part of that area, was a crime magnet! 

I hate it! I really freeking do! ya know what I'm saying? of course you do! :)

Part of what makes or breaks a city like Dallas is crime, and crime is born from the club and street scene, where people hustle at the pool tables and play poker in local Oak Cliff dives. I've seen it all. I used to frequent those nasty environments. Where you pay a topless dancer a dollar folded long ways, and head on in the bathroom and you're confronted by a couple or so of men hanging out, smoking pot and one pulls out a knife and points it at your face! I did the only thing I could do to avoid a confrontation. I grabbed the joint from the man's hand and take a hit off of it. He sees I'm not a cop, cause cops don't smoke dope and I walked on over to the urinal to let go with the yellow flow. I headed on out, thanking my lucky stars. After driving home, I had drank an entire pitcher of beer in the past hour and paid dancers about 20 dollars in ones. I was one of those drunk drivers who regularly frequented bar rooms to play pool and drink beer until I was too drunk to stand. But I never quite got drunk enough to loose control and get a ticket and land in jail. Why? Fate was all it was. I was no better than the others. Just freeking lucky, that's all!

Today, I no longer hang out in those places and I no longer drink alcoholic beverages, and no longer smoke pot, but still, I know enough about it to understand that the sickness is wide spread and far reaching and that it's only getting worse. When you live in a city as long as I have and you've seen life from both sides of the fence, so to speak, you can see the change that is taking place in the city of Dallas, I do, because I've been living here since 1965. Just a year after John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. And now it's 2004, just about 3 years since September 11th, 2001, on Dark Tuesday and the world is at war and the tension is in the air. You can see the look in people's eyes. It's an expression of anxiety and anticipation of more bad things to come.

I would be a fool to believe that you can just keep a positive attitude and dispense with dysfunctional thoughts and look on the bright side when in fact, I can see the symptoms of economic down turn. They tell us the economy is better now. Do you really believe that? We can't even pay for the City to maintain the streets and the libraries and the hospitals as they should be and the parks, give me a break. Just take a freeking look will ya!

If you just pick a place like Wynnewood Village in Oak Cliff. 
1. Montgomery Ward is Gone.
2. Wynnewood Theater is Gone.
3. Hancock Fabrics is Gone.
4. Big Lots is Gone.
5. Little Caesar is Gone.
6. Wyatt's Cafeteria is Gone.
7. Pier 1 Imports is Gone.
and so on and so on.
Sure, there are some businesses still there.
But, I see evidence of decay that is really tragic!
Dollar Marts with various names, are spread out all over the city!
They carry with them a sign that people must be so poor that they can't just go to a local Motts or Moses Dime Store, like we used to have.
They seem to be replacing other stores, like Kmart, and Gibsons, and Spartan Atlantic, McCroys, Sears, like the one that used to be located on West Jefferson Blvd. In North Oak Cliff.

You can't ignore the physical realities that are there for all to see, but you can't just look at the negative. There are some positives as well, just like so many good apples mixed in a barrel with several rotten ones!

Example of a positive? Hmm That might take a few minutes to put to type. Let's see. What have I seen lately in the city of Dallas, my home since 1965. I guess I could say I like the new Wal*Mart Supercenter at Pinnacle Park . It's full of wonderful things that are reasonably priced.
Can I say the same for every retail structure in the city? No.

I guess Kiest Park's recreational Center. I mean, there are lots of places to spend money, that is, if that's the only reason you're living in Dallas, but how many places can you go that you can bring the family and spend the day without spending too much money and not feel like you're being sucked in by the retailers and all the bells and whistles of the market?

I don't know. I think the Dallas Public Library is one of the last safe places, quiet places, where you can go and spend hours hunting for good mind nourishing material. Ya know? The lakes, Let's see, there is a great Starbucks physically adjacent to a Barnes and Noble Book Store in South Arlington. The Parks in Arlington and so on, but still I digress. 
I need to get beyond the fact that nearly 80% of Dallas is retail businesses and 20% culture. If you want to call spending the night in a place like the Renaissance Hotel, yea right! 

Mainly, if you don't have a nice home to just close yourself off from the rest of the world, you're essentially damned.

The commute to get to paradise in Dallas is hell.

Think about it. Have you added up the hours in a year you spend just going to Sam's Club to get some coffee and vhs tapes, etc?

The drive can be just another Tylenol Moment! :P

All cities have this phenomenon. We often dream of going to London or perhaps New Zealand to retire. Yep. Dallas is not the place for romantics. It's a city of commerce. As reflected in the foot ball stadiums and the air ports to say the least of Starbucks! Heh! I love Starbucks but you gotta have plenty money to buy a Cappuccino. I guess I've made my point to the point of being moot.
Dallas Views
Friday, August 13, 2004
9:55 PM, Central Daylight Time

Have you seen all the graffiti lately? It was on the news if anyone's interested.  But not only Ft. Worth, Dallas as well. In less than 5 years since the store up at Jefferson and Davis Shopping Center open it's doors for the first time, in 2004, it is seeing a decline in it's appearance. The store is not at fault. The people who go inside and shop there or rather, who do not shop there are at fault. 

If you go into any public rest room you will see it. Graffiti. The sink is pulled away from the wall leaving a substantial gap where the tiles are supposed to meet flush with it on the edges and the rough corroded like surface of the bathroom privacy stalls not only has been painted over and over again but the riddles of gang graffiti are there as well. 

This I think could be corrected if cameras were installed in the bathrooms!

You would think twice before whipping out that big wide tip black marker to leave your mark on the walls if you knew you were being constantly video taped. I think it's not so much as an invasion of privacy but an attempt to protect your personal property. After all, somebody had to pay for that library and that store and it sure wasn't yours, you who would be so bold as to deface and selfishly lower the market value of buildings both inside and out, where there should be cameras pointed right at your sorry self.

Dallas Views
Friday, December 31, 2004 (New Year's Eve)
2:22 PM, Central Standard Time

In this case I would rather not insert the latest pic which is of the North Oak Cliff Dallas Public Library. But, I will explain it in simpler terms:
"The front door's glass has been broken again, and the left double door as you walk towards the entrance is covered with plywood."

In other news, 16 cameras are going up in Deep Ellum. Yep. 
Chief of Dallas Police David Kunkle is doing a fine job. He's putting cameras out in places where people are being assaulted in parking lots where the criminal, otherwise known as a low life scum bag and a society misfit,  will think twice before committing a crime of felonious assault on an innocent bystander because nobody like that wants to get caught on digital cameras and arrested and publicly exposed!

Good work David Kunkle, Chief of the Dallas Police Department! And I do mean Dallas, Texas, USA. You're the man!

My idea about putting cameras all over the city like in public grocery stores, libraries, bus stations and restaurants and rest rooms is no joke. The dopes who go in there and smoke and shoot up and write graffiti all over the stalls and take a freeking bath need to get their butts in jail! That's just a small sample to name just a few goings on in our bold city. There in truth should be no place to hide in a city of the future. People who are honest and follow the basic rules of polite society have nothing to worry about but lower crime rates and safer public environments. But, the criminal, on the other hand should be looking over his shoulder from now on. You never know where the next on line digital movie camera will be pointed and from where, not just on the roof tops but built into cars hood ornaments and hub caps, and inside sculpture and such as that. You've probably heard of store room dummies, otherwise called mannequins with eyes that are cameras for catching shop lifters. It would also be fantastic if there were a number of foot patrol police officers just walking about the neighborhood and making it a safer place for everyone! :)

Time to get bold. Yep!

There are issues of heavy crime in every city that make using a public rest room as a bed and breakfast by a homeless drug addict, but it's the small stuff that leads to the bigger stuff. I wish it were true that we could feel safer in our city. That's really the main thing I wish. That the law abiding citizens of Dallas and every city in America will be able to walk and ride from place to place doing their honest and respectable activities, private and public without being bothered by the criminal element making all that impossible!

Dallas Views
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
1:39 PM, Central Daylight Savings Time

Dallas needs safer parking lots. Recently there was a case where a 14 year old girl
drove a car into a day care center, sending people to the hospital to treat injuries.

The front of the entrance was glass, and the edge of the sidewalk that runs along side the building is without cement curbs high enough to stop even a slow moving car.

I wanted to do an illustration that I think would help eliminate some of the dangers involving cars and trucks crashing directly into a store front or other business.
Take a lookat my latest picture below:

Safer Parking For All Of Us

Image is a JPG,  600 X 800 pixels, slightly larger than it appears on this page.

Dallas Views
Sunday,  December 18, 2005
11:53 AM,  Central Standard Time

Below is a pic of Fiesta Store on West Jefferson Blvd. in Oak Cliff,  Dallas,  Texas
and at the entrance to the store is a live Mariachi band performing for everyone.

Click here to find out more about: The History of Mariachi

Thanks for stopping by today. :)


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