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My Best Advice To You

last edited Sunday, May 15, 2005, 12:44 PM Central Daylight Savings Time

Q.  How Do I make the best use of my time?
A.  Wouldn't you like to know:

Do you really know what time it is right now?
What time did you eat breakfast? 8:16 AM or 11:25 AM?

How many hours of every day do I read?
How many hours each day do I generally watch television?

We often don't really keep track of our time and worse, we waste lots of it!

Somehow it seems a bit anal retentive or obsessive compulsive to be taking account or count of every second of our lives ya know what I mean? I don't really. But, in retrospect, just like the dieter counts calories the person who is not really in control of their free time and seemingly doesn't have the time to do the things they want to do after they have done all the things they think they have to do needs to count seconds, or minutes or at least, hours!

If you are the kind of person who likes to wake up every morning and get the necessary things out of the way first, then you are probably a amateur time manager.

If you are up at 7 one morning and then up at 10 the next even on your days off, then you probably don't have an alarm clock or your own hours fluctuate like staying up too late some nights watching too much television.

I have trouble sometimes, keeping track of the due date on my books and dvds I checked out at the local library. You never want to be late with that stuff. Late fees take up more money and certainly, more time!

I often get exasperated while standing in grocery lines especially at Wal*Mart Super Center stores. The lines in grocery stores in general are long. It's best to be psychologically ready for it. Plan ahead. Let them know you'll be back in 2 hours, not in just a half hour. That way you will always arrive after shopping at the super market earlier than expected. You must figure in the time to unload and store away all your little goodies after you get out of your car in your driveway.

The thing is, nobody has taken time lately that I know of to figure in how many hours they spend just going out to the store, get gas at the pump, stop by the post office, then on the way back home stop over at George's for a short visit and exchange lottery information.

You could if you actually did the following:
Carry with you a small spiral notebook and write down the time before your trip and the time after your trip, and note the many things you do and places you go on each trip. You can also occassionally check the oil and transmission levels. LOL.

If at the end of about a month you can figure in how many minutes or even hours or worse, days, that you spend shopping and visiting George and waiting at red lights and slowing down for funerals and ambulances and pedestrians jay walking at every corner, then you may then calculate how much of this is what you want to be doing and how much is just a waste of your valuable time. Your time is valuable, by the way!

Your thoughts are important so don't hesitate to carry a second spiral notebook
adding your ideas and thoughts and recording important events and other stuff for your future reference.

I do. I try to write down when my favorite tv shows will air so I will not miss them, hopefully, and the names of books that I may never read but may browse through from the library.
You never know when you want to remember and you just can not do so.
Taking notes is a tedious but good habit if you want to manage your time better!

If I see there's a show that lasts about an hour and my wife wants to watch it although I don't really like it that much, I manage my time by getting off my dairy air and rush into the kitchen and always am able to find dishes that need washing or that need drying and putting back into the cabinets. I don't use an electrical dishwasher, also a good time saver, but I like to get my hands in the warm soap and just take my time, and do a thorough job. I don't care if it takes an hour. I do it because it kills the time I would already have wasted watching a tv show I hate plus it gets something done now that neither of us will have to do later!

Go all day or all week without television, (Cable, DVD, VHS, TEEVO)
watch several good books. Read!
Then after a month you take note of all the books you have read, if any, hopefully I have not just spent the last week counting the floaters in my eyes! Then you can say to yourself, If I had not read these books I would have still been watching mindless tv and I would always be wondering what these books were about, the ones that have been setting on our book shelves these past 20 years! Then if you are tired of books after a few weeks or a month, you can resume watching soaps and news.

By the way, even if you mis a few months of some soaps, you can play catchup by reading the highlights on line and just pick up with the script once you start watching again, yep. Sheridan still thinks she can convince Louise that Beth stole her baby and John Abbott will sometime in the far future forgive Mike and Kevin's mother for not telling him the truth before they were married.

These soaps are so slow that by the time John McBaine decides he is really in love with Natalie. You watch for instance, General Hospital and wonder if Nicholas really has an evil twin brother. Or The Young and The Restless where Drewcilla defies her daughter Lilly  to go any where near Daniel, who due to being drunk at the party and fell asleep in the back seat of his car was arrested and blamed for a young girl's injuries; Cassie, who in fact just happened to forget what happened, as it were she removed his keys from his clothes pocket while he lay there unconscious and, under age as she was and an inexperienced driver just drove herself and a sleeping Daniel into a ravine, placing the blame on Daniel/

You get to see what really happens, but the actors and actresses only get the little peices of the puzzle. The only one who at the onset, the get go, understood and did not in fact blame Daniel but thought he was driving the car at the time was one of the few adults who gave Daniel some slack was Damien.

Now from this you can tell I have been paying some attention. I have been watching all of the following television shows as follows with regularity as if an obsession!
All My Children, One Life To Live, Passions, The Young And The Restless,
but about a year ago, while in a deep depression I watched these additionally:
The Bold And The Beautiful, The Guiding Light, As The World Turns, General Hospital.

I mean we recorded all these and watched them until late at night!
How? We have 3 VHS VCR units in series using the coax cable going in to the first VCR in and out to VCR2 in, and out to VCR3 and then out to TV.

We could additionally watch live television on a 4th channel so as not to miss Oprah and other shows of interrest to us at the time. Kind of a low budget TEEVO!

It wasn't possible for me to bother adding anything to my web site due to the time constraints. And after watching 8 soaps a day or day and night, I was wasted!

I forgot most of what I watched any way! That's what happens when you are half awake and half asleep. But on days we decided to watch some Video taped movies or documentaries checked out recently from the library we would sometimes have to stay up as late as 3:30 AM in the pre dawn hours past midnight to do all that.

I got shell shock from too much tv saturation. Well, It was apparent that neither of us were making good use of our time. If you have something to do, or nothing at all to do, don't just spend all your free time watching too much television. It can turn you into a tv addict!

TV is a drug, but it hasn't been registered with the FDA yet. :)

If you have a need to mowe the lawn and it hasn't been cut in over a month (and the rain the day before has made it look more like a small jungle for lizards and squirrels.) LOL!
then you really need to set up some priorities, like, do I want to watch tv. or do I want to pay a city citation? Do I want to hear the loud rumble of the motor and get grass in my nose or do I want to wait until tomorrow when it might just storm again? You know it ends up you finally cut the lawn, but only after hours of procrastination, which is time wasted in negative thinking.

I tend to do that quite a lot!


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