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hursday, December 22, 2005, 3:15 PM, Central Standard Time

Thursday, December 22, 2005, 3:15 PM, Central Standard Time
entry no. 001

The latest in Dallas is the Trinity River Project.  The go ahead has been given to
build at least 2 new bridges.  The Continental Bridge was where a most recent ground breaking ceremony has taken place. The new bridges will be a face lift but the real challenge will be the Trinity River Project over all. 

There is much more to see in the months and years to come.  I will try to keep you posted.  Meanwhile  In Oak Cliff,  the construction has been on going since just months earlier to build a combination elementary school and new Hampton & Illinois Dallas Public Library that will probably be ready to open in around 12 months from now approx.

Thursday,  May 25,  2006,  4:53 PMCentral Daylight Savings Time
entry no. 002

Futurepaths is also about the future of society on a global level.
One possible path of the future is one that should involve America becoming the leader in mass production of hydrogen power so the countries now taking advantage of America would loose ground when we as the most powerful nation on the Earth become power independent and become the first nation that establishes the next generation of personal automotive transportation using not gasoline but instead hydrogen.

A future like that could not come any sooner than yesterday.

The high price of oil causing the gas pumps to deplete American as well as most other oil consuming countries from having any left over change in their pockets is because of the lack of independent development and deployment of alternate energy sources.

This is all too obvious.

Thursday,  May 25,  2006,  5:04 PMCentral Daylight Savings Time
entry no. 003

The railroads of yesterday made commerce and immigration of merging cultures possible and can compare to what the interstate does for us today.  The next step in our cultural and technological evolution will have to come from the further development of the space environment.

There are new vistas for every man now.  Beyond the current day,  not far beyond the next horizon,  a practical use of outer space will come about for the every day business man and even vacationing man and woman.  The use of raw materials in space to put together a new super space station will be the new beginning every man has only before dreamed of.  Imagine working in space,  and even building a colony on the moon?  Mars even?  It's got to happen some time in the future,  but just when?

The prospect of a lunar colony is not as popular as the prospect of a colony on Mars.
Then there are the skeptics.  They don't think it will be economically feasible to send scientists and explorers to the Moon or Mars because they seem to be sufficiently able to get the facts and data they need using unmanned means to do so.

Everyone loves the idea of space travel but most of us are looking for enough space to park our own car.  Bridges obviously need to be made wider and perhaps higher.
The water levels of planet Earth may go up 20 feet globally if the entire South polar ice cap melts completely away due to the effects of global warming.

That is about all for now. 
I will add more later on Futurepaths.
I will take a coffee break for now and get back later when I have time to add more to this page.

By the way,  did anyone see the news about the man using a gas powered scooter on the thoroughfare to get to his job as a computer programer, risking a ticket for driving a vehicle that got 20 miles on less than a dollar's worth of gasoline? 
He's right in step with Futurepaths!


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Below are archived entries from the past year:

Was there an age in current history when life was about as good as it gets?
A gold era of sorts?

It must have came and went.

Here's a few dysfunctional thoughts and cognitive distortions for you:

The future is largely dependent on what we as a planetary species endeavor to do and which direction we take.  It's a matter of  what if.

What if we continue on the path we are on now?

That's a trick question because we are on more than one path at the same instance in time.  Many paths are being taken and in many different directions because we live in a divergent global community.  It's not as simple as just figuring in the math as to the world population or the likely date of particular wars ending or proposed endings or what the cost of oil will be in just ten years or the next 100 years.  But all these things together with millions of other things constitute our future paths.

Now that I have that out of the way.  I will focus.

Focus on what?

Focus on certain things in particular that pose the greatest benefit and/or threat to the existence of life on planet Earth and then everything else will be academic.

Is this a demon haunted world?  as originally said by the late Carl Sagan?

What,  for instance,  will be the maximum number of human lives on Earth be before human life itself is a threat to the world's natural or for that matter unnatural resources?

Does the number 6,000,000,000 come to mind? six billion or greater currently.

What is the ratio between the number of cows and pigs and chickens and acres of corn and potatoes to every human being now living on the Earth?

There are probably 3 people for every potato on the planet right now!

Yes.  Most likely two thirds of the planet are starving to death as I type.
yet in spite of this overwhelming fact,  the population continues to soar at a record pace.

All these statistics have been worked out at Universities by highly evolved humans.

There are many so called end time doomsday scenarios either involving nuclear winter or the largest hole in the ozone resulting in catastrophic levels of radiation from the sun.

There are many future scenarios that have been written in science fiction and scientific speculation by well educated scholars.  One interesting one is the eventual strike of the Earth by a meteor in the next few hundred or more years,  based on the mapping of such a meteor across the skies taken by astronomers.  The Tsunami disasters caused by Earthquakes seem to be a prelude to more to come.  We tend to be complacent.  What else can we do?  To have a nervous breakdown every time a horrendous event takes place would end civilization as we know it.  It has already effected people to the largest degrees in that many more people are checking into psychiatric facilities and buying prescription medications to ease the stresses of Twenty First Century life.

But it isn't working.

But to be able to focus on key issues of the times in a way that enables us to make major decisions that could determine,  in essence,  how long we have as a species is a wake up call to any rational minded and educated citizen of the world.

Carfree Times is a website that promotes the removal of the automobile or any other internal combustion engine operated vehicle on the planet and promoting a conscientious effort to encourage people to realize what a real and immediate advantage walking is for us all not only for our health but it is a voice in the desert that calls to us our global community to re-think our priorities about the continued mass production of cars, sports utility vehicles, Winnabego and every motor vehicle otherwise not mentioned here before the planet turns into one mass cement parking lot,  divided on all corners by Mega Marts and not a tree is left standing and then every one will be going at a snail's pace.  What a nightmare!  It's like that already in every major city on the entire planet.  People who actually enjoy watching car,  truck and suv commercials on television are about the least effective people on the planet in the battle for change.

We have to get past the hybrid issue.  We have to take a look further down the road ahead of us and focus on some real scary issues about to confront us.  The quality of life on Earth is not what it should be and certainly not what it used to be and if you think it is you are not on the same page as I am.  Really?  Do I need to give you an example to let you know that you are not living in a utopia but rather living on the very brink of some kind of major global break down?

Here we go.  One big red flag indicates to me that the planet Earth is in peril is Mad Cow Disease.

Also,  much of the food we eat  has e-Coli.  This bacteria is not an essential nutrient.  The fact that about 70 per cent of meat is irradiated doesn't stop e-Coli from forming again once the air and the meat join together on a microscopic level. Salmonella from cross contamination of vegetables and meats and undercooked eggs is another dangerous bacteria.

The mutated viruses that exist only because of the irradiation of certain foods is another cause for concern.

Psycho tropic drugs that can cause Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and Benzodiazepines that if taken for a relatively short time and immediately discontinued can cause severe fatal reactions.  Many people are taking these medications and many don't even need them. Psychotropics are a pharmaceutical cash cow for investors.

The irradiation of foods and spices and other consumables in the market today is being done at the peril of the factory workers and uses a waste byproduct Cesium that only is being used to make it possible for the government to avoid major disposal of such a deadly substance by recycling it as an agent to irradiate food and other consumables for the sake of reducing E-coil and Salmonella and Listeria and so on.

But the fact is the toxic E-coli bacterium is still contained in most beef in America.
The fact that this is so makes the path we are on a very dark one at least in this particular reference.

Does it all have to be dismal?  No.  But let's get real.  We can't just play as if nothing is wrong and think things will work themselves out.  That is the worst decision we can make as a global community.  The world is not just America,  China,  Europe,  Russia,  Africa and Australia.  We can't just say it's not our problem.  Let somebody else work things out and let me alone to watch car commercials,  eat cheeseburgers and drive my car like a bat out of hell while the war in Iraq and Afghanistan goes on and on into endless summer.

This complacent  I don't give a damn attitude is gonna be our end.

Really?  Yea really.  But they say not to throw stones in glass houses.  Sometimes you must get out of that house before it falls.  Sensitive issues these are and no fools picnic.

The gateway to better tomorrows comes only after a massive confirmation of the real issues of today and the things that make us great as nations. Putting things off until next election will only make us look more lame in the history books,  that is,  if anyone is around to read about it by then.  When is then?  When is the time when the world is essentially lost forever?

According to my calculation we are already past that point and exponential events of global weather changes,  pollution,  overpopulation,  aids and depletion of the food supply and drinking water supply and oil to mention a few,  we have little less than 50 to 100 years to fix things.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Scientists may speculate we have several millions of years left.  The world as we know it won't exist in another 50 to 100 years I'm trying to tell you.  Beyond that,  it will only be a matter of kill or be killed in a world gone mad.  A world full of crime and war and murder and chaos.  It's not that yet, but those with foresight can see it looming in the horizon.

Maybe the overly optimistic among us can just say that in the brain it's all the same and that all things are possible with positive thinking and bio feedback machines.

Yea right!

Give me a cup of green tea so I can prevent the cancer cells from growing in my lymphatic system to life threatening proportions by the time I reach 80.

It's natural for humans to not look outside the box.  It's more human nature to live day by day.  Based on the simple time span of a human life why expect people like us to actually think ahead of our own short lives?

That is well and good for most of humanity,  to just live for the moment.  But it's not up to those guys to do anything that can change the world for the better.  It takes vision and virtue and education and group effort to set things into motion to make the world a better place for generations to come,  even if this period of human virtue and moral fortitude lasts only for 50 to 100 years or longer. 

Eventually the world will collapse in such a way that people will be thinking the good old days were when you could drink water without boiling it and walking outdoors without protective clothing from the UV rays and breathing air out doors instead of under ground through nuclear powered filtering systems.  Most of these scenarios have been written already.

Now I wonder which ones will happen and which ones will remain flights of fancy?

We'll see.  No we won't see.  We will be buried in our computers living in cyber space and communicating long distance on cellular phones without any care about our immediate neighbors or the man setting in the lobby in front of us.  But,  the ozone is going away and this sickens me because I see the complacency of people and wonder if we as a species really deserve to exist another 1000 years on the planet.  We may continue to reproduce but at what cost?  It's hard to look so far down the road isn't it?  Yes,  it is.

Futurepaths or future paths isn't just about the transportation of cars and roads that people drive on or the rapid rise of gasoline prices or for that matter it isn't just about the age of cell phones and dsl modems.  Nobody is happy any more.  It's not just I who feels this way.  This planet is making everyone mentally sick and physically sick and it's happening at a snow ball's pace.

I can't believe that I was actually once in favor of the war because I was angry because of the 9/11 attacks.  But there needs to come an end to this war.  There are too many politicians involved in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israeli and few if any humanitarians and diplomats.

What can I do to help make this a better world?  Try to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Sure.  Like that's going to happen?  don't call me unpatriotic.  We have dead soldiers and dead children and dead Iraqi civilians.  It's time for this thing to be ended.  If you did a survey over all the country of America you would probably get a majority vote to bring our soldiers back home.

That would be a start to making this world a better place to live.  One step at a time.

Really. I mean what I type.  I know many think we should kill kill kill kill 24 / 7.  So do sharks off the coast of Florida.  But beyond the lizard brain function lets get real.  Putting an end to  war is just good plain down home common sense.

Can I have an Amen brothers?

The McLaughlin Group every Sunday, except during summer sweeps comes on at 10:30 AM Central time and from this a weekly report on the number of soldiers disabled, killed and the number of Iraqi's killed or wounded and so on is given.  This is the main reason that I am against the war.  No good can come of it.  Even if the oil is taken from the terrorist insurgents and the Taliban and al Qaeda.  Why loose all our work force to a sun beaten,  sand covered piece of land like Iraq? It's strictly a fool's game.

God bless America and God bless Iraq and God bless Iran and God bless Africa and God bless China and God bless Afghanistan and the Israel and Palestine and the whole planet.  God help us.  We need your intervention.  Before what looked like a bright future for America becomes a dismal dark nightmare hell for all of humanity!

My mamma always told me "Anthony,  two wrongs don't make a right."
and, "It takes two to argue."
but if two people don't even discuss an issue the issue still remains and a stalemate prevents us all from moving forward into solutions and new hope for a brighter tomorrow.


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