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Funny Punnys 2
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Welcome to page 2 of Funny Punnys.

Well I recently thought of what it would sound like if Dirty Harry worked the front end of a fast food restaurant

It would go something like this: You feeling lucky? And do ya want some fries to go with that burger punk?! Well, do ya?

Come on! I ain't got all day. If I were you, just speculating. I'd wanna order extra onions, a side order of a strawberry shake

and then get the hell out of here before I get impatient.

And if you are told by your mechanic that : That leak from under your car isn't just coming from your oil sending unit,

It's coming out from the oil pan gasket and that will cost you about $1,500 dollars seeing as you got a Cadillac. and you might

as well while I'm at it fix the engine's main rear seal cause it's leaking too and that will cost at least $2,000.00 and get it all done

at the same time since the engine and the transmission has to be dropped to get at the pans and the seal.

my response I think I'll buy some oil and when it get's a little low I'll just fill it back up. Cause this leak has been going on for

several years now and If I had 2 thousand dollars I'd buy me a used Toyota and increase my mileage and probably be able

to remove the oil pan and get at it without paying 2,000 dollars to fix a silly little leak man!

Just because it's a Cadillac don't mean I have a sign on my face saying I'm a gullible Gus!

his response Well,  why don't you borrow the money from your brother. He does lots of business with us.

my reply Now on second thought, maybe he does have a hat that says I'm a sucker for a fast talking mechanic. But

Dude,  I ain't falling for this. As I drove away after delivering 2 tacos for a dollar in exchange for the quick service.

meanwhile,  I go home and think for a moment, now I know why I get so many people approaching me for money in the parking lots around town,  cause they
see this caddy and think I'm made of money. If they only knew the truth they would wonder why I wasn't driving a Toyota.

I heard that the New One World Trade Center in New York was 100 stories high, Now why didn't they make it 99 stories? or better yet, 101 stories? They probably ran out of
steel as there is a shortage of manpower and steel in America here lately so maybe if they didn't outsource so much back in the day maybe not lay off so many
steel workers back then Oh well. 100 is a round number ain't it and that is probably the reason there isn't such a thing as a 13 carton of eggs or a 99 dollar bill. yea right.


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