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Saturday,  July 15,  2006,  6:52 PM, Central Daylight Savings Time

Environments page two: concepts by: Anthony Davis.

Environments is about color, texture, light, dimension, flavor, touch, smell, feel, and so many other experiences that take place inside or about a place of living.

Sunday,  April 30,  2006
6:51 PM, Central Daylight SavingsTime

Space Age Home

A space age home is just what the doctor ordered.

When space is at a premium the space age home,  built in approximately the middle of
the 21st Century,  about 2069,  homes will be built to withstand floods,  tornados and earthquakes.

Houses that can become completely submerged in water,  and energy self sufficient,
and that can go underground in just minutes to avoid a tornado and homes essentially fire proof that is,  from grass and forest fires.

Instead of having wood framed or concrete foundations the new space age designed houses of the mid 21st Century will likely be built of steel,  glass,  fiberglass and plastic,  prefabricated and with curved edges and essentially rounded off shapes to create a wind resistance that enables them to withstand tornadic winds of up to and beyond 120 mph.

Like an automobile is designed,  molded and every piece fitted to near perfection,  the house of the future,  the space age house,  would have steel framed and double thick glass doors and have solar powered and electric and gas generators to produce hours of continuous light and temperature control and ventilation to a home.

The average room of such a space age house would be 12 to 15 feet  in diameter by 8 to ten feet in height.

halogen lights would be solar powered and windows would be opaque to provide privacy and enable light intensity regulation at will and there would be high tech surveillance cameras to allow the residents to see all around and about their home 24/7/365,  and there would be more independent energy resources,  not limited to a permanent land line of telephony or electrical or natural gas or electricity as all these would put too high a demand on the ground and require too much maintenance over the long term.

Since high density plastic is so versatile,  almost any shape could be used for a room and almost any color,  and the fact is nothing in the space age house would be subject to ruin like wood is with termites and like paint is to peeling and like roofing requires repair and replacement over a 20 year average and so forth,  and in such a fashion the space age house of the mid 21st Century would be like a space ship,  like a car or an SUV in that it would be self contained and mobile and energy self sufficient and capable of having add ons to itself in a modular fashion like a space station is designed.

Saturday,  July 15,  2006
11:53 PM, Central Daylight SavingsTime

Meditation Room

Created out of hardened foam to look like the inside of a cave.
Semi-circular interior demensions.

In some of the nooks and crannys are incandescent lights hidden from view to look like
holes in the cave that are allowing a glimmer of sunlight in. This way no matter if it's night or day, the cave meditation room is timeless.

As far as the floor,  it should be covered in a four inch layer of white sand and several
real rocks lay about the area to give the area a natural feel.

You can put a comfortable out doorsy type chase lounge to either set or lay.

Then,  of course,  behind the walls at one or two places, hidden speakers connect to a sound system that plays natural ocean wave sounds to mimmic the effect of natural tides.

You could essentially get lost in thought in such a place,  a recessed ceiling fan can blow a nice breeze for you to enjoy as you lay and day dream and think about being far away from the city.  Far away from your troubles.

Wednesday,  July 19,  2006
9:28 PM, Central Daylight SavingsTime

A modern retail environment:

The first idea I have is this:
You know that many stores have essentially everything under one roof.  Bad
idea.  Nobody wants to walk seven miles in the course of a few hours to just browse,  yet stores like WalMart and Target Superstores are created to make your shopping experience a one stop shopping event.

In one way,  that is a simple and a good idea,  but there has to be some limit set
for the diversity and the size of the retail environment before too much gets too much for the shopper.

I see gas stations have been transformed into convenience stores and they provide not only gas,  but no one around to check the oil and transmission fluid and tire pressure and wipe your windshield.  I see instead,  long waiting because instead of people just paying for gas to fill their tanks,  there are many more people who go to a corner stop and glow just to buy silly lottery tickets!

If I could create an envirionment that was oriented around filling my tank full of gas,  I would offer full service for people like myself who do not like having to get under the hood every time there is a question about oil fluid levels and tire pressure.  If you go to a service station,  expect service.  Beyond that,  if you have traveled from another city and are stopping for a fill up,  then of course it's a good idea to have the option to buy something to eat.  I know about truck stops,  but when it comes to getting gas and going,  there should be different  end to go to if all you want to do is filler up and go.  But for those who just have to get out and stretch and get some burgers and buy a few scratch offs,  then the north end of the station is right for you.

I would create this public environment if I could:

A public park with cement walk paths,  water fountains,  an information center
a recreation center full service with gymnasium showers bathrooms, chess and checkers and 100 mile club and the park would have dozens of benches and picknic tables and there would be plenty of room to throw a frizbee,  run and play hide and seek and so forth.  There would have to be plenty of trees to shade most of the tables and benches for hot weather like in Dallas, Tx.

I would create this retail environment if I could:

A coffee shop that is located in the front section of a public library.
The coffee shop would allow people to read their own personal material, and there would be many places to get on line and drink mocha cappuccinos and double lates and the library would be completely automated.  Nobody would have to be checked out but could check themselves out, including getting DVD and CD and VHS tapes off the shelves using tickets and having them arrive for pickup at a window near the exit . 

Nobody thinks these things out.  I mean,  the Dallas Public Library Main library Downtown Dallas, TX does not have facilities for just taking a little break,  and have a cup of coffee and read except if you plan on doing it from a vending machine and going to your car to drink it,  but get real,  they don't offer hot java just cola and chips and junk food.  And that's not the thing I like.  It seems that the library should have provisions for people like me,  coffee hounds!

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