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Dallas Views2
last edited: Monday, September 11, 2006, 11:20 AM, Central Daylight Savings Time

Dallas Views gives you some views as well as points of view
about Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Views
Tuesday,  May 02,  2006
11:53 AM,  Central Daylight  Savings Time

Yesterday,  at Kiest Park and other areas of Dallas both Mexicans and Mexican Americans demonstrated by protesting in an orderly fashion.  They came in a large concentration and the gatherings seemed intense because of the sheer virtue of their numbers.

Below are two images of the development of the soon to be new Dallas Public Library at Hampton and Illinois.  It will be a combination Dallas public school and Dallas Public Library and will replace the now existent Hampton & Illinois branch of the Dallas Public Library,  currently located at the actual Hampton-Illinois Shopping Center where Jerry's Supermarket is the predominant business nearby.

both images are larger than they appear and are jpg format images.

Below are 2 pics of the new Hampton-Illinois branch library
Monday,  September 11,  2006:

The only thing that bugs me about the new library is that it needs a new attractive trash can at the entrance so people won't throw paper in the very nice flower beds at the immediate left of the entrance. Shame on anyone who throws trash in the beautiful flower beds!

Patrons of the library please put the trash in the can. 

A few issues need attention for all libraries.

Dishonesty is the main issue here.

The videos that come in DVD form should be put behind the front check out desks in binders.
Otherwise they will continue to disappear. 
There are just too many people taking DVDs out from the jackets on the shelves and stealing them.

The reason the Hampton-Illinois branch Dallas Public Library did this in the first place is why they should continue doing it from now on because of dishonest people who take them home without checking them out. They will not be able to do so if this preventive measure is taken in all branches.

They play an audio message reminding those who use the internet that they can only have so many uses of the computers because some people will want to go back and register again and again throughout the day but there are many more people who never would even get a single chance to use them if this was not regulated some how.

Yes there is much more space to park here now. 
And the three parking lot drop off boxes are great so you don't have to leave your car and you can
just drive by the boxes and open your car window and drop off your return books and media.

There are some libraries that have entrances that facilitate handicap access. I don't know if this library has a button that will let the doors open automatically so as to allow a person in a wheel chair or on crutches to get in or out without waiting for a good samaritan to help them.  I will check this out in a few days or so.


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